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  1. Hi, I'm new also. About a year ago, my dr after listening to my abdomen & asking if I had alot of belly pain, just briefly mentioned that I might want to try to go "gluten-free". I looked & labels for a couple days, & there was so much else going on in my life, (being laid off from a job, husband's hours getting cut @ his job, holidays approaching) I sorta dismissed the whole "gluten free" thing. About a month ago, I started experiencing some pretty severe abdominal pain, along with gas, bloating & crazy diarrhea. I tried to watch what I was eating to see if I could discern a pattern, to no avail. I am diabetic so did intense research on the medication that I take & thought it might be that. Having no health insurance at the present, I called my dr's office & talked to the nurse. She quickly dismissed my idea of my diabetic medicine doing this to me since I have been on it for quite a long time. She said she had 2 or 3 family members who had recently gone "gluten-free" and were feeling SO SO MUCH BETTER. so, I have "tried" to do that for about a week now. Last weekend, we had a friend over for dinner & I grilled hamburgers. I just totally forgot & put my hamburger on a bun & ate it. YIKES!!! Oh the pain....So, I have become 'crazy out of my mind' trying to research this whole thing. My niece has the same issue. She was tested & she tested negative. She lives in New York & I live in Indiana, so my mission this evening is to contact her & talk to her about it. My husband wanted pizza this past Friday evening, I new better than to try that, so I ordered bbq wings, but that probably wasn't too smart an idea either, not knowing what ingredients were in the sauce, SO, once again, the weekend was spent in pain! I have a couple questions, if anybody would be so kind as to share their thoughts? 1) Once I accidently eat something that is gluten laden... how long does it take normally for the pain/symptoms to dissipate? 2) My stomach was a bit upset the other evening, so I made a banana smoothie (banana, ice, milk, sweetener) it seemed to calm my stomach down a bit. Is there anything that has been shown to alleviate the symptoms? thanks for any & all suggestions/advice. I am glad to have found this forum!!!