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  1. Thank you for all ofthat your responses!! I have tried cutting out dairy, tree nuts and other things with no results. I have had an allergy panel done and I am not allergic to a darn thing. Totally at a loss. My life based on where a bathroom is. My husband jokes that I should start a blog on the condition of bathrooms where ever we go. Fingers crossed that the doctors at U of M can help.
  2. I have had digestive issues for at least 6 years now. It has recently became a major life issue. I have diaharrea constantly unless I take something to control it, bloating, gas but no pain. There is also an urgency in my need to get to a bathroom.....a very big urgency. I have seen my regular doctor and was tested for celiacs, which came back negative. I have also had a colonoscopy, which gave no results. The symptoms I have seen for celiacs, are what I experience. I have an appointment at a large hospital near where I live to try and get some answers. Any input from anyone is welcome.