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  1. Eating plenty of fat and eating low carb, stops all cravings! It's amazing! Debbie
  2. Have you done a true eliminaton diet for 3-4 wks? You probably have more than just gluten affecting you. We did that and found several things that irritated my husband that he never realized! Tomatoes was a shocker! It's after you stop ALL the inflammatory foods, then add them back 1 at a time, that you really feel which ones are bothering you. He also found out he can't eat eggs EVERY day either. He has much less sinus congestion than before. Debbie
  3. Today I ordered a TENS unit to treat the pain below my waist. It's just getting terrible! I'll let you all know how it goes! I went to GYN hoping it was possibly something with the mesh... but he said no. Sitting, standing, lying... it all hurts! It wakes me up at night. I can tell there is some spasming at times. Maybe I'll increase my magnesium a bit too. My foot was threatening to spasm last night too. Debbie
  4. My anxiety decreased after going gluten free 3 yrs ago and has almost disappeared as we gave up grains, potatoes and most other carbs recently. Carbs trigger so many things! I did a bunch of medical research on it the past couple months. Sjogren's Disease can cause some of your symptoms too. I was diagnosed with it years ago... when you have 1 autoimmune disease, you will usually have others lurking too. After you are tested, no matter the results, try going gluten free. My tests weren't conclusive, but I felt so much better off it, that I didn't need to be convinced with some expensive tests! Husband came along for the ride and found out the cause of his 50+yrs of IBS! After ditching the carbs, he lost a bunch of other symptoms! Our food is killing us. We all need to get back to real, whole food. So many of our diseases are caused by eating too much processed food. Best of Luck! Debbie
  5. I never eat at someone's house. I always bring my own food. If I decide to take a dish to pass, which I rarely do anymore, I can't bring it home anyway as it's been contaminated by a bunch of fingers or using the same spoon from another dish... etc. Learning all the code words for gluten such maltodextrin, modified food starch, etc is not something I can trust other people with. It's hard enough to figure it out for yourself. The only way I'll eat is if I'm staying there and see all the pkgs as they're opened. I tell them... plain meat, plain veggies and we're good. We no longer eat starches, so we don't need to worry about anything else. I often travel to visit the grandkids with an arsenal of food, seasonings, snacks, tuna pouches, etc. I know I have food to eat even if something goes terribly wrong! I look out for myself and don't feel comfortable with people choosing what is "safe enough" for me. It saves a whole lot of trouble. Debbie
  6. Explain the Frankincense please! Debbie
  7. I was not fully tested, by choice, and don't know if I'm Celiac, nevertheless, I have no intention of eating gluten. I know I felt better immediately when I stopped eating it! My husband, out of necessity, went gluten free as well and found out he didn't tolerate it when overindulging at a restaurant some months later! Gluten is directly linked to 55 diseases! Google it, it's very interesting. Is it "good" for you? Absolutely NOT! Do some people tolerate it? YES. That is not to say it isn't doing damage in the background due to the Zonulin causing Leaky Gut! Letting molecules through the barrier that weren't supposed to be there sets up all sorts of illness related to antibody production. I guess I'm not sure why it bothers you that he said he was Celiac? I just explain that I MUST be gluten free and leave it at that. If they looked at me oddly, I would add that I have a medical condition, which I do! I just chose not to do further testing after the first was inconclusive and a diet change made me feel so much better! You could just state that WE are gluten free and not give any other reasons if you feel like he lied. I'm sort of thinking that is where your guilt is. Having bread crumbs, etc all over the table isn't going to do YOU any good either! Good for him for stepping up to the plate! Debbie
