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  1. You know most of us want to hurt you, right? LOL. You must have an amazing metabolism. I could never fast before... not even 8 hrs... until I got my macro numbers in order! The very low carbs are the key, for me, I think. My body was just so carb dependent, it kept making me hungry so I would eat more! NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would feel satisfied eating only once a day! Hubby is going to try the fast with me now too. It would be nice if we were both eating at the same time and not have to stop and make something when I'm not eating! GOD has led me to places I never would have dreamed I'd go 5 yrs ago! First it was giving up gluten, then dairy, soy, tomatoes, potatoes, corn & all grains. I don't know that I could have done this all at once, but progressively, it wasn't hard at all. Just think about the things you CAN have and keep it as natural as you can.... the way we were intended to eat before the Industrial Revolution! I always say... I have an OLD spirit.... from the Laura Ingalls Wilder generation! Now I'm actually living it! Debbie
  2. Excellent Post! Lots of links to help you learn! New changes at our house. We have been Keto (low carb/high fat/mod protein [LCHF]) since November. My weight wasn't coming off as it should. I have now started IF(Intermittent Fasting) and am really noticing the difference this week. The Keto way of eating is naturally gluten-free and keeps carbs at 20 net grams daily. No starchy wheat substitutes! We are loving the health benefits. I have done 23 hr fasts the past 3 days and I feel so good! The carbs I used to eat always kept me hungry! You can't do this successfully until you are fully fat-adapted, without feeling hungry and miserable! I even slept 8 full hours last night! My usual is 3.5-5.5....not by choice. More sleep would aid my body in repair as it should. As this toxic fat leaves, I'm hoping my chronic pain will ease up too. Traveling later this month will be easier by eating just 1 meal a day too! I'm pretty excited about the changes in my health! Debbie
  3. I would never do a gluten challenge... EVER! Gluten is an irritant to everyone, to some degree. I didn't have all the tests and knew I felt better without it, so what was the point in a biopsy? Since then we have gone KETO and won't look back at all those non-gluten starches. Life is a journey... it's interesting how and where we are led! I thought giving up gluten would be hard, but it wasn't. Next I thought giving up dairy, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, all grains would be hard... it wasn't. You learn as time goes on what makes you feel BETTER and what makes you feel WORSE! The key is listening to your body's clues. We humans are good at ignoring symptoms. They are there for a reason... to warn us. Debbie
  4. You should check out the KETO way of life. It reversed all my husband's IBS & GERD symptoms. He says he's healthier at 72 than he was at 19! He can't imagine anything that would cause him to "cheat" and make him feel miserable for many days! We have no cheat foods in the house anyway. My inflammation is definitely reduced, but not done with the pain yet! Debbie
  5. AIP can be permanent... or a form of it. It just depends on what you are sensitive to. We eat limited eggs & peppers(paprika,cayenne, chilis), no tomatoes, potatoes, dairy, corn, soy, sugar, beans(legumes), rice, starchy flours... and probably a few more I can't think of right now. Sometimes you learn what the threshold is and then limit the amount and frequency. The supplements to support your physiochemical pathways are just as important! It just becomes a way of life. When you feel better, you don't see it as a curse, but rather a blessing to know how to feel better! Debbie
  6. The elimination diet won't show you anything while the food is eliminated... it's when you add back 1 at a time that you will know the offender. We did this last fall and were surprised that my husband didn't react well to tomatoes and eggs. He can now eat eggs, but not 3 days in a row. You will find out how much your system will tolerate before giving you symptoms. We have cut out grains entirely now. Low carb/high fat/mod protein seems to agree best with us and is stabilizing my weight... finally! Debbie
  7. I hear you about medication side effects! I don't tolerate the standard medications either. I really don't have a choice but supplements... I've even ended up in ER with THOSE!! My system is damaged and adding more for it to filter out is never good for me. We don't have a lot of doctor options here... I suppose in bigger cities there are more... just not here! Supporting your system's natural defenses just seems to make more sense anyway than putting a medication "bandaid" on everything! We have the capacity to heal, but in order to do so, we have to stop putting in things that just muck up the waters! Debbie
  8. Those metals can cause a bunch of problems. I'm thinking that could be another part of my persistent pain as well. There are 2 schools of thought regarding removing the fillings. One is... if it's not cracked, leave it alone. The other is to have a specialized Biologic Dentist remove them all. I guess it's important to have a "dam" in your mouth to prevent the busted up filling from going down your throat or touching the mucus membranes. So much to learn, eh? Did you know that the incidence of tooth decay exploded after WW I, I believe it was, when flour and sugar were no longer rationed? The increased carb intake from cake and cookies made a lot of other things more prevalent about that time too, like MS, Schizophrenia etc. So many diseases connected to what we ingest... and yes, we ingest little bits of the metal in our mouths every day! Teflon pans are another big source of contamination! We stopped using them some years ago. Cast iron only here now. The new ceramic ones are OK too, I guess. Debbie
