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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I got an email from Feast at Lele, a luau in Lahaina. They offer a sit down dinner rather than a buffet, and have prepped meals for many celiacs and other food issues. Yay for them! They cook with very little gluten, and the only thing they will not serve me is the Hawaiian sweet bread offered during the last course. Wait staff and kitchen are all given the word that they are serving a guest with celiac and cautions are put in place.
  2. Last request before I head to Maui? Any other suggestions? Luau at Lele was recommended as a possible luau, but I haven't heard back from them yet? Any luau suggestions? I'll be staying at Kaanapali.
  3. I've never run into a coffee with gluten, flavored or not.
  4. I don't remember the brand, but the ones I bought at Hobby Lobby are fine.
  5. Thanks! I'll be heading to Maui in February and hope those places are still open.
  6. Dairy and opiates? Uh...probably not so much...https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/scicurious/no-cheese-not-just-crack
  7. You could be dehydrated. That will cause nausea and vomiting.
  8. The side effects of Rifaxamen include digestive distress. I was on two rounds of it for SIBO a few years ago. I haven't had any recurring problems with SIBO since then, and I don't eat any special diet other than gluten free, and of course, healthy foods. I think it's a wonder drug after the issues I experienced with SIBO! Hopefully, it will turn around for you.
  9. I don't believe they would intentionally lie through their teeth about any product they offer. And, I wouldn't count on any barista knowing about the ingredients either. Starbucks policy is for the consumer to make those decisions on their own, and they will gladly let you read the labels. That's not being mislead; it's putting the responsibility on the consumer to make a choice whether to drink it or not.
  10. I think Honeyville is the best (and most expensive) almond flour available. I don't have any trouble with it.
  11. Like CyclingLady said: Gluten has to be injected to cause problems. I changed lip gloss, but other than that, I use the same shampoo, conditioner, and makeup without any problems at all. I'm not careful in the shower, but I make it a point to keep my mouth closed when shampooing.
  12. I've never had a problem with any kind of butter or margarine. As far as milk containing gluten, I drink it daily and my celiac panel has been perfect the last few yearly checkups.
  13. I have a small Calphalon skillet, silicone spatula, collapsible colander, and flex cutting board I travel with. I keep it in a tote that I pull off shelf when I travel. Other than that, I do the same as the above posters.
  14. I've continued to use Redken on my curly hair without a problem, and I just had my numbers checked and they're perfect. I do try to keep my hands out of my hair and wash them if I'm brushing it.