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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lol, easy mistake to make. I meant Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) not IBS-D. But no it isn't really an improvement over when I was eating gluten. for the past couple of months its been especially worse, getting diarrhea every couple of days, and yeah they didn't show me the actual results of the test, but I think they told me it was slightly elevated and I am pretty sure they tested for transglutaminase whatever. I am going to go see my doctor on tuesday since my recent worsening of symptoms seemed to have started after taking the antibiotics for acne, I thought it might be C. Diff, but it came back negative. I am thinking it might be Crohn's or UC since there seems to be periods when I feel good then it gets bad again. I am seriously thinking of trying to eat some gluten to see what would happen though, but I'll probably wait until after Tuesday and see my doctor first. Also, I already had blood tests done twice for thyroid and came back negative both times. And I mean, other random symptoms I have been experiencing might be related to this, maybe I just wasn't linking them to my digestive issues. I've gotten things like random shortness of breath, chest pains while breathing, cuts on my feet that took years to heal even though I was keeping them clean and bandaged, burning in my heels that felt like my feet were on fire... But these things usually go away on their own fairly quickly (apart from the cuts) so I figured it was nothing. I never even mentioned them to my doctor, though I probably will on Tuesday. Maybe this is all part of one autoimmune disease? (How great would that be?!) I also still haven't been able to put on weight even since going gluten free. Also yes, I might have to try to just cut out dairy completely for a while and see what happens... My diet just feels so limited already... lol
  2. The only symptom I really ever had was diarrhea and I still get diarrhea like at least once a week. I guess discomfort accompanies it but I think that's pretty normal. Sometimes it hurts somewhat but other times it doesn't. I already take pills for the lactose thing since I first started having issues when I was around 13 and the lactose pills seemed to help a lot. Apparently I was also lactose intolerant when I was a baby, so I don't think the lactose intolerance was caused by celiac. I know one of the best ways to figure this out would be to just eat some gluten and see what happens, but I am kind of freaked out about what might happen to be honest. I have heard peoples' symptoms get worse after having been off it and then eating it again, and I am pretty sure I have been 100% off it for nearly 3 years already. :S I was mostly wondering if it might be something like crohn's or UC instead of celiac... I am most probably going to make an appointment with my doctor and get him to send me to someone who specializes in this stuff since at the moment I was just seeing my GP. Or, what are the chances of having both IBD and celiac disease? What about having both celiac disease and Diabetes-1? I have not been diagnosed with diabetes but I have reason to believe I might... Its just that I am going to have to wait until monday to get a doctor's appointment.
  3. This may be my first post, but I have been secretly stalking these forums for a long time, only now did I bother making an account because I am quite puzzled. I was diagnosed with celiac either 2 or 3 years ago, I don't really remember to be honest. They only did a blood test since I did not feel like getting an endoscopy done since I thought the blood test was probably pretty reliable right? So I went gluten free right after and although I can't remember exactly how bad my symptoms were before, I still get symptoms even many years later. I am questioning this diagnosis right now. What if I don't even have Celiac, but something else completely? I don't remember exactly what blood test they did to diagnose it. I am probably going to see my doctor about this soon, I just turned in some stool samples to check for parasites and C. Diff ( I had been on antibiotics for Acne :S) I was just wondering are there any other conditions that would produce positive results on a blood test that might cause some same symptoms as celiac? Or is there maybe some other reason going gluten free is not helping? I am pretty positive it is not cross contamination as I check everything before I eat. I won't even touch food that has fallen on my counter because other people in my house eat bread and leave bread crumbs everywhere, but I try and make 100% sure nothing I eat touches any surface in my kitchen, even forks and spoons and whatever else. Any ideas on what the issue could be???? I am at a total loss and I just want things to get better. ):