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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I enjoy writing, mostly romance and reading. I can devour books in a single sitting! I enjoy puzzles, cross-stitch and anything that educates me, or challenges my mind.
  1. Does anyone know of a good bread that I can use for sandwiches? I feel I've tried every brand going (perhaps I've missed someone's though) and I really miss having a sandwich. Every bread I try has this synthetic, dry taste to it like it's been sitting out for a day or two and if I try toasting it, it's just as bad. Even my dog refused to eat it! Pitta breads are okay, I guess, but they're not bread and they're covered in this dusty layer that gets on my nerves Has anyone tried the brown breads? Seed or multigrain breads? Are they better? I've not bothered to waste my money in case they're just as bad. Please help! Nicolette
  2. Celiacs Off Gf Diet?

    This sort of thing bothers me when people think they're an authority on Coeliacs. The only people who seem to know about Coeliacs disease are Coeliac sufferers, but you've raised a good point. Over here in the UK, we have some products that say gluten and wheat free, but next to the ingredients list will be say, wheat starch*, with its little star and you read it and it says that its been modified to such a degree that there are such tiny amounts of gluten, that only those with extremely sensitive gluten enterothapies should avoid it, but 'normal' coeliacs should be okay. Please discuss with your own personal dietician. These labels frighten me. I avoid these foods too, even though they're in the gluten-free section in the supermarket. Gluten is meant to be poison to us. I don't want to test myself to see how 'sensitive' I am. I don't want to get sick again. I've been sick for over twenty years straight thank you very much. What do others think about this codex? Nicolette
  3. An Invitation

    Great idea and so kind of you! Unfortunately, Niagara Falls is way too far from the UK, so I'll have to decline, but I wish you well for the party. Let us all know how it goes. Nikki
  4. Struggling

    I know how you feel, I really do. I'm six weeks into this new diet, but fortunately for me, I feel better for being on the diet. It just might tke your body longer to adapt. We all have good days and bad days. When I was first diagnosed, I was over the moon, because FINALLY I knew what was wrong with me. But lately, its got harder because I feel like I'm the one that has to stay on top of everything. I constantly think about food, I'm always hungry, I have to look after and feed my kids all the stuff they still want to have then thoroughly clean my kitchen before I can have anything. It's hard trying to think up different meals and sometimes I just can't be bothered and have cheese and gluten-free crackers AGAIN! Do you have a supportive partner? This can help enormously if they're on board about all the changes you have to make. If not, what about family/friends? I've come to realise that in these early times especially, you need help and support from others, because believe me, you'll soon discover there's a lot of ignorant people out there who think you're just observing some fad diet. Get some support, even if you have to ask for it. Stick to being gluten-free because the alternative is terrible. You'll get through this bad patch. We all do. Nikki
  5. At What Age Were You Diagnosed?

    Diagnosed this year, aged 33, after twenty-five years of symptoms.
  6. Watched a program on Discovery Home and Health today, called "Come Dine With Me". I've been watching it because one of the guests was a Coeliac and so all the contestants have had to cater for his requirements when they cook their meal of choice. (The premise is that each of them are strangers and each night, they each take a turn to entertain and cook a meal and whoever does it the best wins a thousand pounds) So today, it was this woman's turn and she knew that the man, Craig, had Coeliacs, but as she was shopping for ingredients, turned to the camera and said "I know he's coeliac, but I'm afraid he's going to have to stay quiet and suffer in silence, isn't he?" I couldn't believe it! Eventually, she served up crostinis for entrees, potted shrimp on toast for a first course, chicken pie (made with normal flour and meatballs inside made with breadcrumbs) for a main course and a chocolate dessert served on crushed digestive biscuits. I really felt for him. He hardly got a thing to eat and had to eat a few vegetables that were served as side dishes and picked his way around the other stuff, trying to avoid cross-contamination. But the icing on the cake was that at the end, each guest has to give a score out of ten to the host and he gave her a seven! Well, excuuuuuuse me! But if i went to someone's house and they deliberately had a like it or lump it attitude to my requirements, I would have left and i certainly wouldn't have given them a seven out of ten! Nicolette
  7. Phenergan For Nausea?

