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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Coconut Oil

    Thanks for both of your replies. We haven't used condoms in ages (I have an IUD) but good to note!
  2. Is it safe to assume coconut oil produced in a facility that also makes wheat products would be safe? I was intending to buy the whole foods brand but noticed on the back that it was processed in a facility with wheat. I can't find anything online about their policy for cleaning in between runs. Maybe TMI, but while I primarily want to use it for intercourse I do plan on it 'incidentally' (lol) coming into contact with my mouth. Thoughts? Safe?
  3. I signed up for the site and that looks like their regular (non gluten free) recipe. They have a gluten free cook book and I was hoping the recipe from that would be on the site.
  4. Hi! Does anyone have the recipe? I just ordered the cook book but I want to make heart shaped cookies for my works V-day party and I don't think its going to get here in time :C Is anyone willing to share it with me? I want to make a test batch first 'cause I am sure everyone is skeptical that they won't taste awful lol and I want to make sure they aren't disappointed. If not, can anyone link me to a good recipe for cut out type cookies they've tried?
  5. Pre-Packaged Guacamole

    I normally buy wholly guacamole but I just happened to be out while near a whole foods and they didn't have any (at least not that I could find). Thanks for all of the replies!
  6. Pre-Packaged Guacamole

    aw dang, that's what I suspected but I bought it hoping otherwise lol. I'm going to put it into the fridge at work with a "free" sign on it.
  7. Dealing With People At Work

    I really don't put stock in the opinions of people who give me s$#& about it (its a waste of time and energy) but I still find their comments annoying lol. They actually decided to just pick up food this week and we all ate in the conference room together (I'd brought my lunch) so woo. I have a few close friends who's cooking I will eat because like someone else mentioned, they get it and know exactly what to do and how careful they have to be. I've never gotten sick from anything either of them have prepared (plus they always bring the boxes/bags of ingredients used for me to double check them). My boyfriend is great about reading everything and has never gotten me ill either. I don't trust anyone aside from those three people to cook for me.
  8. Is Whole Foods packaged guacamole gluten free? It doesn't have any gluten ingredients but its packaged on site. Wegmans labels their packaged on site guac as contianing possible cc from the way its packaged (presumably in a kitchen with people packaging loads of other things) but Whole Foods doesn't have a similar label. Thoughts?
  9. I try to not bring up that I am gluten intolerant if avoidable because I find it boring and obnoxious to drone on about, but for whatever reason my coworkers insist on bringing it up for me all of the time coworker: "what'd you have for dinner last night?" Me: "I had this realllly awesome pasta dish oh my go--" coworker: "but you can't eat pasta! do you mean you had an awesome gluten free pasta dish?" obviously lol. Has anyone else dealt with stuff like this? How would you respond? I just started this job and I wouldn't have brought it up at all if avoidable but its a small company and people really like bringing in food to share and going out to eat together. My people in my department go out to eat every Friday and I while I like all of them I reallly don't want to join them. I've gone out with them two fridays now. Most of the places they like going have food I can eat but nothing I would enjoy eating (aka I can get the most boring salad ever and thats it), any ideas about how to tastefully sidestep this? Or other advice? I don't want to limit where they can eat but I obviously am. I am 23 and have been gluten intolerant (possible celiacs) for about 2 years now but this is my first real adult corporate type job. I've never worked anywhere where I would have eaten with my coworkers or where going out for food was ever an option so I don't really know how to handle any of this. I like my coworkers but whenever I explain that I am gluten intolerant to people I feel like they're just eye rolling at me and thinking, "ooo sure I bet you are, you very thin, small, white girl, def not just a fad diet that you are saying is gluten intolerance because you're worried about being fat" My boss at my old job essentially said this to me and I can't help feeling everyone secretly believes that.
  10. What do you guys take? What works for you?
  11. Hi, I've been going back and forth about getting tested for celiacs for about a year now (my symptoms started about a year ago and I've been gluten free since last August) but my main concern is that I'd be unable to work during the period of time that I am undergoing the gluten challenge. Did you take off work for the challenge? How long of a challenge did you do? I've heard all different time frames, anywhere from 2 weeks to 12. I can't imagine doing 12, I wasn't even sick the first go around for 12 full weeks and it took my intestines about 4 months to heal afterwards
  12. I also realized I ate birdseye southwestern style rice yesterday (I've never tried it until now) and the website lists it as containing possible wheat ingredients due to cc. :c
  13. I do get migraines when I've eaten gluten by mistake (and I've only experienced migraines since becoming gluten intolerant), but as far as I am aware I haven't eaten anything that would trigger one.
  14. I'd really like to know how this went for the OP, I totally feel your pain. I am 23 and have been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance (that is likely celiacs I just haven't done the testing yet) and eating out esp with new people is a huge ass pain. Its much easier though to start out with new people knowing whats going on as you'll see them agian later and its harder to back track than just start out on the right foot! i agree with everyone else, eat before hand and just have a soda at the resturant. If anyone asks just explain you are ate beforehand because you have many food allergies but wanted to meet everyone. If you act relaxed and calm about it everyone else will be too. I totally get where you are coming from feeling snobby about the entire ordeal though. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2.5 years now and I haven't been to eat with his parents since being diagnosed (they live 4 hours away) and I am absolutely dreading that happening.
  15. This is super helpful, thanks!