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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been going through hell since April. Had a million blood tests done, ANA negative, RA negative, elevated complement c4, elevated sed rate, elevated crp. extremely low b12. other tests are off also, i just can't remember them all. the last time i went to the rheumotologist he stated he believes it is one of the 2 and stated that sometimes it takes awhile to have any concrete to go on. the gi doc tends to agree with him and thats when he also had me do the blood work for celiac after going over the biopsies with me. i go back to the gi on weds to go over the celiac stuff.
  2. Yes the TTG IgG is borderline. When the doctor ordered the colonoscopy and endoscopy we had not discussed Celiac's at all, I had never even heard of it. After the procedure he told me he had done several biopsies and then when i went for my follow-up that is when he told me the biopsies came back showing Celiac's.
  3. Maybe I read them wrong. I think ema was negative and the iga number was 224. No results showing for the gbd tests so maybe those were not run. I will ask the doctor when I go. Their office is stating they believe my testd were negative because I wasnt eating enough gluten. Are you all stating that the symptoms dna gene test and biopsy results are not enough for a celiacs disease? Because the doctor is giving the diagnosis of celiacs disease. My gi doctor and rheumotologist believe I also have another autoimmune disorder. Maybe lupus or systematic inflammatory disease. I also have been getting dizzy and it feels like I am in a whirlwind. It makes me so sick I throw up. This happen to anyone?
  4. Do I just ask my doctor to run those tests?
  5. well according to the blood tests all are negative. however the endoscopy biopsy reports show findings of damage that coincides with celiac disease and of course the results of the gene dna tests. according to the nurse for the gi doc he will be diagnosing me with celiac's disease and i have to go see him this coming weds to go over what changes need to be made. my other symptoms that have been going on for a few months are: rashes itchy skin headaches joint pain nausea vomiting brain fog tired all the time constipation and/or diarhea feeling ill tired all the time stomach pain cramping tingling in hands and feet night sweats not sleeping well past blood tests show elevated sed rate, elevated complement c4 and elevated crp. (3 different times) my face is swollen and lymph nodes by my left ear has been swollen since april. rhuemotologist and gi think besides celiac's disease i also have possibly lupus or systematic inflammatory disease?? any help or information would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  6. here are my results: TTG IGG - 5 REF RANGE - 0-5 U/mL EMA IGA - 224 REF RANGE - 91-414 mg/dL TTG IGA - <2 REF RANGE - 0-3 U/mL
  7. i need help understanding my results: i had a colonoscopy and endoscopy completed first. the results of the biopsy was that cells indicated celiacs disease so we moved on to the blood test: here are my results: TTG IGG - 5 EMA IGA - 224 TTG IGA - <2 GENE DNA: CELIAC RISK HAPLOTYPE DETECTED DQ2.5 (HLA DQA1*05 : DQB1*0201) DQ2 HOMOZYGOUS - 31X EXTREMELY HIGH DQ2/other high risk gene - 16X VERY HIGH DQ2/DQ8 - 14X VERY HIGH DQ8 HOMOZYGOUS - 10X HIGH DQ2 HETERZYGOUS - 10X HIGH DQ8 HETERZYGOUS - 2X MODERATE DQ2/other low risk gene - <1X LOW DQ2-, DQ8- <0.1X EXTREMELY LOW based on the biopsies and these results my doctor said he will be giving my a diagnosis of celiac's disease. he asked me to come in next week to discuss the life changes that will need to occur. can anyone help me with this? do these results show celiac's?