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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Where To Find Safe Buckwheat Flour

    Thanks! Now I have several options, yay!
  2. Where To Find Safe Buckwheat Flour

    Thanks! I'll look for Arrowhead Mills.
  3. Where To Find Safe Buckwheat Flour

    Boy do I wish I could buy a mill! I've wanted one for years but it's completely out of the question. I wonder if I could grind stuff in a clean coffee grinder?
  4. Can anyone tell me where on earth I can find safe buckwheat flour? We all need to bug the heck out of the folks at Bob's Red Mill so they'll do their buckwheat flour in their gluten free facility. In the meantime, where can I find safe flour? The King Arthur site has some but apparently it's actually the Pocono brand. Is that safe? And if I buy buckwheat groats is it hard to grind them into flour?
  5. Negative Iga Ttg, Should I Do More Testing?

  6. Negative Iga Ttg, Should I Do More Testing?

    Thanks, friends. I read last night the the total IgA is important to the other test results so I'm going to call and ask about that tomorrow. I think I'm going to go ahead and make another appointment with my primary care doc as soon as she can get me in so she can have the Celiac panel done. Then I can decide about the GI doc when the results from the panel are in. I hate to eat stuff I know bothers me but in the end it's for my health. Off I go to eat gluten, bleh.
  7. Negative Iga Ttg, Should I Do More Testing?

    Thanks, Debbie! I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do. Anyone else?
  8. A month ago I found out my hemoglobin was fairly low and I was diagnosed with iron defiiciency anemia. I put some things together in my head (the seemingly random anemia, Hashimoto's disease, a bunch of GI issues, chronic pain and fatigue dx'ed as fibromyaliga) and asked my doctor about the possibility of Celiac disease. She agreed that it could be the problem and ordered the IgA tTg test, which came out just fine. I don't know if she ordered a total IgA and I'm going to call and ask about that on Monday. I was wondering what people think about more tests. I do have an appointment with a GI doc over a month from now. I can't get an earlier appointment and can't switch to anyone else because I'm on Medicaid and this GI doc is the only one nearby who will take that insurance. I'm seriously considering forgetting about the GI appointment and further tests and dropping gluten ASAP and dairy as much as possible, moving toward dairy-free. I want to get that stuff out of my system and hopefully start feeling better! Is it worth it to keep eating food I know is bothering me so I can get more tests? With the negative IgA tTg test would you pursue other tests? I had pretty much decided to just go gluten free and see how I end up feeling in a few months but wanted to get the opinions of folks who have gone through all of this. Thanks!
  9. Nutritional Yeast

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to let people know that Bob's Red Mill make safe nutritional yeast. I came looking to see if I can eat it at all and not only can I, but I "heart" Bob's Red Mill!
  10. gluten-free Foods In Bulk Bins--Safe?

    Great idea, I'm going to look into this. I've considered Azure in the past and am going to look into it again for upcoming months. I remember them delivering to a few spots here in the Willamette Valley so if we can afford the minimum amount per delivery I know it could be well worth it. Can we afford it is the real question since my husband and I are both on disability. I do my big monthly shopping each month at Winco and have had good luck with bulk stuff but most of the things I've been getting have had high turnover. I'm definitely too worried about the cross contamination now to use them, too. It's going to take me a few months to get used to all of this, that's for sure. Being gluten free and figuring out the cheapest ways to get the things I'd use most. Thanks again for all the input!
  11. gluten-free Foods In Bulk Bins--Safe?

    Thanks! I'm going to look into that for the next few months. This month won't work but it will give me time to look into my options and figure out what things it will work best for.
  12. gluten-free Foods In Bulk Bins--Safe?

    Thanks, that's what I figured. Sigh... I've thought that anyway each month when I'm getting my bulk foods. There are things that are labeled gluten free and I've thought to myself "Yes, but there's probably cross contamination" and worried about people who might not think about that. It will make a difference in our budget but thankfully not too much. And obviously it's worth it. If I run into someone filling the bulk bins on in a couple days I'll ask about the the cleaning and re-filling of upper bins that the food falls out of.
  13. Hi, all! I'm in the process of being tested for Celiac. My GP took blood for the IgA and tTG tests and has referred me to a GI doc, whom I hope to hear from in the next few days. I've done a lot of wading around in the forums in the past week, especially this board. I've been able to answer most of my questions but I do have one that I'm not sure about and can't spend any more time looking into. Would you consider gluten-free foods in bulk bins safe? If gluten-free oats are across the aisle from wheat flour, would you buy them? What about gluten-free pastas that are in a different aisle from flours? Would you buy nuts, beans and rice from there? I rely heavily on bulk foods to keep costs down. Making a gluten-free menu for the month is already pushing our costs up and I dread the thought of having to give up the bulk bins even though I suspect I'll have to. (And yes, I know I need to keep eating gluten until the tests are complete. I planned a gluten-free menu but will eat bread and crackers as well until I know I can stop.) Thanks!