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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Colonoscopy done earlier this year, one small polyp removed, biospsy neg. Blood test and ultrasound done for liver as part of abdominal US. All normal. No GI doc has even mentioned Chron's or UC. IMO, I may have SIBO, due to previous antiobiotic issues previous to all this starting. I know when I take an antibiotic, things get better. When I take a probiotic, get very bloated. I have told the docs this, in one ear out the other.
  2. Anyone, do I have Celiac or not. THere is no census of opionion by my GI doctors, 2 say yes, 2 say no. Need a tie breaker. If NO, then what would cause the high numbers on some tests?
  3. That is correct, the genes they test are DQ2 which 95% of all Celiacs have, and DQ8, which 5% of Celiacs have, combined I am DQ2-. DQ8- This test does not depend on eating gluten or not, you can be gluten free for 10 years, that will not change your genes, either you have it or you don't. But is it an accurate test?
  4. Mine came back <0.1x which they state on the results as EXTREMELY LOW Is this a reliable test? So far my test results from eveything are" Endoscopy with 9 biopsies ... Neg Anti gilandin antibodies ... 1:10 stated as borderline Transgulatminase ab IgA ... 60.9 neg is <15 """"""" IgG ... < 15 neg is <15 Anti Saccaromyces Antibody ... 32.1 neg is <20.1 Saccharomyces Cerevisiaw Ab Test 50.4 neg is <20.1 Went back to eating as much gluten as I wanted, everyday for 2 months before endoscopy, felt the same as I did when I was gluten free for 1 year+ What say you?
  5. Thank you very much, I will look into him.
  6. Need a good GI doc as soon as possible for Celiac. I have an appt with Dr Green at Columbia, but earliest they could give it to me was late Dec. I have been to 4 GI docs over the last several years and they know less than I do, one said avoid Corn! I have no problem in traveling up to 100 miles. Would be great if you could recommend one in NYC, Long Island, CT and not too far into NJ. THanks. John
  7. They did do x rays and no damage was found, also RH factor was 9, below 15 is OK.
  8. OK, thanks, I will get my blood tests together and post the relavent info. Just to let you guys know, I have been to 4 GI docs since 2007 for my stomach issues. I had the blood tests done and all have been borderline according to the docs, so I assumed it as a positive. I had a biopsy done by one doc and he took over 11 samples and they did not find indication of that. I am not loosing weight and my other blood values, including vitamins and mineral levels are all in good shape. I tried gluten free for a year and felt no different. I just don't know. My rheumy took some blood tests and from what I can see, it indicates celiac but not any type of joint dieseases which is what she is treating me for, which is wrong. PS.. I have an appt with Peter Green at Columbia, but the earliest I could get it was end of december, but I need a knowledgeable doctor now and all the ones I have seen know less about Celiac than I do! SO if anyone in the NYC area can recommend a good doc, please let me know since I need someone now, dont think I can wait until Dec. THanks.
  9. She is a Rheumatologist, so naturally she looks at it from her speciality standpoint. I just read something elsewhere where many people that are being treated for RA actually have Celiac and are being treated for the wrong disease. This sounds like me, the antibiotic the other Rheumy gave me actually made my stomach worse and my symptoms and blood workup worse too. http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/symptomsofceliacdisease/a/Celiac-Disease-And-Joint-Pain.htm
  10. Here is another one, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ab Iga = 50.4, anything over 20.1 is positive
  11. Maybe 2 months, cannot say 100% gluten free, may have been cross contamination, that is always a possibility. I do not know what tests are specific to Celiac, they are lumped all together, just know when I checked one that was out of range, Transgultanase Ab Iga =60.9, it referred to Celiac. I have others too. I do not want to be treated for a rheumatic disease when I do not have that, seems like the drug they gave me, ,minocycline is a problem drug from what I have read, it even causes Drug Induced Lupus.
  12. She ran a whole bunch of tests for immune issues, Celiac was part of them. At the time I was not eating gluten, but had been earlier this year quite a bit.
  13. Hi, I think I have Celiac for a few years, though blood tests were back and forth. I have cut out all gluten from my diet for several months and bloating still perisisted. I have even tested myself by adding gluten back in for a while and there was never any difference, I felt the same, bloating was the same too. But to be on the safe side I tended to be gluten free. Earlier this year I went on a pizza binge, have not had it in quite a while, must have eaten some a few times a week for a month. Despite this I felt fine and my symptoms of bloating were same as always, never worse. Bowel movements were acutally better because of the fiber I think. Anyway, a month or two later I wake up one morning and both hands are kind of stiff, one much more than the other. As usual I tend to ignore things that just start up and as always in the past they go away, but this one did not. After a few weeks of this hand stiffness and swelling, which ended up being almost totally in one hand now, I go to my family doctor. He runs these tests ESR, CRP, ANA and Lyme, all negative. He said if I still had it to go to a rheumy. A few weeks later, still the same I go to the Rheumy. She runs a whole flock of tests, all neg, except ANA direct, that is positive, although the ANA where they dilute, was negative. She says maybe I am coming down with something and gives me minocycline 100 mg, twice daily. I start taking it and as I continue now I am getting worse, getting symptoms I did not have before, so thinking maybe drug is the problem go to another rheumy, she does the whole blood workup again and I have a number of issues now. This one wants to put my on plaquenil. I have some values that I need interpreted as whether they note that I have some rheumatic issue or whether they point to Celiac, since when I did a lookup on them Celiac shows up as a possibility too. I do not want to be treated for a rheumatic illness when I shoud be treated for celiac instead. Anyone think they can deciper the test results? If so I will post. John