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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have 100 items to avoid based on the ALCAT test and it varies every time I take it (which is why my dr. diagnosed me with Leaky Gut and then lead to my Celiac Dx). I try to avoid everything 100% so that my gut can heal. However, trying to avoid that many fruits, veggies, meats, herbs, etc is a nightmare (I carry my list on my iPhone). The rotation diet is supposed to work with food sensitivities but with all my other gut issues, I haven't tried it yet. From what I was told, it's best to not aggravate your intestine while it's healing. I eat 100% (that I have control over) clean and still have tummy symptoms so I know I'm not healed yet. I feel your pain, for sure!
  2. Have you been tested for other food allergies/sensitivities?
  3. I have tested positive for both genetic markers and based on my symptoms and history of illness, the GI dr. said it's safe to assume that I have Celiac (I definitely have a gluten intolerance). He also wanted me to schedule an Endoscopy but I'm debating on it since I have been gluten-free (as well as dairy/egg/sugar/alcohol/pop/processed foods) to heal my Leaky Gut Syndrome. Is it worth it to get it done even if my intestine has already started healing? Thanks!
  4. Karen, that is why I am debating on not doing the procedure at this time. I have been avoiding everything for over 4 months now and hope that I am on my way to healing my gut. Insurance covers it but it's a day off of work and a hassle for maybe nothing. The GI dr. already told me it's safe to assume that I have Celiac based on my blood work and symptoms.
  5. You could have written my story! My 3-day hangovers from drinking 4 beers and almost trips to the ER from it finally got me into the dr and I got tested for food allergies. Fast forward 2 years later and here I am in a Celiac forum. You may not have Celiac but you could have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity or maybe it's the hops in the beer. But, something is definitely wonky! What I have learned is just because you are asymptomatic, doesn't mean you aren't damaging your intestines. If you are covered, get it checked out. Glad to hear you can drink something, I gave it all up over a year ago (I don't trust gluten-free products or alcohol). I'm the permanent DD...
  6. 1desperateladysaved could have written my story... Almost exactly what I went/am going through! I have had stomach issues, eczema, etc my entire life and all the doctors claimed I had IBS. I was a slave to Immodium and knowing where the nearest bathroom was. I got tested for food allergies 2 years ago and have a TON of intolerances/sensitivities (sugar, dairy, wheat, hops, fruits, veggies, spices, etc) and I was floored. I cut them all out cold turkey and immediately felt better, lost 8 lbs in 10 days and the stomach issues almost disappeared. I fell off the wagon and started eating some of those things again, in moderation, and started to feel sick again. I got retested a month ago and again, I was floored with the results. I was intolerant/sensitive to all the new things I was eating (I had decided to go sugar/dairy/egg/gluten/alcohol/pop/processed food-free two months prior) and that's when the dr. said he believed I had leaky gut syndrome. I am still eating very clean and still feel like crap, but not nearly as bad as before. I went to a GI dr. 2 weeks ago and took the genetic blood test for Celiac and tested positive for both genes and am going to schedule an Endoscopy in 2 weeks. The GI dr. said that I have Celiac based on my test results and my other symptoms but wants to take a biopsy to see how badly damaged my intestine is. I have had severe anemia, eczema, tummy issues, vitamin deficiencies, etc my entire life and no one could ever figure it out. I gave up... Until recently. Because I am gluten-free, I cannot be tested for the Celiac panel but I refuse to eat gluten for 8 weeks to confirm what I and two other doctors already know.