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  1. Hi! I was self-diagnosed via information on the internet, that I am corn sensitive/intolerant. I spent a year and a half 'just feeling crummy' after being very healthy and active all my life. I have only ever taken tylenol (let's guestimate four times a year) and nothing more as far as pills/drugs with the exception of that year and a half that I felt so crummy. During that time period I felt Feverish every day after lunch, and would want to leave work. Worn out and wanting to go to bed early every night. Then one evening (5:00 pm) I was really worn out, feeling crummy and already in bed, I started researching my symptoms. One lovely person in some post mentioned they were corn sensitive. It was like a lightbulb went off! I had had corn (canned corn, corn on the cob and popcorn) for the previous three nights! In researching I now know that you get 'corn' from various other sources too, but that was that proverbial lightbulb that went off which began my quest to feel as good as I used to, before my sensitivity! I immediately eliminated ALL corn products to test, and sure enough, it was what was keeping me sickly! Since then I have happened across many others who are (or seem to be), corn sensitive too! Corn is very hard to eliminate from your diet, it really takes a lot of self-control, and reading every label out there, and 'don't try it' if you suspect it... and get as much information as you can! A very helpful site I have found was one that was based in Canada... it seems Canadians see how bad corn products can be to a body, and they have several sites that help educate you. One site I've found quite helpful is: cornfree.com which lists all the different names that corn can use to sneak into your foods (look for the tab that says list of corn derivatives). This is one of the reasons I believe people think they're NOT sensitive - is because they think they eliminate corn from their diet but still feel bad so it must not have been the corn.... They miss the mark if they don't remove food with dextrose and glucose and dextrin, etc. I would like to explain my symptoms, which are completely non-existent if I eliminate corn from my diet, but if I eat a corn product, no matter how small a portion, these symptoms come within minutes of eating or drinking it. Explaining these symptoms might help someone else detect a corn intolerance and feel better, I have one acquaintance who's symptoms are exactly like mine. (Symptoms In order of occurrence) All across my upper back/shoulders it begins to burn - for some reason it begins on my left shoulder first. My forearm muscles become weak. My fingers and toes begin to ache. I get feverish My fingers feel like they're puffy (they don't look puffy) and they're hard to bend, like they're puffy. I feel what I consider to be arthritic, primarily in my hands at this point The veins (mostly in my right hand) begin to enlarge My grip in my hands weaken My leg (thigh and calf) muscles become weakened My hips start to go 'out' I begin to have trouble walking (due to hips) like I'm arthritic all over I would sit down on the couch and not get up to do anything, because everything physical was a struggle When I go to bed I feel like I have that 'restless leg' syndrome, where I want to stretch and kick my legs. Also If I am laying anything other than rigid-straight my body gets very fatigued. If the word 'muscular dystrophy' wasn't taken, I'd call this process that word. Now that I'm off the corn and have only had a few occurrences, I might note that other than the fever, all these symptoms will still occur and will last for about three days. The fever does come but lasts only several hours. I get progressively better throughout those three days - by the third day I'm walking / feeling normally again, provided I haven't had any new corn. I make the statement quite often, "Feeling-good feels better than tasting-good tastes" AND another comment I've made lately, "I can either feel 35 (I'm 55) or 95, it's my choice!" I am also going to attribute my sinus problems of late to corn, as well, because all last year I was on one course of antibiotic after another course of antibiotic due to sinus infections and bronchitis and all year I was on some sort of three a day antihistamine pill. Since quitting corn my sinuses have cleared up completely and I use NO antihistamines. I have been corn-free for the past eight months. It's been a struggle, but so worth it! Occasionally I get a bit of corn, probably three times since quitting eight months ago. Right when I get it, I say to myself, 'oh no, here we go again!'... but know there's an end in sight to the pain and weakness. Besides feeling better and able to stay awake later in the evening to enjoy life, I also have lost a bit of weight. It seems the corn was keeping me lethargic enough I would eat and never work it off. I am now (in the last two months) back into playing with my kids, running which I love, and yoga! I hope this post helps someone realize they aren't 'crazy' and that these (and possibly less or possibly more) symptoms are real and avoidable! Good luck!