    Before I got diagnosed with my Coeliacs, I used to suffer frequent nausea and sickness and as I suffer from emetophobia (a fear of vomiting and sickness) this was a bad thing for me. (I'd get panic attacks, hyperventilate, feel sick, the whole vicious circle. At least if you're scared of spiders you can run away, but you can't run away from your own body when it feels sick)... ...so anyway, I asked my doctor if there was anything I could take for when I feel ill, and she prescribed me Prochlorperazine. It's only a little 5mg tablet and works wonders. It's just an anti-emetic and doesn't make me sleepy and since I've gone gluten-free, I haven't had to take one. Don't know if you can get this drug in America, but in the UK they'll prescribe it. You can't get it over the counter. Nicolette
  8. Is Anyone Lonely

    I think it can make you feel 'alone' rather than lonely, which is why I'm so glad I've found this message board. I was diagnosed five weeks ago now and I find myself thinking about food all the time. Not cravings, I don't mean that, I just mean planning meals, snacks, etc, knowing what's safe and where there is a safe and clean place to prepare my food if I'm out of my own kitchen. But I think the worse thing, is that even though my husband and family know I have Coeliacs Disease, I know that they aren't thinking about it, not unless i bring the subject up and then its 'oh, yeah, you can't have that, can you.' Other people's attitudes don't help as we all know, especially when today I had this conversation: Other Mother (OM) outside school - "You've got Coeliacs? Oh I know what that's like." Me - "Really? Why, do you know someone who's got it?" OM - "No, I USED to have it, but it only lasted about six months and its gone now. You'll probably be alright after a few months too." I'm sure i don't need to tell anyone what I was thinking. There was no way she could have had Coeliacs. It doesn't go away! Its not a cold! I just couldn't be bothered to put her straight because she's one of these super-mums that believes her opinions are correct no matter what anyone says, so I just left it. So that feeling of solitariness comes about because no-one else knows about the disease the way a sufferer does. No-one else is thinking about food all the time the way a Coeliac does (perhaps with the exception of those with eating disorders) I've also found that if you mention you've got a gluten intolerance and say you have to avoid wheat, etc, people think you're following a fad celebrity diet just to stop yourself from bloating or some other stupid reason. Nicolette.
  9. Eye Swelling And Crusting--help!

    Anyone can get it, but those with autoimmune disorders can be more prone. I originally saw my GP, but she referred me to a specialist because she had a concern that my cysts looked exactly like those of a basal cell carcinoma. Thankfully, she was wrong. The first specialist was an opthalmologist and the second guy was a specilaist in skin disorders (can't remember right now what they're called!) Nicolette
  10. Eye Swelling And Crusting--help!

    This is definitely connected to the Celiacs. I've had this problem too, since having my last son two years ago. It's called blepharitis and it s an inflammation and sometimes infection of your hair follicles around the eyes. The celiacs makes your eyes create more fluid, so the serum just keeps building up which creates scaling. You might also develop itching, swelling and pain, especially if you develop a cyst on the eye, as seems to happen to me often. These can burst on their own if you're lucky, but on both occasions it occurred with me, I had to have operations to remove them. It doesn't hurt and you only wear a patch for the day. Unfortunately, once you start with blepharitis, it can also develop into general folliculitis, which is the same thing in any of the hair follicles anywhere on your body. You can also develop acne rosacea, another thing that happened to me. This requires antibiotics or a steroid gel on the skin to keep clear and is about a month long treatment. These are all autoimmune responses and so is wrapped up in that wonderful parcel we call celiacs.
  11. Okay, booked an appointment at a hairdressers to have my hair coloured ages ago and the appointment is for a week on Saturday, but after reading a recent post about hair products, I'm wondering as to whether the hair dye will be safe. Do I phone them and ask? We haven't decided on a colour yet (she did mention using two colours, a darker one underneath and a light one on top). If I do this, then they'd probably have to check every colour and I'm not sure they'd check properly. Do I just cancel the colour and just have a cut? That way I can buy a home colouring kit and check the product labels for myself so i'll feel really sure about it being safe. Thanks in advance. Nicolette
  12. What In The World?

    Good God, we have to think about everything, don't we?
  13. Gf Cereals And Picnics

    I eat Crispy Rice Cereal, available from most supermarkets and not too expensive, i guess. For picnics? I haven't been on one, but a lot of fresh fruit (pre-washed by me) yoghurt kept in a cool bag, gluten-free pitta breads filled with egg or tuna salad, gluten-free cakes/biscuits, crisps (Walkers do a big range of coeliac suitable crisps) and stuff like that. Does that help? Oh, don't forget drinks. Nicolette (UK)
  14. What In The World?

    Hm, sounds intriguing. Never really thought about the fact that chickens are 'grain fed'. It's a thought, isn't it? Anyone out there got the answer to this one? Nicolette
  15. Reading Books Or Watching Movies

    Yeah, I get that too. Currently I'm in a huge "I could murder cheese on toast" phase. They keep showing this ad in the UK for worcestershire sauce and they always show the one where it's put on cheese on toast and being shoved under the grill... Mmm!