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  1. Chef That Wants Your Feedback

    I would love to see healthier, gluten-free options, esp when dining out for KIDS. Often it is a choice of chicken tenders, grilled cheese, mac n chz or a PLAIN chicken breast. Can't eat the first 3 and the last one makes it seem like more of a punishment. Also, Canyon Bakehouse has the best gluten-free bread...hands down
  2. My daughter diagnosed a year ago with positive TTg and also had low vit D and iron. Went gluten-free, and levels rose nicely at 6 months. Retested this week and she is very low again. My question is this...does this mean she is somehow getting gluten again? OR Are iron/vit D levels something you struggle with even after going gluten-free?
  3. Just to add - my DD is 7yo and tested weak positive for Celiac and had a negative scope. She has suffered from constipation since birth, which worsened a few years ago. We did every intervention, diet change they asked and she still suffered. Finally - we got to a GI doc and he recommended gluten-free, despite the negative scan. She had been on daily Miralax for over two years - and within one week - was able to be completely off of it. Now I want to add, we did some behavior modification a month before going gluten-free - and I am sure that has helped. Here is our routine: She gets up 20mins earlier than before Goes pee FIRST thing when she gets up Eats breakfast - gets dressed and then sits for 15mins on the potty (she takes her tablet) *If she goes #2, she cannot get up until she has ANOTHER mvmnt She has to do this for all meals that hare eaten at home - with the AM being the most important We eliminated juices not conducive to going (such as apple,orange) She has mostly single pit juices (cherry,mango,pear,apricot,prune) or combos of those If she has been struggling for a long time, the body needs to remember how this works on a regular basis. Hoping she feels better soon
  4. As far as I understand, he cannot be diagnosed with Celiac without the biopsy. (at least my doc told me that) But I wanted to add...my son is HF autism and had horrible stomach problems as a baby and young boy. We were gluten-free and casein free for 3 years and it was a remarkable improvemnt. Around kindy, we challenged him and did not see any more bad reactions and he has been on a "normal" diet ever since. Some kids are able to come off of it. Many of our friends in the autism community are also fans of the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD). I don't know if you have reached out to the autism community, but the moms there have remarkable knowledge of gut/behavior relationships. Finally - I don't know if you have ever heard of The Thoughtful House (it is renamed The Johnson Center) - but I know many families who swear by their services - they specialize in developmental issues but with a full child approach -(ie. tummy issues is a big common thread in kids on the spectrum) In the meantime - I wish you good luck and hope that your son feels better soon!!!!!
  5. Just to add...my 7yo DD had a weak positive TTg IgA this Sept, followed by neg biopsy results. This was very disappointing for me, because I felt a diagnosis would be critical to keeping her gluten-free in the future and to have relatives and school take it seriously. We are on week #2 of gluten-free and she is doing AMAZING. Her improvements are without a doubt related to eliminating gluten. Her doctor also felt confident that at this time, she does NOT have Celiac. But in his opinion, her weak positive test, along with her symptoms were most certainly (at the minimum) doe to gluten sensitivity and that if she didn't have Celiac officially now - she would in her future. Not to mention, while she didn't show damage from Celiac, she had imflammation of the esophagus and chronic gastritis (both of which can be associated with Celiac) So how do I handle this with relatives and school? I tell everyone she is blood (+) for Celiac and that her scope showed damage (I just don't elaborate on the type). Just makes it easier. My parents weren't completely on board, but now that they see the difference in her...they are certainly coming around!
  6. As I am new... I could be wrong. But any celiac work up would require him to be on gluten for quite a few weeks for accurate testing
  7. We are newbies, with my 7yo DD being blood test positive and biopsy negative. She has been gluten-free for about a week and we have really started to notice some great changes. Constipation is clearing up, gas and gas pains are way down and her bloated belly is starting to look normal. She also has almost no more complaints of pain, esp with eating. As a side note, the last two days, she has had a VORACIOUS appetite. She has always been average appetite with no eating when she is in pain. She is not underweight at all. Just wondering if other have increases in appetite when they go gluten-free? If so...how long should we expect it to last? Last night I finally had to cut her off after two dinner, dessert and a snack! Thanks
  8. Well - i wasn't happy when doc told me DD did not test positive on biopsy after positive blood test. I asked for copy of path report, and I am really questioning the fact he took only 4 samples and he didn't give me all the results! 2 from Duodenum - which were negative. One from bulb area One from stomach, showing mild chronic gastritis (which he did not tell me about) One from esophagus showing squamous mucosa with chronic inflammation and rare eosinphils (again did not tell me) I am stuck with this ped GI, so I can't switch. We are already gluten-free as of Sunday and we will look for improvement. Just wondering if gastritis and/or the inflammation can be from Celiac? thanks
  9. My 7yo had her endoscopy yesterday and the doc mentioned seeing "possible some mild blunting of the duodenum", but her biopsies came back negative today. She had a weak positive TTG-IgA, low iron and low Vit D. We are still planning on a long trial of gluten-free to see if her symptoms improve...but it is frustrating not having a definitive answer! Can anyone theorize about the "damage" being caused by someone else? The GI still won't say it is Celiac, but she 'may" have gluten intolerance and to go ahead and try diet. Thanks
  10. We had her endoscopy today and doc told me to get her on a "good" gluten-free multivitamin (for goodness sakes...what does that even mean?) So if you have any recommendations...That would be great.
  11. I see their GFmenu, but just wondering if anyone has tried it?
  12. My daughters endoscopy is Wed, and I am wondering if results are same day or if it takes longer? Thanks
  13. My 7yo finally got her Vit D levels back...they are in "normal" range, but I want to know if they are in optimal range and/or is ok to have no Vit D2? VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY, D3 34 VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY, D2 <4 25-HYDROXYVITAMIN D 30 - 100 ng/mL 34 thanks!
  14. My daughter is having her celiac blood work re-run, after a weak positive test. They are running additional labs...early results show elevated ESR and albumin. I understand the ESR result... But everything I read about testing says her albumin should be low, not high? Does anyone have feedback or knowledge on why this might be high?
  15. Help With Grandparents

    I appreciate the feedback. I am feeling that education is the best approach, hence why I am looking for published material. We share a home, they love their grandkids. If you have any other specific articles, they would be appreciated.