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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks. Appreciate it. Any other thoughts on my test results?
  2. Hi there, I was hoping you guys could help me understand my Celiac Panel results... my Endocrinologist did the test and she just called me and said my Celiac test was positive and I had celiac disease and I should go see a Gastro doctor. She also sent me my results and I'm just a little confused by the results.... I have tried looking stuff up, but it is all over my head. Immunoglobulin A Value: 660 (h) Range: 81-463mg/dl Gliadin AB, IgA Value: 22(a) <20 Antibody not detected > or =20 antibody detected Transglutaminase IgA Value: 1 <4 no antibody detected > or =4 antibody detected So, I'm wondering what my Immunoglobulin A value means since it seems way higher than the range. And is the Gliadin AB antibody indicating that I have Celiac? Cause the last test appears to be normal ... so I really have no idea what each of these tests mean and what the results mean. I still need to go to the gastro and everyone told me not to go gluten free until I go to the gastro doctor. We just bought a house and are about to move, so I haven't had time to find a doctor and go... Thanks!
  3. Oh, I also wanted to ask... does anybody have any blood pressure issues with Celiac? I'm on Maxide with HCTZ and every time I go to the doctor's office its always like 150/110 (which I just can't believe). If I take my pressure at home its usually normal like 125/88. I have terrible anxiety and stress when I go to the doctor even if its just a routine visit cause I just hate going. If it caused water retention and swelling I was thinking maybe it would be the culprit for my elevated pressure... It just didn't make sense to me why it would be high if I'm on medication.
  4. Really? Wow nobody ever told me that... I will definately be asking for a full vitamin work up when I get my next blood panel. Fricken vitamins. There's so many different things they can do to our bodies... either having too much or too little. Thank you all for the great stories and advice. @NWalter: No, you're not crazy... and I'm glad the doctors can't just blame all my symptoms on my weight anymore. Sometimes, our weight is not entirely our fault. Not that Im looking for an excuse, but it certainly helps knowing that certain health struggles aren't all totally because of our own mistakes.
  5. Thanks for the tips! Hmm... guess I didn't think about that with the gastro. I actually abhor the idea of having to go to a gastro and doing either a biopsy or endopic procedure.. blah. My thyroid is under control... has been for a while. My TSH stays at 1.9 pretty much whenever it is tested... my endo has never mentioned it needing to come down any more than that. My Free T3 and T4 were also normal. Agree, I was going to get my gastro to run the other nutrients when I go see him... my endo docs have always only been concerned with the vitamin D. @cyclinglady: My roseacea seems to be triggered more by my emotional state. If I cry, get anxious, stress... I can almost feel the bumps start to pop up. I used to be in a mild stage where I just had the rosey red cheeks but now I'm passing into moderate area where I'm getting the red bumps. I got stressed at work for example yesterday and by the time I came home my face was totally red and my bumps were not just on my cheeks but spreading to my forehead and farther down my cheeks. I put some cream on it and when I woke up this morning I'm back to a more rosey complexion. So, I'm not sure if any food I eat is particularly sensitive to it or not. I never noticed that. I do have the world's worst enviornmental allergies ... I'm basically allergic to nature! But every time I've had food allergy tests nothing came back except sesame. Thank you for the info and I will check out that thread.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to the board and just diagnosed with Celiac disease. I seem to be catching a string of syndroms and disorders so its starting to freak me out... I had been going to my endocrinologist and a reproductive endocrinologist for awhile. I have had symptoms and problems for at least 10 years and only recently have things started to come to light. I guess it started when my husband and I wanted to have children and I found out I had PCOS. My reproductive endo thought I should probably have my thyroid checked and poof you have hypothyroidism too. I have always been fat, since I was like 8 years old and could gain 5 pounds in a day no matter how I ate or exercised. Finally, when I got the PCOS and Thyroid diagnosis and got on medication I began to lose weight for the first time in my life and to be able to maintain it!! So far, I've lost 35 pounds over the last 3 years but still not pregnant. But, even with the PCOS and Thyroid medications - I still have not been "normal". No matter how much I sleep, I'm usually always tired, I have struggled with vitamin deficiencies for years and years. My vitamin D is the worst and was at the lowest point 11 - even with 50,000 units a week (on and off) and then maintenance doses of 2,000 to 3,000 a day after getting off of 50,000, I have only ever been able to get my vitamin D up to 33. It has since fallen back down to 21. I have skin problems... itchy legs, fluid retention... even with cutting out as much salt as I can, caffeine and alcohol - my feet still swell. I sweat like crazy and I'm always hot. I have incredibly dry skin and even with using lotion it never seems to get better. I also have roseacea on my face and it has started to flare up a lot lately and I get these crazy red bumps all over the redness. Depending on my stress levels and what I eat, the redness can go down to a pinkish color and the bumps will sort of go away. And of course my infertility which is frustrating. Then, there are the other sort of embarassing symptoms... IE: I've been struggling with diahrea for as long as I can remember. Depending on what I eat of course... its not as terrible as it used to be though. I think too the Metformin I take for PCOS varies this. And I have terrible flatulence... no matter what I eat I'm always gasy, joint and muscle pains, my feet tingle all the time, I was getting headaches constantly but those have died down a bit.... Anyhoo, my reproductive endo suggested last year that I should have a celiac study done because of my inability to absorb vitamin D. Shortly after my husband had 2 major surgeries and almost died, so my health sort of took a back seat. He is now totally well and I just found myself a new endocrinologist. I went to my first appointment and of course she wanted to blame all my problems on my weight. I told her that I'd like to have a celiac test done and she was hesitant and was like you probably can't absorb vitamin D cause you're heavy. But, she humored me and did the test. I got a voicemail from her yesterday saying my suspicisions were correct and my celiac study was positive. She is sending me the test results but I haven't received it yet. She also told me I should go see a gastro doctor now. So, as of yesterday, I started doing the gluten free thing. I was pleased to find that lots of stuff I already eat is gluten free but I did make sure I only bought stuff that said gluten free and I will be ceasing all bread and gluten pastas. I also decided to try to stay away from dairy as well ... I happen to like soy milk... so I got some of that. Luckily, I can say with all this I am a happy person.... I don't let things get me down and I look at everything as a challenge to overcome. But, I'm just curious if anybody here has the other conditions that I have as well? It sort of bothers me that I keep getting diagnosed with so many things. Is hypothyroidism, PCOS and Celiac sort of like a triad of related issues? I did read on the PCOS sites that it is common to get celiac when you have PCOS. Anyways thanks for reading... I hope to learn a lot here.