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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Aye, I may do that if it doesn't clear up. As I said, I did get a pretty full blood-test done at the beginning of the summer (vitamins, thyroid, blood sugar - the Dr referred to it as a 'full MOT') and I'm fairly sure everything came back fine. I'll defs double-check though, to see exactly what they did and didn't test for. I've also just started taking a multivitamin, so if it's any sort of deficiency it should clear up pretty soon. Thanks, notme!
  2. No dairy, got it. Am feeling a fair bit better today, so hopefully that's a good sign! @bartfull, yeah, that had crossed my mind. She does seem to be improving in the way that people with actual chronic fatigue are predicted to, though, so I'm wary of mentioning it to her (and potentially disrupting her recovery, or invalidating her).
  3. I've been avoiding the toaster and trying to use non-contaminated butter/gluten-free chopping board, but didn't think about the colander! Blood-tests were done at the start of the summer and all fine, though I've just started taking multivits, probiotics and omega 3 (today), so hopefully that'll help a bit. Thanks kareng I was just wondering, is it normal for people to take several months to recover (inc. a glutening or two)?
  4. Idk, it's always possible, I guess. My parents both eat gluten. But I've tried to eliminate it all - I can't think what it'd be...
  5. Hey! So I'm kind of new to this, but have been lurking for a while, and have a couple of questions... For the past couple of years I'd been having issues with bloating and D (sorry), tiredness, anxiety and brain-fog, all of which got increasingly bad during last spring (to the point where I was feeling sick when eating, feeling shaky, uncoordinated and, a lot of the time, almost 'drunk' with brain-fog and lightheadedness). I went gluten-free about 2 months ago after lots of internet-browsing, and so far the bloating/D have disappeared, the anxiety and brain-fog have decreased, and I feel better within myself than I have for years! However, I'm still feeling very tired, and 'weird'. Yesterday and the day before, eg, I had just enough energy to slump around the house all day! Today I had a bit more energy (enough to go for a short cycle) but I'm still feeling quite light-headed, and it's still nowhere near the level of energy I should have. The whole summer has pretty much been a bit like this - I'm due to go back to uni in a couple of weeks, and am feeling a bit apprehensive about having enough energy to cope. I'm aware I've eaten gluten at least once (max. two times) since going gluten-free, which was definitely a bit of set-back. I haven't been diagnosed (and am really unwilling to go back to gluten for 6 weeks to take the test), so it's difficult to talk about with the doctor. I'm also a little worried because I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, and it's slightly disconcerting how similar my symptoms are to her's before she got really sick! So, I guess what I'm asking is; - Which symptoms did you find cleared up quickly, and which stuck around for a while? - How long did it take you to feel any difference from going gluten-free, and how long did it take you to feel completely better? - Is there any difference (in your experience/opinion) between Coeliac and Gluten Intolerance, in relation to the above two questions? - Any other tips/info/inside knowledge for a gluten-free newbie? Thanks guys! This forum's pretty much been my only source of real info so far, so I'm already pretty grateful.