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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Here Goes The Cold Water.

    Im Justin, Im 21 years old, and here I am, it's 1:40 in the morning, I have to be up at 4:45 to get ready for work. Tonight, as happens some nights, I cannot sleep, something unsteady rushes through me. Recently i have lost much weight due to finding out a couple weeks ago through diagnosis that i have celiacs disease and i have cut out gluten all together. All my life i have had problems with my stomach, constant diarrhea, stomach cramping, inability to regain appetite, depression and anxiety. I even tried to commit suicide on 12/12/12. I am now finding out that celiac may be a contributing factor to everything i have been through. It would seem as if this should be...i don't know....a good thing. But the truth is i don't know if it is, or just a curse waving in front of my face, constantly watching me struggle, yet it had been hidden from sight for so many years. Could it possibly be true, Dropping out of college, nearly finding out whether or not hell exists, and being completely unable to control the way my body had felt, all of this could not be caused solely from a disease....or could it. I'm sorry for being so depressive tonight, i just don't know where to turn and this is the best i can do. I hope now that i may sleep, i hope now that i may start my journey through the rough times i have placed myself in through my actions, i just hope this passes, i hope some day i can be the Fiance that my woman deserves, and i just hope there is someone out there who understands. thank you.
  2. Rapid Weight Loss

    You guys are amazing, I recently lost my medical insurance shortly after my diagnosis, so at this point in time im in this alone ( other than this forum ! =] ). After two of your posts I'm already feeling better and getting better ideas of what i need to be eating and something extremely important to me, what i need to be focusing on with getting back to my usual condition. I appriciate the help so far, I'm feeling better already. Just need to keep learning, and keep my head up until i can get everything figured out and until my body can get over celiac, considering i have no clue how long i've had it prior to diagnosis. As far as buying off the 2 ft x 2ft gluten free sections in stores, i think i'll dust off the chefs hat and see what i can brew up based on what you all tell me, and what i can find elsewhere in the forum. This website does amazing things and i am happy to have stumbled upon it.
  3. Rapid Weight Loss

    Ok , i only have like 5 posts, and ive used two, but I was diagnosed after getting tests done at the doctors, and i'm eating only things off the gluten free sections in grocery stores, i do not eat anything other than gluten free items.
  4. Rapid Weight Loss

    sorry, I am male. and yes that is correct.
  5. Hey everyone, as I am very sure, many others have this issue, so you are probably thinking, why are you re-posting instead of following other posts made towards this issue. My answer, maybe i am looking for some kind of personal relief, something that pertains to me and my problem with advice given to me rather than someone else without my exact body type. OKAY so, I am 21 years old, 5' 8'' and i have been diagnosed with celiacs disease two weeks ago and began my gluten free journy at that point with no exception. Something to know about me, i am very athletic, i play sports and stay active, and i am extremely into working out. As of two weeks ago i was up to 165lbs, as of now (two weeks later) i am down to 135 lbs. This for me is extremely demoralizing and between you guys and me, it's ripping me apart.... everything i've worked for is rapidly dissapearing before my eyes to the point i'm nearly in tears. I just don't know what to do anymore.