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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for your response, Rucko. It depends on the results of the upper GI series, which I haven't yet scheduled. I haven't read anything on any celiac sites that mentions an upper GI series as a viable test for celiac so I'm a bit mired in doubt. I'm not sure the exposure to radiation, the dye milkshake, etc. are all worth it, especially if once I get an endoscopy my villi have already healed from eliminating gluten (provided they're damaged in the first place). This disease is such a psychological mind trick. I know I feel better without gluten, so it makes sense to avoid it. But somehow the diagnosis means so much. The only *real* reason I can think of pursuing a diagnosis is for the sake of my daughters who may end up in the same boat, and to make my husband stop rolling his eyes when I turn down pizza and beer.
  2. Hello! I finally made it to a GI doc in my area. Based on my weak positive blood test results and symptoms, he does suspect celiac but prescribed an upper GI series and told me to eliminate gluten (which I have already). After reviewing the results he will order an endoscopy. Based on the knowledge I've gained from reading these posts, I asked him if eliminating gluten now would ensure a negative result on the endoscopy, but he said I wouldn't heal that fast. Can that be right? Additionally, I also have a mild dairy allergy and he "prescribed" Activia yogurt for probiotics. I asked if it was okay to eat yogurt with a dairy allergy and he said it's been processed enough it wouldn't bother me. Any one with a dairy allergy find Acitiva problematic?
  3. Hello everyone. I am relatively new here (2nd post) and I'm hoping for some insight. Back in July I went to my PCP for a routine physical. I had been experiencing months of vague stomach pains/nausea but didn't think much of it. She ran a blood allergy panel and celiac panel and prescribed an abdominal ultrasound. The ultrasound was clear. In addition to other allergies (milk, egg, etc) the allergy showed a mild allergy to wheat (.69- class 3 is .51-2.50).The celiac panel results were negative for endomysial antibody, but 4 for tTG IgA (weak positive 4-10). The doctor suggested I cut wheat and gluten from my diet and reintroduce it to monitor my reaction. I stopped eating gluten for 3 weeks (my stomach discomfort vanished) ate pizza, and didn't feel terrible. I decided to do it again. Every few weeks I'd eat one thing with wheat and didn't feel terrible. So last Monday I ate gluten for 3 days, and simulatenously was put on a sulfur-based antibiotic for a possible UTI. Since then, for a full my entire abdomen has been screaming. I can barely eat without feeling immediate nausea and have experienced a strong squeezing/pressure feeling under my right rib cage. And oh the gas! I'm getting a repeat ultrasound on Friday and have finally made an appointment with a GI doc for October. Could I been in this much pain and discomfort from eating gluten for three days over a week ago?? I know I'll get my answers soon enough but I can't eat and it's driving me crazy. Any help,would be greatly appreciate:)
  4. Thank you both for your input. I should have mentioned that to compound matters I also tested positive for dairy, peanut, beef, and mixed fish allergies, so it's difficult to nail down the original culprit of my previous stomach discomfort. I have no idea why all of a sudden my body seems to reject food! Guess I should follow through with the celiac component as that's more damaging than a simple allergy. Thanks again!
  5. This was totally me last year around this time. I thought I was going crazy!! I'm still without a diagnosis, but recently began the journey of diagnosing celiac. Good luck to you! You're not alone!!
  6. A few months ago I tested a (weak) positive on the tTG IgA test (4 result) after having some bouts of stomach pain. Incidentally, I also tested a weak positive for a wheat allergy. I've since cut out gluten and reintroduced it to monitor my reaction. Upon reintroducing it, I felt really no different, maybe some additonal little aches in the abdominal area, but nothing really out of the ordinary. My question is, should I pursue this any further? My allergist recommended seeing a gastric specialist if I felt any worse after the challenge. I just don't know if it's worth it if I don't feel as bad as I did before upon the reintroduction. Thanks in advance for your advice!