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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For about the past 3 months I have these symptoms. I am male, 34. They are chronic but it seems I have better days and worse days where things flare up: it all started with back pain and stuff that felt like a urinary tract infection (tested negative) it progressed to the following: Loose, soft very dark stool Just once I had a very bloody (red) stool Usually a bit constipated and then go a lot when I do go. Urine seems to be more bubbly/foamy than I remember. Low abdominal/pubic pain (usually in the front or back sides, below the belly button). The pain usually accompanies going to the bathroom (before or after or both). Sometimes pain is present sometimes not at all. Trouble breathing that may be associated acid reflux (my guess). It's linda like asthma (which I have) but kinda not. infrequent sore throat infrequent night sweats When I am having the breathing issues my skin on my face, shoulder and back tends to feel flushed, tight, sensitive. Sometiems get like a hot flash sensation when it is at its worst. Sometimes feel light headed, exhausted. Alcohol seems to make it worse. The main things that really frustrate me are the trouble breathing and the weird stool. It's obvious they are all related and all get worse in conjunction with one another. I've been to the doctor multiple times, she thought H pylori/ulcer. did lab work for h pylori twice (one was a false positive/borderline, the second was negative). Had basic blood test, normal. Had endoscopy to look for ulcer and test for pylori, nothing wrong. I've also had a chest x-ray for breathing, nothing and a kidney scan because I have a family history of PKD, nothing I'm starting to get frustrated about going to the doctor, it is costing me a lot of money. No answers. My grandmother has Celiac disease. I've had asthma all my life which I read can be related. When I google my symptoms things like celian, crohns, IBD, and even colon cancer show up. I'm frustrated and getting burnt out both by the symptoms and no diagnosis.