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  1. iHOP is such a huge gamble. Personally, it's not worth it to me when one meal can throw me off for 2 months. I stick to restaurants that have a plan for people who need to be gluten free. I've never gotten sick from Mellow Mushroom, which makes their own pizza crust in house. They are aware of Celiac disease and have a plan to cater to those customers. I've never gotten sick from a PF Changs. They are absolutely amazing with their gluten free options and their kitchen practices. Also, don't trust Urban Spoon. I don't know what criteria a restuarant has to have to be "Gluten Free Friendly", but it isn't much. A gluten free menu isn't enough. Several months ago we went to a Mexican Restuarant and should have known to get up and walk out when they brought me their gluten free menu which was printed on green, laminated construction paper with about 7 items out of a menu that was 4 pages long. I THOUGHT I was safe with queso and chips. Nope. A couple months ago we went to one of my favorite local seafood restuarants that I used to frequent before getting diagnosed. I knew what I could order so I made an order and asked for no hushpuppies on my plate and no croutons on my salad. The waitress put it on the ticket and the kitchen ignored it. When I sent it back, the kitchen had a hissy fit. The poor waitress argued with them about having to throw that food out and remake the dish, which they reluctantly did. That's not "gluten free friendly". That's inept about something so much as an allergy, much less celiac disease. The food was fine and I'm pretty sure no one spit in it. But it's not a gamble I'm willing to take again. If a restaurant doesn't want to accomodate, that's fine. But I've learned not to take Urban Spoon at face value.