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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm So Confused. :(

    Oooh! The genetic test is really great idea. I think part of my frustration is "Am I doing all of this for nothing?". I hate having that worry. I loved craft beer, I don't miss a lot of foods I was eating but I did love going out to eat with my husband.. and now if I really am reacting to CC it obviously is worth it to cut those things out. But still.. in the back of my head.. "Am I doing this for nothing?".. again, and again. Also.. is it worth buying new pans and cooking utensils, etc.. If my genetic test came back positive I would feel much more confident about all of this. Thank you for the suggestion!
  2. I'm So Confused. :(

    Thank you for the responses! I feel a lot less discouraged now knowing that it is common to have ups and downs when cutting gluten. I have faith that the relief I felt in the very beginning will return. I hope hope hope so! I've been pretty careful about CC but I do need to replace my cutting board, non-stick pans, plastic spatulas/spoons, etc. I don't use my toaster anymore. Are microwaves a concern? When I microwave anything I usually cover my food with either plastic wrap or a paper towel. Is that sufficient? I do have my own separate condiments, butter, etc. I just feel like I haven't changed anything since I started on the gluten-free diet, so it's strange to me that I'm feeling bad again after feeling SO GOOD in the beginning. It was such a relief. I just want that again! I will keep pushing forward. I appreciate your answers so very much! I have no one else to talk with about this and I don't trust my GI very much at this point... :/
  3. Hello! I'm new here. I'm hoping to clear up some of my confusion. My first problem is this: My GI suggested I cut gluten for a couple weeks. I was having digestive issues along with other seemingly unrelated issues (hormonal problems, tingling fingers and toes, water retention/facial swelling, brain fog, etc). I didn't know anything about Celiac or gluten intolerance. I asked if there was a test I should have first and he told me he didn't want to do the test but to eliminate gluten. I did so (which I am now regretting). A few friends of mine with Celiac told me that 2 weeks probably wouldn't be long enough to see results if gluten was the problem, so I went longer. By 6 weeks I was feeling great! Felt like myself again for the first time in years. The swelling reduced, the tingling stopped, my lower back stopped aching, my digestion improved and my mother and husband noticed huge improvements in my mood. I started to do more research about Celiac and realized that my 4yo son has many of the symptoms. I mentioned it to his doctor who did a blood test which came back positive. THEN I read Celiac is genetic and THEN I read that once you go on a gluten-free diet you can no longer be tested. I've been gluten-free for 10 weeks. I am feeling frustrated because I hate to go back on gluten to have the test done. Is there anything I can do? Secondly, The relief I felt after going gluten free was the first time I've felt good in years. It seemed completely obvious that gluten was the problem, as cutting gluten was the only change I had made. But by about 6-8 weeks some of my problems started to return. Does this mean that my improvements were just a huge coincidence? Or did cutting gluten make me even more sensitive and now I am reacting to possible cross contamination? My digestive issues returned, and my mood started to decline again, but the water retention doesn't seem as bad as it did pre-diet and my belly isn't as bloated. So I am still showing improvements, but it's like I took a step back almost. Are these fluctuations normal at the beginning of a gluten-free diet? I am feeling a bit discouraged. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Steph