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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know this is silly question but I have used Dermorganic Hair Spray‎ for so many years. I am having trouble finding it to purchase at a reasonable price. Is there anyone that can recommend a good aerosol hairspray that is gluten free? Thank you.
  2. It is very difficult to avoid corn. It is in so many things. Canola is not corn so you should not have a problem with that unless the oil was part corn oil and part canola. My son has a severe allergy to corn where his throat closes up if he eats corn. I myself have also developed an intolerance to corn since finding out I have celiac. You need to look out for maltodextrin - that is usually derived from corn - trying finding food without it - difficult - it is in everything - Gaterade! Watch for baking powder, bread crumbs, double check all your medicines - most probably have corn. It is going to be trial and error to find out how much you could tolerate. Powdered sugar has corn. But they sell a powder sugar without corn on Amazon. Look out for corn syrup - again in so many things. If you google corn allergy there is alot of information. My son is ok with high fructose corn syrup since the corn protein is removed but he can not ear corn syrup. Good Luck! Michele
  3. It can be overwhelming at first but you do have lots of options. Red Apple Lipstick and Acure that others mentioned are gluten free. Gabriel Cosmetics which you can buy on-line which was also mentioned has great products. Tarte Cosmetic is gluten free. There is also a brand called 100 Percent Pure which has so many products that are gluten free which you can buy on-line. All but one of their mascaras is gluten-free. I use Cerave creams without any issues and I am super sensitive. When in doubt contact the company - many are very helpful and if they are not I do not want to give them my business! Good Luck.
  4. I have never used the hair care products from Acure - only the face washed and creams but they are all very good and i have not had any problems. You get them at Target and on Amazon. I have used the DermaOrganic line of hair products with no problems - you can them on Amazon and at Ulta (i believe). The other lines of hair care that i have not used but have heard are gluten free are Mineral Fusion and It's a 10 has many options - you can look on their website for the gluten-free list or there was a post not to long ago with some information. http://www.youbeauty.com/beauty/gluten-free-hair-products/#1 You might want to try the link above - remember to look into it yourself a bit because the info might be old or not true - but it is a starting point. Good luck!
  5. thank you so much - i have no idea why i could not find that email address
  6. I am super bummed. I just went to order my breakfast staple for the last 10 years from Amazon - my case of Enjoy Life's Crunchy Rice - over the last number of years it has gone though name and packaging changes but it has always been there for me for breakfast There is no more in stock at Amazon so I contacted the company and found out that they are no longer going to be making any cereals. No Crunchy Rice or Crunchy Flax . Super sad. I need to find a replacement and i am very picky. I am looking for a simple cereal not sweet and not mushy in milk. I am not able to eat corn so it can not contain corn. Any ideas for me? Michele
  7. Thank you for this information. I am trying to find contact information for this company It's a 10 so i can inquire about some other allergies that i I have but i can not seem to find an email address or customer service phone number. Could you please pass on the information that you used to contact the company. Thank you so much!!! Michele
  8. My doctor just prescribed me the medicine ZOLMITRIPTAN for my migraines. Before i pick it up and try it I am trying to find out if this is gluten free. Has anyone taken this medicine or had any idea if it gluten-free? I checked gluten free drugs.com and it is not on the list. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Another good brand to try is 100 percent pure. i have used many of their product and have been satisfied. The only product that has gluten in it is one of their mascaras. Customer service is super helpful.
  10. I know for sure contact - the Dr told me to be on a low nickel, cobalt ...diet if i could - i am not sure yet if limiting the contact will be enough as this is all so new to me.
  11. I have just been diagnosed with allergies to nickel, cobalt, and gold. So now i have the reason that I have been breaking out in a rash all over my body. I just do not know where to turn at this point - I have celiac disease, a corn intolerance, and now i find more allergies. It seems nickel and cobalt are found in everything - food, jewelry, medicine, personal products...... Is there is anyone else out there who also suffers with allergies to these metals and can give me some guidance as i start down this road? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for help - it did start out looking like pimples - or spider bites - not green at all. I am going to try to cut out all the corn - i am still eating the bagged salad which I understand is rinsed in a corn wash. Does anyone know if the vegetables that you get in the bag that are microwavable are rinsed in the same corn wash?
  13. About a year ago I realized in addition to having celiac whenever i ate corn I became very ill. The symptoms were very similar to having gluten. I have since cut all corn out of my diet and feel so much better. For the past 9 months or so I have had very bad eczema on my hands (which I never had in all my life - anywhere). The doctors think that the eczema is caused from an allergic reaction to something. What I don't know? I have come to realize that the perfume I had been using is corn based. Has anyone had experience of a topical product causing such issues? Now that I know this I am going to stop using the perfume. Any thoughts or suggestions for new gluten and corn perfumes? I am so tired of having to give up everything that I love!!
  14. Can anyone recommend a Gluten Free Hand Cream for very dry skin? I want to know for sure that it is gluten free since I feel like anything on my hands has the potential to get me sick. Any help would be appreciated!!