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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I give my daughter Raw probiotics (the one for kids) by Garden of Life. No gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn. All fruit and vegetable sources.
  2. Breastfeeding

    You can absolutely breastfeed while gluten free! Our entire family has been gluten free since my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac a little over 2 years ago. That means my 9 month old has never had any exposure to gluten, in utero, or through breastfeeding, and now through the introduction of solids. He has no deficiency, growing like a weed, starting solids on track, hitting all his milestones wonderfully. Just eat plenty of raw, whole foods. In fact since Celiac is generally considered hereditary (though not necessarily), by continuing to breastfeed, you are giving your baby the best possible foundation for a healthy digestive system. Way to go, mama!
  3. Oh you poor thing, I relate to this SO much!! At age 2, my DD was not growing like the other kids. She dropped down into the tenth percentile. Every meal was a huge battle, she never wanted to eat, and afterwards would complain that her stomach hurt, or even half way through the meal. We couldn't figure out if she was trying to get out of eating, or what was going on. She bruised easily, we battled week enamel on her teeth, dark circles, restless sleep, and NO hair growth. It finally got so bad she would be up half the night screaming and crying in pain. I kept taking her to her pediatrician who kept telling me that she is fine, and to simply put her on long term miralax and that she would "grow out of it." She thought I was just not pushing "healthy" foods enough. "Just give her her food and she will eventually eat it when she gets hungry enough." Even my mom and friends and husband thought I was over reacting and stressing out over nothing, but I simply could not ignore my "mother's instincts." I finally called the pediatrician and told them that they either run more tests, or I find a new doctor. They ran a stool sample and found evidence of inflammation and finally referred me to a GI specialist. As it turned out, her hcg levels were over 100!! (he explained to me that a result higher than 10 is considered a positive result for celiac.) All the other levels tested were similarly 5-10x higher than even a simple Celiac diagnosis. While it was a difficult diagnosis, I can't explain the relief that I had done the right thing to continue to fight for my daughter's diagnosis. Even still in this day and age, doctors so often dismiss concerns and symptoms as "over reactions" or "all in our heads." But I commend you for continuing to fight for your daughters health. My daughter is now 4, and still on a slow slow road to recovery. Still thinner than I would like, still has never gotten a haircut because of how delayed her hair growth became. Still bruises easily. It will take time, but our check ups keep me positive that we are at least on the right track. Like the others have said, the negative blood test doesn't exclude a celiac diagnosis for your little one. I would fight for an endoscopy. Of course it could be something else too. If your gut is telling you something, listen to it. You know your baby better than anyone else, so don't let anyone try to tell you it's in your head. You're an awesome parent!
  4. My daughter's main symptom was also constipation. She is three and was just diagnosed about a month ago. We have been 100% gluten free since then, and still having some issues with her bowel movements. She is at least no longer straining so hard that she is bleeding, so I am taking comfort in the small improvements. How often does she have a movement? If she is managing to still poop once a day, or at least every other day, and it is still very hard, that sounds like a definite red flag for celiac. But like the other posts, it will be really helpful to have a true diagnosis to be sure how to proceed, and also for the peace of mind of knowing you are doing the right thing. Hopefully you can find a doctor that will be able to provide the care that you need for your little one, I know from experience it is so scary. Especially awful when you are scared to feed your own child! My daughter's GI has been great to endure my HOST of questions, and has referred me to a dietician that has really been a blessing. I would highly recommend working with someone who can help you navigate all the craziness. Best Wishes!
  5. A lot of your described symptoms can definitely be linked with Celiac Disease, but if his fatigue, back pain, sore throat symptoms are not even improving at this point, there is probably something additional. This may some random, but have you had him checked for mono? I got it from traveling a few years ago, with identical symptoms to what you are describing, the only difference being that I also had an immense head ache (to the point where I could not be out in daylight). For me, it lasted almost a solid year (the fatigue and aches portion, not ALL the symptoms). Just a thought. I hope your son feels better soon, I can't imagine the stress you must be going through to feel so helpless to make your child feel 100%. Hang in there!
  6. I can relate to how you feel, my three year old daughter was just diagnosed about a month ago. I feel just awful wondering if that is why she has always been so so thin. Since going gluten free, for the first time in her life, she will not stop eating! Just to make a quick trip to the grocery store, I have to pack a few snacks because she wants to eat while we are out. Once the older ones realize how much better their tummies feel after eating gluten free, I think the crankiness from having their foods "taken away" will dissolve. My daughter proudly announces to everyone that she is gluten free, and she wont eat that bad gluten because it makes her sick! Smart little kids. They are in good company in this generation, we have so many wonderful food options nowadays Good mama!
