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  1. It's great to know that I'm not the only one going through this. When I eat gluten, which I have been tempted to do lately due to birthdays and out of temptation, I pay for it a day or two later. Like other people have mentioned, I get very emotional, depressed, feeling like life is not wroth it anymore. And I am prone to fits of crying. It's so odd. I didn't make the connection as to why I was feeling like this two weekends in a row, until I realized that my emotions came up a day after eating gluten on both occasions. It's good to know that it passes, but darn it, eating gluten is like running into a wall. And as much as I've wanted to hope my symptoms would pass, at least I know what causes them. Unfortunately I learned about my allergy about 10 years after I started dealing with all those symptoms, after going many doctors who did not know how to help me with my IBS and ulcer problems (which have gone away on a gluten-free diet). Better late than never, I suppose.