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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Apparently I can't add a web address but you may google the solanine foods to get the list.
  2. Just found that solanine in the nightshade family is a HUGE contributor to inflammation/joint pain. I googled "solanine" and now know that we need to get rid of these items in our diet: the usual nightshades, but in addition, some of our favorites for our juices which are blueberries and apples, both contain solanine. Here is a site and there are many others to look into: http://www.nutrition411.com/component/k2/item/1446-solanine-is-it-linked-to-inflammation-and-other-conditions%C2'>
  3. Yes, Lyme was done recently for the second time. I heard from K's family doctor, she has now had each of the following tests twice with all results coming back negative: Sed Rate, Lyme, Strep, ANA, CRP, Arthritis. She also had a low count of "3" for Celiac, her thyroid was fine and Vitamin D which was only marginally low. To me, a food allergy seems the only logical cause of her joint pains. Her doctor said he wouldn't test for anything else because it has all been run on her. Thanks for asking!
  4. Hi! We are three days into the Elimination Diet now. I have a question, our daughter is not feeling any better with her joint pain. However, she is not feeling any worse either. It was my belief that with the Elimination Diet, as your body rids itself of toxins, you would feel really crummy. Is this not always the case? All we are eating is organic rice, the acceptable fruits (no strawberries and citrus) and vegetables (no nightshades). She is also having organic chicken. Thanks!
  5. Thank you, Janspell, (I actually fist pumped the air after reading what you wrote)! I will most certainly go as hard core elimination as we can. What have we got to lose? After three months with daily pain, last night was the first night I saw sadness and defeat in her. She cried many tears. But I had for her the responses and successes of all you who have answered my query to arm her with. I am excited, I am no longer looking at a brick wall. We are going to do this elimination diet together, we will further supplement, and look into natural alternatives for pain if need be. We are going to be beginning the diet tomorrow. I haven't done more than five minutes of research on it yet. Thank you for warning me about the affects it can have on the body. It sounds like one's body is in battle while on this diet. Now should we experience the same as you did, we will know that it is to be expected and normal. The outcome has the potential to be AMAZING!
  6. I just found this information and see that there is a blog as well on sudden onset joint pain. Should anyone be wanting to check into migratory joint pain. http://www.squidoo.com/MigratingJointPain
  7. You put a smile on my face, I feel like you lovely girls are holding my hand and helping me walk through this issue which has caused me such deep sadness. It has been so hard watching K suffer as she has. We have no answers yet from physicians and the three medicines tried thus far have helped her pain so very little. I now have so many avenues to look into. Tests to take and re-take, the elimination diet to try . . . I have felt completely helpless until now. What a blessing you all are.
  8. Emilykay405, you are a sweetheart. I will look into all the bloodwork done so far on K. I will see where there are gaps and request that those tests be run on her. K's vitamin D was border-line low as well. She is taking a fish oil with 1000 mg Vitamin D once a day. We could recheck that level when we repeat blood labs too. It was wonderful to find out from you what Sed Rate and CRP are looking for, that was super helpful! Thank you!
  9. Oh janpell, you have brought me such joy! Hopefully this will be the same result for our daughter (K). I don't know what you mean by an elimination diet though. Is there somewhere I can research this? Did you too only have the joint pain or other troubles as well? After seeing the rheumatologist, because my mother and uncles have psoriasis, the physician was leaning to arthritis from psoriasis as a possible diagnosis. We went to see the rheumatologist at 8 weeks and she wanted to wait until 12 weeks before labeling K's condition. I am thankful to her for that. It would be absolutely amazing, answered prayer, if K could follow in your footsteps. Thank you, Friend.
  10. emilykay405, thank you for the information. I have the results of two blood draws that were done on our daughter (K), on different dates. In addition to other tests, she has had: ANA w/Reflex (ANA Direct) with a "negative" result Yesterday Nicole gave me the full line-up for Celiac testing. Unfortunately, K, was only tested for Antibody, IGA tTG. That is a disappointment since both she and I are now on gluten-free diets. May I ask you both (emilykay405 and Nicole), when you first started experiencing issues, were there other complaints along with the joint pain? K only experiences joint pain and minimal swelling/warmth to these areas. I did ask her about fatigue, tingling, dry mouth . . . she experiences none. Also, her wrists/hands/fingers and feet/toes are free of any pain and swelling. After speaking with her family physician yesterday, he is going to review the blood test results he has so far and see if we can't retest her for some things, Lyme, ANA, Sed Rate, CRP. Might you be able to think of some blood tests that I should specifically request of him? Once again, I so greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
  11. Thank you so much for your reply to my question. I had never heard of RSD and have spent hours and hours so far researching joint pains and swelling. You have shown me that there are things out there that I still need to check into. It is wonderful that your niece is out of the wheelchair, that is truly something worth celebrating! I am also going to look into the top 8 allergens. You are a wealth of information. Thank you for your help.
  12. Oh thank you, Nicole, I can't wait to share your story with our sweet girl. It may give her hope. She has an ice pack on her knee at this moment and a heating pad on her back. Three months is a long time to suffer with pain every single day and not know what is going on. I will check into all the tests she has had thus far. Your information was so specific and helpful. You have given me a direction to go in. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better than you have in years. That is truly wonderful news, yeah you! I am so very grateful that you posted, thank you for your time.
  13. Hi everyone, I am writing in hopes of getting some direction in regards to our daughter. Three months ago this week she began experiencing sudden onset joint pain in her shoulders and hips. The pain was so bad it would wake her up at night. Since then it has spread to other joints, . . . the knees (which also get warm and swollen), back, ankles, heels, elbows. These are her only symptoms. She is not experiencing any stomach problems. She has yet to have a day free of pain and her level is about a 4-6 on a daily basis. We have been to a rheumatologist and she has received two negative results for arthritis. She has been tested for Lyme, strep, thyroid and ANA. All were negative as well. She is currently on Celebrex and takes 2-4 Tylenol a day. I started her on a gluten-free diet one week ago today, after hearing a story about a similarly aged girl having the same symptoms. After five years of being gluten-free, this girl is virtually free of pain and back to normal. Our teen has not experienced any relief from her pain as of now. Our child has been tested for Celiac and it came back with a 3 for sensitivity (the range is up to 19 being negative). So it appears to me as if that isn't the cause either. We are continuing gluten free in hopes that this is the solution. Hoping to get your thoughts, for which I am much appreciative. Thank you!