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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi there! I am still in the prediagnosis of celiacs, however, along with slot of different symptoms that seems to associate with gluten is my acne. It is horrific!! I have had some issues with acne here and there but it has become so bad that I don't even want to go in public. One thing I know about acne is that it can be caused by inflammation and toxins within the body. I get tested in a week so I am excited to see if they all relate.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies. When I was pregnant it was severe I felt "high" nearly all the time. I would get sweaty and I would have to eat more and more sugar so I could stop the crazy feeling of about passing out. But then after I would eat I would feel "high" because of such bad brain fog. I know it has something with what I eat but the doctors thought it was my hormones creating bipolar episodes. It's been very frustrating. Another dr told me anxiety can create these feelings...rather it being psychological I know it is physiological bc this isn't normal for anyone to feel and it's so easy to be mislead by drs and it has made me feel really insecure bc of what some drs have said. I will update you all when I get tested. I have the understanding that you shouldn't cut gluten out until you get tested and there is a possibility for the test to be negative and if that's the case and you cut gluten out that's when you can see if it has an impact if you are just gluten intolerant right? One other thing is if you experience the same thing but whenever I eat food that is gluten free I crave sugar so bad. Every time I eat something I feel like I have to have a cookie or cake or whatever. I like to eat healthy and exercise I would say I am healthy for the most part that's why all of this is beyond aggravating. Thank you all for your input!!
  3. I went to the hospital last week after collapsing, the whole room was spinning, my legs weak and could barely move them, and had a panic attack out of fear of what was going on. The dr without examining me explained that it was sinus pressure and vertigo as I always feel pressure in my head between my eyes whenever I have these spells. There are times that my muscles involuntarily twitch and I can hardly see straight. I have the worst brain fog that I almost feel outside of my body. This has always given me anxiety attacks because it frightens me. I went to a neurologist a year ago just said they were migraines. I thought I was having seizures so I got an EEG and an MRI. Came back ok. I have been under a lot of stress going through a divorce with a 2 yr old and 1 yr old doing everything on my own for over a yr. The next day after going to the hospital I had instant oatmeal the same thing I had before I went to the hospital. I experienced the exact same thing. I tried it again the following morning and had the same exact symptoms. I have always known that what I feel correlates with what I ate but I never really payed attention or ever even thought it could be some type of allergy or sensitivity to gluten. After researching gluten intolerance I feel a lot of the neurological symptoms and not as bad as the intestinal problems. This seems to be getting worse for me and I am curious to see if anyone has these same reactions to gluten. I am getting tested in a week so hopefully I can get some answers because I don't know how much longer I can take this.