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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you both, so fantastic to get replies on here makes me not feel such an odd bod! On to a bit more googling right now , thanks veggie gal. So you guys found the gluten free did make a difference to the dreaded fog? anyone join a local group too? x
  2. Hello, I am waiting for my final confirmation that I have coeliac although it seems pretty sure to myself and the doctors because of the blood test results. My symptoms are tiredness, anxiety , depression, miscarriages and brain fog, which all seem to be discussed a lot on here, But practically nothing on any uk based sites. This seems a bit odd to me , cant really find a mention of brain fog at all and mentioning it to a doctor they just look at me slightly blankly. I feel a bit like i may be pinning my hopes in coeliac being the cause of my problems when it may turn out that it isn't. Anyone else found this ? Its like the Uk are just not recognising the links? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the replies, i'm not a big crier at the moment- all a little numb feeling, but cycling lady i'v just sat and read your reply and sobbed through it - thank you, it just means such a lot to hear someone say they get it, its understandable and that i should say no to things for a while. Lock you sound like you are really going through it to at the moment, i think we both know by the sound of it we need to try and get these results ... its just getting there! The worry of family too can be a massive consideration.I have tried tablets for depression before and found my concentration getting even worse and in the end couldn't trust myself to drive , maybe i should go back to doc and see if they can give me something for this horrible anxiety now - i have a feeling they take a month or so to kick in though? Always tried so hard not to go for the tablets but maybe if it was short term.....
  4. Hi I m a new girl , iv been looking around on here and first can i say - Yippppeeee! this site is wonderful and such a relief to find you all. I have had a positive blood result with symptoms of depression , anxiety , tiredness and foggy brain. I think you will all understand when i say i desperately want a positive result (although i worry about my family having it too) but now i have to wait for maybe two months until the biopsy and my anxiety particularly is getting really very hard to cope with. Although tempted just to cut out the gluten now i know that i do want real confirmation. I have a few hard things coming up in the next month or so and i'm worried if i will be able to cope with them , i think i know i just need to really try to 'suck it up' for hopefully this last push but wondered if any body had any words of advice? Ps The longer i wait the more i worry i shall be so disapointed if the result actually comes back as negative. Huge thanks and very best wishes to you all.