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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm making meatballs in the crockpot. Usually I double the recipe. Slow-Cooker Cocktail Meatballs Meatballs: 2 lbs ground turkey or beef 1/3 cup ketchup (I use Annie
  2. I don't worry about gluten in my mascara at all. The chance that I get mascara in my mouth is very slim. As cosmetics go, I am very careful about lipsticks and any lotion or creamy foundation I use on my face and near my mouth. I am also careful with the powdered cosmetics I use, as powder tends to go all over the place.
  3. You are doing the right thing. You are the best advocate for your kids
  4. Even though they are Children's vitamins, I take Yummi Bears multi-vitamin and mineral. They taste good, and they don't upset my tummy. http://www.yummibears.com/products.php Oh, one more thought. When I was first diagnosed, I had lost about 12 pounds and had trouble eating anything. All the vitamins I tried back then made me my stomach hurt. Basically, I was always nauseated. I used to drink an Ensure daily, to help keep my weight up and get some extra vitamins. It was a little easier on my stomach, and it really helped while my body was healing. Good luck - I hope you feel better soon.
  5. Which products do you find best from these brands: Schar - not heard of this one Glutino - love their frozen pizza, their cinnamon raisin bread, and their pretzels Glutano - not familiar with this one Pamela's - chocolate chip cookies Ener-G - brown rice loaf (when I first started eating gluten-free, their bread was horrible! It's much better now) Barkat - ?? Gillian's - ?? Other really good brands that are dedicated gluten free: Enjoy Life - good cookies and bars, Orgran - gravy mixes, gluten-free stuffing, Kinnikinnick - breads, pizza crusts, muffins, Gluten Free Pantry - good mixes for brownies, muffins, breads.
  6. Avoid Spelt - from my first hand experience, I can tell you - it is not safe! 2 weeks into my gluten-free diet, I tried some Spelt bread. I thought it would be safe... wrong.. I was so sick!
  7. Amy, thanks for the idea. That sounds delicious!
  8. I use Kiss My Face lotion. They have a couple of lotions that are gluten free. I like the Honey & Calendula lotion. It does have a light fragrance. The Olive & Aloe Moisturizer is fragrance free and gluten-free. They list the products that DO contain gluten here: http://www.kissmyface.com/content/articles/faq.pasp#gluten
  9. Food for Life, Brown Rice bread is pretty good. and Kinnikinnick has some good breads. I love their Cheese Tapioca Rice Bread. Also, I've heard Chebe is very good. FYI - most gluten-free bread tastes best toasted.
  10. That is great news! I noticed the bags no longer said gluten-free, so I have been avoiding them. Thanks Hez, for the info.
  11. II was always tired - I would wake up in the morning tired. I felt light-headed and dizzy, like I needed to eat, but I wasn't hungry. I suffered serious brain fog - especially after my morning bagel - which made work difficult. My legs ached, my head ached, and my stomach always hurt - I just felt bad all the time. I knew something was wrong with me, but I didn't know what. And, I because I felt so lousy all the time, I was very emotional. The littlest things would upset me. If 100% means healthy - I was running at about 60%. Now I'm feeling 100% most of the time.
  12. I don't know about inches off my waist, but I did loose 12 pounds after going gluten-free. I feel like my waist got smaller, because my clothes fit better. However, I never actually measured my waist. I noticed the change within about 4 weeks.
  13. When I first went gluten-free, I could not take vitamins at all. They made me nauseated. I tried many different types, but I couldn
  14. Wow! I just logged in to see if anyone knew if Glaceau vitamin water is gluten-free, and here it is! I bought some at the store yesterday without even knowing if I could drink it. I'm so glad I can. Many Many thanks for posting this!
  15. Noglugirl - what a wonderful list! Great for newbies and oldbies! Thanks for taking the time to post it.