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  1. I have had so much blood work.I am a little low in my D vit ,my iron is always off usually .I have to much but I only Cary ony gene for iron over load so every Dr I see insist I can't have that sorry can't spell the name of that one.lol.My primary say I only have a few trigger points for fibromyalgia my Gi is testing me for other things like IFBD or refractory Celiac I just feel like I am chasing a ghost .I guess I had a positive rna at 1 point but it was very low and nothing ever came of it.
  2. Hello I have had Celiac for about a year and a half. I am having constant chronic fatigue , and Insomnia despite being gluten free since my diagnosis.I also have been getting muscle weakness and pain in my arms to the point that I can't hold my hands over my head not all the time it comes and goes. I have weeks I feel fine no problems ,and then it hits me.I am so sick .I feel like a crazy person .I am 39 and have been healthy, very active ,and a fit person before Celiacs. I am just trying to see if anyone has symptoms similar to mine.I have seen a ton of Dr one Dr thought I might have iron over load but the Hematologist mixed that .Any thoughts Help please
  3. I was very recently diagnosed with celiac last Thursday actually and all the info is overwhelming . I am a hairstylists and work with wheat filled chemicals all day....... I had no idea how many things had wheat in them I thought I would give up gluten and that would be it, but not so. I am not sure how much the chemical at my job effected me seems like I would accidently contaminating my self all day do I have to find another profession now . anyone have any thoughts or is any one else living with the same problem. kind of stumped as what to do. I am all ready sick , worrying about how I will manage all the changes in my life.