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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone Knows?

    I know of a TJ in my area, I forget to check there. So the Silk is good? I can try it, I guess.
  2. Anyone Knows?

    I am still trying to find out mbrooks. There is even a Whole Foods store here where I live, it seems like a hippie store (no offense to anyone taking offense) and I think they have specialty items. I will have to check there as soon as I can. I am stilll checking the Wholesoy site for info. Stay in touch!
  3. WOW, that is a great variety of meals! I have been eating a small fruit salad for breakfast, salmon patties and boiled vegatables for lunch and dinner is spontaneous. Thanks Dave for the input!
  4. Ah, ok. "Doc's orders", I get it. If you truley feel the need of getting an injection, I would recommend other resources. I DID get my injections through a local spa. I live in southern california and there are spas that do the shots! I get them from certified physicians and sometimes an ophathomologist, so there is no need for me to get defensive about their credidentials. Hope this helps! Good luck Dave!
  5. Yes, I too was taking capsules, B complex vitamins. Then I noticed after a few weeks that I was not getting the effects from it. So I tried liquid for a while and lost the effects too, after a while . SO THEN (UUGH!), I took it a step further and got B complex injections. This helped a lot, a heck of a lot! It became too pricey and it really sucks I have to get them weekly (that is how long they lasted) . I just stopped cold turkey. It has been about 4 months since my last injection but I do feel pretty energetic enough to go through the day without a crash. Once I am able to afford them again, I am going to continue with the injections! Nonetheless, they did help with my energy and I would ask to consider this route, if you are able too. Good Luck!
  6. Just found out Angry Orchard is gluten-free! YAAAY! The funny thing is I was already drinking that anyway. There is another brand REDD, or something like that. It is a new cider but not sure it is gluten-free. I will try to find out. Thank you!
  7. Ha, or that too lol!!! You are a straight foward!
  8. Hey everyone, As far as I am aware, Wholesoy yogurt is gluten-free and I am lactose intolerant. In their webpage, they mention they are working on aquiring their own factory. I am not sure when they will be able to put back their soy yogurt on store shevels. BUT, has anyone seen any wholesoy products on storer shelves yet in your area? I have already contacted the Wholesoy company and they just responded with "we will be back in late 2013"... I really like this product a lot and I hope they are coming back. I would consider alternatives, but for now I have my heart and taste buds set on this. Thanks for reading and the future input. Ciao for now RJ
  9. OOH, wow. I understand. Your husband IS gluten-free but he is a big guy, are his portions big? My problem is that but I am trying my damned hardest to cut my portions. When I do get "hungry", I grab some fruit and nuts and tha seems to help. I mean, I am a couch potato to an extent (I'm unemployed at the moment, just waiting for my background checks to clear) but I do not sit in the couch ALL DAY. I try to keep busy as much to my ability. I was wondering if you ask and or encourage him to some activity and he rejects your propsitions? I have that problem with my fiance', but that is a whole different can of worms. Thank you for the input!
  10. HMM, after reading the title; the first thing crossing my mind would concern cross cantamination. I believe a big chain like Dominos having a true gluten-free menu is unpopular or "unmarketable"? I am not sure you would even want to consider eating there just for the fact they work aroung the pizza dough all day. This looks like a hit and miss for Dominos! I am a recent gluten-free member and I LOVE PIZZA. Now I have to consider eating a frozen $5 gluten-free pizza that is the size of an orange. LOL Eh, whatever. We can and have to adapt. Would you be able to shop around to see options for a frozen pizza?? I live in southern california and there is Wholefoods here. I would imagine there would be A TON of gluten-free replacemts for regular food. Do you have a specialty store like that?Maybe you can pick up a pizza there? Good luck!
  11. I drink more than enough water! Once purple moon I would drink a beer, but mostly hard ciders. I did find one that is gluten-free, not sure if it is true, but that is pretty cool! I do have a problem with calories and portion size, and I am working on that!! Thank you very much for the input!
  12. AAH, I understand! Thank you. Yes, health is the utmost key to my future. As mentioned before, I have a family history of major health issues in both mother and father's side of the family. I want to prevent from becoming diabetic and have heart issues etc. Thank you!
  13. I forgot to ask, how would people gain weight from gluten-free? Sorry for my naieveness (is that even a word, lol)...
  14. Thank you VERY freaking much for the input everyone. Yes, I am going gluten-free for health reasons. As mentioned before, I am obese. I have tried diets and portion control (one of my bad habits), as well as going to the gym. I read a suggestion of testing for Celiac. Yes, I will consider and do this as soon as possible, as I am unemployed for the time being and cannot pay for medical expenses at the moment, but yes, I will get tested. When I was on diets, I did stick to them, but did not see results. The ONLY thing I have maintained is going to the gym. But now, (since I am not working at the moment), I am putting a heck of a lot more effort into my workouts. I am just trying to lose more weight for my health. Point being is that I am determined to be a healthier person. The gym workouts is part of my gain to be healthier. My father is more energetic and testifies that his arthritis in his feet is alieved; ever since going gluten-free. The "Wheat Belly" book seems to be our bible for now, until we educate ourselves more about what it means to be gluten-free. Yes, I am now aware of hidden gluten in food. This is where I/we have to becareful. I like a variety of food, so I try not to restrict and limit to just one thing. With the growing variation of gluten-free food, it can become easier to create a meal. Heck, I LOVE pretzles, I ended up buying some gluten-free ones to replace the non gluten-free ones. Tastes like I'm eating ash, but I figure it will satisfy my cravings... I cannot think of any other symptom other than not being able to lose weight. But I can have symptoms as I age because my family history has a lot of health issues. So, I want to try my damned best to prevent becoming worse than I am already. I really appreciate all the input, I really do. Thanks a million everyone. I look foward to more conversations! (n_n)