  7. Wow, I am so so sorry for all of the hardships you are going through, and have gone through in your life! You are so brave to keep at it, and to not give yourself up to an endless list of pills to mask the symptoms, like most doctors would love you to do ($$$). How have you been feeling since going gluten free? I think the best thing you can do, is to listen to your body. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, and given the conversations with the diagnosing doctors, I am absolutely sure that my husband has it as well. In fact, I use him as my marker to know whether there has been any accidental glutening, since my daughter is too young to be aware and let me know. My husband will never agree to go to the doctors to get tested and diagnosed, but I have enough information to know how to treat him at home. Of all the health issues, Celiac Disease is, in my opinion, a best case scenario to be hit with, since it is something that doesn't have to be medicated. So bottom line, probably getting off of gluten is just a healthy move for your family. Though it sounds to me like there are still other issues going on healthwise, I really hope you find some relief going gluten free! Best wishes!
  8. I actually got a reply back from the U.S. distributor: JFC International Inc. for the brand of miso we use (Yamabuki) and they said that their Yamabuki shinshu shiro miso (milder miso) is gluten free! YAY! They also sent me a list of all of their gluten free items (as of 4/26/2013): Botan Rice and Botan rice candy Daifuku-Kyoshin Ujikintoki Dynasty Golden Plum Sauce Dynasty Chili Oil Dynasty Stir Fry Oil Dynasty Plum Sauce Dynasty Hoisin Sauce Dynasty Bead Molasses Dynasty Chinese Style BBQ Sauce Dynasty Chinese Five Spice Dynasty Sesame Oil Dynasty Maifun Rice Stick Noodles Dynasty Saifun Bean Thread Noodles Dynasty Jasmine Rice Dynasty Straw Mushroom Dynasty Bamboo Shoots Dynasty Water Chestnuts Dynasty Teas Dynasty Baby Corn Dynasty Shitake Mushroom Dynasty Fish Sauce Dynasty Wasabi and Thai Chili Mayo Dynasty Sugar Ginger Horseradish Powder Hakubai Sweet Rice Hikari Shinshu miso no MSG #05141 Hikari Organic Miso Red #06844 #10898 Hime Inari No Moto JFC coconut Milk JFC Irishiro Goma JFC Furikake Salmon JFC Furikake Goma Shio JFC Furikake Wakame JFC Furikake Shiso JFC Furikake Ebi JFC Furikake Kimchi JFC Furikake Yasai JFC Furikake Nori Komi Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin Kikkoman Pearl Soymilk, all kinds Well-pac Cuttle Fish, all kinds Yamamotoyama Sushi Party Nori Of course, this is for products they sell here in the U.S., so I'm not sure about miso there in Japan :\
  9. I'm glad I found this post! My daughter goes in this wed and I am so worried! She is only three, and has a HUGE fear of doctors. I am sure that the gas mask to put her to sleep with be, by far, the worst part for her. My plan is to have a present and some snacks and juice ready for when she wakes up. I am hoping that the distraction of a surprise present to unwrap will keep her happy. She will be going in for both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy so hoping for good results, considering...
  10. Thanks for the info! I think I had read about the caramel color in one of your other posts, but what about caramel color produced in other countries? Do they also use corn, or is there the possibility of gluten based colors there? Also, a follow up question in regards to miso made from barley culture... if they are imported to the states, would they then disclose the fact that it was made from barley ("mugi koji"), or do they not legally have to state the presence of barley since it is not considered "wheat?"
  11. New to Celiac as my daughter was just recently diagnosed, and trying to weed through my pantry. The Japanese brands of foods I have eaten all my life have me particularly nervous. A big one is Bull-dog tonkatsu sauce. If any of you have tried it, you probably understand the fandom behind it. the ingredients are listed as follows: water high fructose corn syrup sugar distilled vinegar (made from alcohol) tomato paste salt modified rice starch apple puree yeast extract spices prune paste carrots onions lemon juice Those ingredients on their own do not contain gluten (except for the listing of spices...). There have also been debate on whether or not bull-dog sauce contains caramel color (while I have heard that in the U.S. caramel color is created from corn, I can't be sure about in Japan) Does anyone have any inside into this? Or at least any resources on where I can get more information about Japanese ingredients? I am trying to also contact Japanese manufacturers in regards to miso paste, and haven't had any success. Any insights would be helpful, THANKS