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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I've been putting off going back on gluten for fear of symptoms coming back. But as my doctors appointment is September 16th, I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. So last night I poured myself a bowl of wheat-based cereal. Today was horrible. I had my first anxiety attack (near panic) since starting gluten-free, depression is back (though maybe some of that is the realization of what this means for the rest of my life), energy is low and overall I feel totally awful. I'm not sure how badly I want to go through this for another 3 weeks (at least). My partner is all ready to de-gluten the entire house tomorrow. I know I'd like the certainty of a positive blood test, but how important are the blood tests? Can I just do the genetic testing and hope they show positive. Will my symptoms ease a little after I've reintroduced gluten for a few days? Any thoughts? It's hard for me to think right now, but I just can't imagine feeling like this for another 3 weeks. I'm practically non-functioning. :-( Thanks for any thoughts or just support. ~~Anya
  2. Thanks for all the help and feedback so far. Yesterday I made an appointment with my doctor to talk about this and ask her to order the celiac panel and hopefully thyroid and nutrient tests as well. My appointment is on September 16th. My partner is joining me in going gluten-free and seems to be responding well to it, too, so she'll be asking to get tested as well. I'm planning on staying gluten-free through the weekend and resuming a normal glutened diet next week in preparation for the tests. I have mixed feeling about getting glutened again. On the one hand, I'll have maybe a last chance to enjoy some of the foods I'm already missing, but on the other hand I'm not looking forward to feeling yucky until after the tests. One question: Is it normal to feel tired and somewhat moody in the beginning weeks of a gluten-free diet? While my (and my partner's) brain fog has seemed to lift, we're both struggling for energy. We get bursts of energy and then we just want to rest. We've also been a bit blue/moody the last day or two. Maybe that's just a kind of mourning for the loss of being able to eat many of the foods we're used to eating. Thanks again for all your support. I'll let you know how things go. ~~Anya
  3. I was just looking up my doctor's phone number to make an appointment, and I remembered I'm also allergic to Penicillin, which if I remember, is derrived from a bread mold. Are other people with celiacs allergic to Penicillin also?
  4. Hi all. I'm new to this forum. I've been gluten-free for about 5 days now and overall I feel better. Still tired, but not as bad. My question (and I suppose it's a common question) is should I ask my doctor to order tests for celiacs or am I just running after another thing I'm wishing will explain my general lousy feeling? I know if I get tested, I'll have to get glutened again, but hopefully that would further confirm my suspicions. Let me tell you some of what I've been going through. The symptoms I was dealing with when I decided to go gluten-free were: Feeling tired a lot (though I had been taking Benedryl for anxiety) Fatigue most of the day, even though I got a good night's sleep (with CPAP) Major, crippling anxiety and panic attacks since I got back from Spain a year and a half ago. Medications haven't helped. Brain fog: trouble concentrating, moodiness, low motivation I've been diagnosed with ADD since my teens (I'm 41 now) Recurrent, major depression More frequent headaches and migraines IBS with constipation Some nausea and bloating Shortness of breath Tingling/numbness is my left leg, which I've assumed to be sciatica Lots of gas (I sometimes felt like I could belch my way through Wagner's Ring Cycle) In my first few days gluten-free, my headaches, gas and nausea seemed to diminish. I did, however, develop a ravenous appetite and had major hunger pangs a little while after a gluten-free meal. My anxiety has dropped considerably (though I did switch SSRIs shortly before going gluten-free) and my motivation is back. I'm still tired a bit and am getting sleepy earlier (around 8 o'clock), but overall I think I'm feeling (and doing) better. The only bad thing seems to be feeling a bit depressed about what I can't eat and the challenges of maintaining a gluten-free diet. So, am I crazy for thinking I might have celiacs or NCGI? Should I see my doctor? What tests should I ask for? I know another post mentioned tTG IgA and IgG, DGP IgA and IgG, EMA IgA, total serum IgA, and AGA IgA and IgG. Would a GP be knowledgable about these tests? Are there others? I know my TSH was done about a year ago and was 2.03 (with a standard range give of 0.27 to 4.20). My RBC was 4.9 (SR 4.6 to 6.1). Thoughts? I don't really want to stay gluten-free if I don't have to, but I have to admit it seems to be helping. Thanks in advance, ~~Anya