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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That's what I felt about them being required to say. Also, I have never seen barley in broth, so I believe I am safe. Thank you! Reassurance always helps
  2. I also just looked in the single can and it said gluten-free. The combo pack didn't say that anywhere, so I called someone who works for Walmart Corporate. She said if it was the same ingredients, the difference in labeling was probably just because of different labelers and not to worry.
  3. In the ingredients there is no mention of wheat, but there is chicken flavor which includes chicken broth (still no mention of wheat). I saw on the walmart website that 5 years ago someone said the product wasn't gluten-free. But, ingredients can always change.... I have just seen in the past that broth can contain wheat, but just wanted to make sure I can have some! Thanks!
  4. I have been diagnosed Celiac and my gastro said I did not have Crohn's (Thankfully!). I am pretty sure it was the alcohol because it was the first time I drank in months, and I did so in a large quantity. Not making that mistake again!
  5. I was definitely eating MORE than zucchini! The zucchini I just specified because everything else I ate was definitely gluten-free. I have just heard that vegetables are hard on people with Crohn's, and was wondering if the same could apply to me. Thanks so much! And trust me, I am definitely not inclined to binging anymore!
  6. The biopsy came back negative! I'm not very sure how bad my original damage or diagnosis was. I had a blood test originally and all they told me was celiac disease. I had the biopsy done to see if the diagnosis was correct... but I have learned more from trial and error than the biopsy and blood test! But, I have heard that they don't want to risk damaging your stomach even more with an endoscopy if you were recently diagnosed (my gastro didn't follow this).
  7. Thank you so much! See, I recently had an endoscopy that said there was no damage to my intestines...Does no damage necessarily relate to being healed? Or could my stomach still be healing?
  8. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease this past March and have been almost strictly gluten-free since (with about 2 binges). I have not eaten gluten in a while, but this past weekend, I drank alcohol (gluten-free/vodka/rum) and zucchini (unpeeled). My best friend has Crohn's disease and has a hard time with unpeeled vegetables. Could people with celiac disease have problems similar to Chron's? Are there other foods that could make a person with celiac disease ill? I have had intense diarrhea for the past two days since drinking and eating. I cannot keep any food on my stomach. Should I avoid unpeeled foods? Alcohol? Or is it just my stomach heeling? Also, if there are any suggestions on foods that I probably could keep in my system, that would be GREAT. Thank you! Courtney