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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you! I do not have celiac, but am intolerant. I avoid any beer and stick to either ciders or liquor. It is interesting you mention the day after thing. With gluten in foods I am sick immediately, but when eating gluten in foods and then consuming alcohol, the migraine symptoms begin either over night or the next day. I too wonder if something is happening with the metabolic process in which the gluten + liquor has a different effect than just gluten alone. I have never met anyone who has experienced this, but then again those people are probably smart and just stay away from alcohol!
  2. Hi all - I want to ask a question as it relates to gluten consumption + alcohol consumption to see if anyone here experiences similar symptoms. Basically here is what I experience in a nutshell: Gluten consumption - typical gluten side effects like bloating, discomfort etc. Alcohol consumption - aside from a good buzz, nothing ;-) Gluten (in food) consumption + alcohol consumption - extreme migraine headache for roughly 12-24 hours; only alleviated by time passing or throwing up everything in my system This really is a curiosity question more than anything. The obvious solution is to be very careful about not getting glutened from food when drinking, or not drinking. I'd love to know though if anyone else experiences this side effect and if anyone has theories as to why gluten from food might have this effect when drinking alcohol. Thanks in advance!