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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So my whole house is 100% gluten free. My daughter keeps getting glutened and I'm not sure from where. She is only 4 and not in school and nobody baby sits her (I'm a stay at home mom). We have been to a few birthday parties this past month but I was sure I monitored everything and made sure I brought/made gluten-free food. The only thing that seems to make sense is the canyon bakehouse bread because this happens about 4 hours after eating it and she has had it almost every day. Anyone else have any suspicion....Also if it was cross contamination from something else or if she had a bite of some gluten a few weeks ago from a party shouldn't she be better by now?
  2. Did he have to get a scope or just blood work?
  3. Going camping and really want to have some smores. What is the yummiest gluten-free graham cracker out there?
  4. My heart is so broken. We cut gluten out of my child's diet because she was chronically constipated, in doing so we discovered that while not ingesting gluten she went from crazy temper tantrums that I thought were a normal part of age 3 to a happy easy to please kid. I guess out of laziness and both mine and my husbands family thinking we were nuts and just trying to fallow a trend we brought gluten back. I noticed that when she would ingest gluten it would only take about 4 to 5 hours before her tantrums would start...always about nothing. so tonight after she was calm she said mommy I'm sorry I couldn't stop the mad. After hearing that I started to cry, I feel like I failed her and I continue to do so because I almost have to keep convincing myself that gluten is the culprit. And I try to tell my family that it's not like her behavior is just different its night and day. How long after ingesting gluten do you think behavior changes can be seen. I read all the time how some people have reversed or helped their child behavior and even autism by cutting out certain foods. How can something like gluten or any food alter behavior that quickly and drastically. I'm just trying to get a better understanding and I'm open to any advice. Thank you all so much
  5. My 18 month old is very tiny she is in 1% for weight. She had diarrhea and constipation. Because she is so little the doctor ordered lab work her protein, c3 & c4 are low. So I upped her protein in her diet and they tested for protein in urine and a renal ultrasound. Thankfully her ultrasound came back good and there is no protein & blood in her urine. I feel like we should be going to a gastro doctor or even an immunologist but our pediatrician is sending us to a Kidney doctor. Inceliac can you have low protein and low c3 &c4 should I ask my doctor to send us to gastro?
  6. My daughter has not been tested yet. She suffers from horrible constipation. A gluten free diet helps, but every now and then something clogs her up again. I know every situation is different but how long after going gluten free did some of you see/feel changes?
  7. We have not got her tested yet....that is our next step. When she is gluten free she does well but every now and then something clogs her up again. It would be nice to have that diagnosis...or not.
  8. So we eat gluten free and I have found that I am totally fine with no gluten. I have found great substitutes and recipes for cookies, cakes and pasta but I NEED PIZZA!!!! Anybody out there know a great recipe or a premade yummy pizza. I have already tried udi's and it was horrible. Thanks everyone!
  9. Go to facebook and join the group parents against mirilax. Their advice has helped us tremendously with constipation. We also stopped eating gluten
  10. Did The GI make you do an endoscopy? or anything like that? And once he was gluten free are his symptoms gone? How well does he tolerate corn? I think her constipation could be gone but she is afraid to go, made GI appt but 1 month away. Thanks for the advise!
  11. She doesn't have a bm unless given an enama or senna tea. I think we have been gluten-free long enough but I think the prob now is she is scared to go. I'm trying everything to help her go without using mirilax because that stuff is really bad. But I'm starting to get desperate. I see her everyday having the erge to go and then she fights it. So I feel that her constipation could be gone if she wasn't scared. Made an appt to GI but 1 month away.
  12. Is Corn O.k?

    Thanks everyone!