  8. To have a negative effect from a food or anything really, you don't technically have to be "allergic" to it, just sensitive to it in a particular way. That sensitivity can manifest in different ways in different people. My husband had IBS for 55+ years. Going gluten-free with me helped, but until he went AIP, it was never really ended. Leaky Gut causes particles to enter the bloodstream that were never intended to be there. This causes antibodies to develop and try and fight the intruder. This fight gives off byproducts that cause us to react. Sometimes you have to peel away one food, or catagory, at a time to realize you have sensitivities to many different things. Eating less processed foods is essential in this. Eat extra veggies in a wide variety of colors. Make sure you are getting enough good fat in your diet. We make fat bombs from unrefined coconut oil that are delishious! Eat protein for EVERY meal along with fat. We are now making up grilled hamburgers, freezing them and eating them for breakfast and alternating with eggs, homemade chorizo, coconut milk smoothies, etc. Junk food is junk food... gluten free or not. It doesn't nourish your body and help you heal. Reading on Paleo helps to think of food differently and get ideas of what to eat. Fortunately you are young and have a good chance of healing and avoiding some of the other Auto-Immune diseases associated with Leaky Gut. By the way, Gluten is associated with 55 different diseases... it isn't "good" for anyone! Good Luck! Debbie
  9. My anxiety/depression has decreased greatly in recent years. I am over 3 yrs gluten-free now (I'm 59yrs old). I'm off all my medication. I never had the panic over health issues, though. I'm a recently retired nurse, so I have lots of stuff running around in my head too! Recently we have done the AIP lifestyle and found many things that triggered both my husband and I negatively. Dairy is a big trigger for many people, even though they don't have immediate outward signs. 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. 95% of Serotonin is produced in your gut. That is the "feel good" stuff which those of us with anxiety/depression don't have enough of. Fat is as effective as Prozac & Statins for depression and lowering cholesterol. I did quite an exhaustive study on how important good fats are to the body. Magnesium and Vitamin B as mentioned, is lacking in many diets and related to anxiety/depression. Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil are also very good to add. They help your cells function better and get everything where it needs to be. During my research, I found that carbohydrates are a big culprit as well. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity are almost non-existant in places with low carb intake Carbs feed pain, brain fog and trigger immune responses. Good fat needs to be increased and carbs decreased greatly. I get all the carbs I need from my veggies. You must not have many fruits either as they are super high carbs. Get back to the basics. Paleo recipes are a great place to start as well as AIP recipes to decrease your Auto-Immunity responses. What you are feeling are the "flight or fight" hormones and cortisol is one of those, I believe. Stress and inflammation raise cortisol. None of this is an immediate fix. You are lucky you found out all this at a young age. I know I have struggled with this for many years, looking back on it. I'm happy to stop further damage and let my body heal. The full healing can take years to accomplish, but every day you DON'T put the poison in your body, the closer you get to healing. Best of Luck to you! Debbie
  10. My initial blood test was negative, but I gave up gluten and felt better. The more I research, the more I learn. Gluten damages everyones gut.... always. Some people just don't trigger the horrible physical responses that some of us do. You probably have a few autoimmune diseases going on at once. You'll need to peel them away. Check out the AIP diet to eliminate the worst offenders, then add them back as they suggest to find out what doesn't agree with you. It doesn't really matter what the doctors say, it's how YOU feel! There are so few good doctors willing to do the hard work. You just have to be your own detective. We started gluten free 3 yrs ago and are now gluten, dairy, soy & grain free with only occasional eggs & nightshades. I started this journey, but my husband has reaped the biggest rewards! Most of his intestinal problems stopped, pain disappeared and prostate shrunk after we got this all figured out! We are loving the results. You could have some Candida or SIBO problems, looking at your symptoms. The AIP diet will help you find out and heal. Even if doctors figure it out, YOU still have to follow what nourishes YOUR system. It's different for everyone. Having small children to care for makes it worse! If you are having food problems, they probably will in the future as well. You might as well start them on a path of health too! Good Luck! Debbie
