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  1. I suffered badly for 2 months prior to a blood test I had which came back equivocal for Coeliac. Unfortunately the TtG was just above normal but the Gliadin IgG was negative. However I was so keen to resolve my illness which consisted of the usual symptoms of bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and cramps along with a few other peculiar ones like bad breath (really bad no just morning breath trust me), tongue ulcers, itchy skin and a peculiarly horrible 'hungry feeling' a lot of the time. That I quit gluten then and there and believed to notice a difference. After 3 months I 'settled' down to just the typical symptoms of digestive problems (bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea) as well as bad breath and have as of now, 4 Months down the line from stopping gluten, remained at this point. No longer with stomach cramps, itchy skin and all those other peculiarities apart from bad breath which has remained. However what I have I feel is still significant to effect my way of life. I'm not sure if this is significant enough of an improvement to warrant the belief that I have Coeliac, surely things must have alleviated by now. I guess my long winded question is the one that is the title, how long should it take for someone who has Coeliac to no longer experience symptoms so significant? I know it varies but just from your experience would be helpful to settle my mind as I am anxious I will not be getting better any time soon. Any help or comments would really be appreciated and I'd be happy to give any more info.