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  1. I've only been diagnosed since February, and wondering when, if ever, this will feel normal. Temptation isn't an issue for me. Before diagnosis, I was basically bedridden for a year. Doubled over from full body pain; chronically confused and forgetful, weepy, nauseous. I used to eat bread and pasta for just about every meal (and I'd order takeout Chinese for the other ones), but cutting it all out was 100% worth it when I saw how quickly I started to feel like my real self again! No mourning period for me. What's killing me are all the accidental glutenings. Last night, I was tired out from a weekend trip, and I made a simple pot of rice and beans without reading any labels. Just beans, right? I ate a huge bowl and went straight to bed - if I hadn't been so tired already, the immediate exhaustion probably would have been a red flag. Anyway, I woke up in agony. Worked up the energy to go pick the can out of the trash. Contains milk, soy, WHEAT, right there in huge letters. Major negativity ahead. I'm so frustrated. So tired of this happening. It takes me SO long to recover - then I get a few days or weeks of health and happiness, until I inevitably eat something dumb again. At least sometimes it's my own screw-up, like last night. What's worse is when I'm very careful, and it still happens (a few months ago, I went out to dinner at Lili's 57, which claims to have a gluten free menu, and I felt completely destroyed afterward. Should've read the reviews; apparently they're notorious. Also, the food's pretty disgusting to begin with). I think I'm usually good at staying positive, but right now, laid up in bed like a shaky lead balloon, trying to decide whether I can psych myself up to go get through my work meeting later, I HATE this. SO, so much. I hate feeling like a totally annoying drag every time I'm at a restaurant; I'm sick of the dread I feel every time someone wants to go get dinner. I hate that the American diet is basically wheat with a side of wheat smothered in wheat sauce (and that's even here in New York, where I'm admittedly pretty spoiled. I'm rarely without options; my biggest whine is that Tulu's is always sold out of donuts). I hate having to dig the sausage wrapper out of the trash when I'm just trying to enjoy a summer barbecue like everyone else. I hate it when people - even some of my friends - treat me like it's in my head and belittle me like I'm a flake on some new age fad diet. I'm so tired of losing days to glutenings, struggling to stay positive while I work up the strength to drag myself to the bathroom before I get the sharts. Worst of all, when I'm in the throes of a reaction, I start to spiral downward, feeling like a hyper-sensitive, miserable monster who lies around all day crying and farting diesel fumes and still somehow getting fatter and fatter. Please, someone, give me a pep talk.