  11. I just thought of another thing... MOLD. Mold toxins can mess up just about every system in the body, especially when you may have other autoimmunity problems! Mold can cause you to overract to other things and cause antibodies to overcome your system. Have you been diagnosed with Sjogren's? That was my first diagnosis. The Eye Dr. did the paper test in my eyes because they are so dry. I have had extremely dry lips for 35 yrs! I thought I was addicted to lip balm, but, in fact, I don't produce the protective coating most people have on their lips. It causes many, many other symptoms.... some of which most doctors aren't even aware of. It also causes neurological disorders in some people. A good quality Fish Oil capsule is essential here. I was reading about multivitamins the other day. It was stated that they do more harm than good because of the fillers they use. The vitamins are low quality too. I take individual supplements based on need. You also probably aren't going to get a good quality from the supermarket or department store, according to the article. There are lists of high histamine foods online. Histamines are a response to an invader. It can be food or a virus. What one of us reacts to, the other person may not. It's very individual. Keep the faith. May God give you wisdom and healing. Debbie
  12. I've been switching over to glass whenever possible for the past few years due to plastic breaking down and leaching chemicals in food... even BPA-free plastics. Anything acidic, like tomato products, vinegar bases, fruit juices etc, accelerate the breakdown. I still have to use plastic in the freezer for some things, but I try to avoid it and never, never heat anything in the microwave that is in plastic. Heat changes the composition and releases the chemicals into the food. When did life get so tough, huh? Ugh! Debbie
  13. Since people may find this old post.... I wouldn't eat the turkey, personally. If I haven't specifically instructed the person cooking what I need, then I just bring my own food. After all, it's about the gathering of family and friends, right? Plus... you would need to know what brand the turkey was anyway, some are injected with gluten containing ingredients. You wouldn't have thought that probably... it's a steep learning curve. Never assume that what appears to be "plain meat"... actually IS! Ham is another food that needs to be checked on the label for being gluten free. Most of what is made in that house is contaminated... by the cook's hands as they move from task to task.... bread crumbs all over them! It's just not worth it! It can take a while for that to become your motto, but it's about your health... not about making someone else feel good. Just explain very simply that you are on a medical diet to heal. Good Luck! Debbie
  14. I've been doing a lot of study of medical literature lately. It seems there is an extremely high corrolation between acne, at any age, and dairy. Adults that had significant acne in their teens will find they do much better, overall, on a dairy free diet. I didn't specifically see any dairy in your diet, but maybe it's hiding in places you don't realize... like salad dressing, sauces, cream soup, etc?? Something to think about! Debbie (retired RN)
  15. It just doesn't seem fair when you see people around you eating so much worse than you do and getting away with it! With every dietary change, the body has to learn to go without something. I've been reading lately that the food antibodies running around our bodies actually cause us to crave that particular food... kind of like the army is ready and wants you to bring someone in to fight against! That made a lot of sense when I read it. If you had lots of different antibodies to lots of different foods and now you take a food away, that army is going to irritate you hard until they finally decrease and leave. Now all of a sudden, you have another army that gains strength because the first army went home... they see opportunity to irritate you now and do their best to get you to eat what they are built to destroy. Of course when you eat that thing... it sets up a set of responses that may not be pleasant to deal with. This can go on and on until you eliminate the last thing that your body reacts negatively to.... and you never had a clue! Our bodies are amazing and frightening all at the same time! I just started a very detailed food diary today tracking calories, fat, protein and carbs. I just tallied it up and it was fascinating to see how it stacks up! I am trying to figure out why I am not dropping weight right now. I may have to play with my % a bit. Seeing it in black and white is quite enlightening! I actually am closer to my intended numbers than I thought! Increasing my fat intake is the hardest part for me. Not that I'm opposed to it, it's just that... how much olive oil can I stand with a salad, or how much butter on cabbage?! I'm learning all the time and my diet has evolved as I learn and follow medical research. Keep trying and maybe try an elimination diet... AIP protocol to de-stress your gut and begin healing. Don't rush into the challenge portion... let yourself heal a while before you reintroduce the likely offenders. Best of Luck! Debbie