  9. Chlorine and Fluoride & Bromine(hot tubs & pools) compete with Iodine in the thyroid. Lots of water is good for the body, but if your thyroid is not in optimal condition, these additives could be throwing you off. There was a predictable rise in thyroid problems in the USA when these were added to our water supply! We recently bought a Berkey water filter to remove the chlorine and fluoride. We added liquid iodine to our supplement list because we use the super healthy pink Himalayan salt that has no iodine in it. Standard table salt loses it iodine in a couple months, so you're not getting what you think you are! So many little things can interrupt normal, healthy physiological pathways. It just doesn't seem fair that the majority of people can eat what they want, when they want and never have any noticeable side effects. The rest of us scour the internet to figure out how to cure these odd symptoms. Are you eating corn and oats? Dairy? These are big triggers for many people. Once you peel away the gluten, you sometimes notice symptoms coming back. That happened to me. I went through an elimination diet and it was my husband that found a lot of things that were triggering his IBS. He never knew it was the homemade tomato juice he drank every day along with fried eggs, that caused him problems. He now has no tomato products and can eat limited eggs. You have to be your own detective to find these things. It really won't come up on a blood test, nor do doctors really know about all these interactions. They know how to give you a pill to fix a problem or set a fractured bone. In reality, much of our modern diseases can be reversed by cutting out all processed foods, grains, soy and dairy. Pesticides also affect many people, so eating at least partially organic can lessen that load. Once your kidneys and liver have rid themselves of the sludge they've been filtering, you start to feel better. Getting back to basics with real, whole food, quality meats and healthy fats (butter & coconut oil) can be the only prescription you need! I sure wish I'd known about all this 40 yrs ago! Better late than never! Debbie
  10. Puritan's Pride vitamins online are very reasonably priced. They don't have every one we use though. We supplement with Vit D3 2000mg daily, Fish Oil(with mercury purified out) at 2000mg daily, Curcurmin(Turmeric) w/ peperine 3000mg daily divided for pain/inflammation/immune support. If your thyroid is stressed, you want to filter out the chlorine and fluoride out of your water. They compete with Iodine in your thyroid. We just began taking an Iodine supplement(liquid) because we eat only pink Himalayan salt now and it isn't iodized. I also read that standard table salt loses its iodine levels in just a couple months after being opened, so you're probably not getting enough there either. If you happen to eat kelp or dulse you're getting enough, but that isn't a common food for most people. The more medical research I read, the more I realize we have gotten away from real, whole, natural food! THAT is why we are all sick. MS and Crohn's are both aggravated by gluten & sugar/carbs. The dramatic rise in most of our modern diseases correlates with the increase in processed foods with added sugar, starch and chemicals. Getting back to basics is the best way to overcome it all. Corn is another big trigger for people. Remember, it could also be the pesticides on foods that you react to. We have switched to organic for some of our food. We also grow and freeze veggies that we use no pesticides on. Some people have miraculous recovery by just going gluten free. Some do not. One author said "gluten free junk food is no better for you than regular junk food". It's still full of high fructose corn syrup, dyes, chemicals and now even higher in starches/carbs. When you stick to whole foods, you can eliminate the triggers you didn't even know affected you! Debbie
  11. Outback steakhouse, beware

    In what manner were the rest of you glutened? Was it always the dessert? We eat there when we travel and I've never noticed a problem. We don't eat chocolate, so if that was the culprit, then I would have been safe anyway! Debbie
  12. Also keep in mind that doctors usually do the cheapest test, which is not the most accurate. Just because they tell you the blood test is negative, doesn't mean you aren't at the very least SENSITIVE to gluten. Gluten is not essential for existence and all grains are rather poorly tolerated by many people. Grains also leach out important nutrients, that's why it was mandated many, many years ago that manufacturers "fortify" all grains, cereals, etc. to try and put back what they leach out of our bodies. Sticking to whole foods really is the simplest. The packaged gluten free items are really high in starches(carbs) and that will aggravate migraines too. Figuring out I was sensitive to gluten was the best thing that has happened to me. That led me to read more and find out the other things in my diet that weren't doing me any favors, like soy, dairy, carbs and legumes. I took Amitriptyline many years ago and no matter how small a dose I took, I felt hung over the next day! Since going gluten/soy/dairy/legume/mostly carb - free.... I finally got rid of the antidepressants I had taken for so many years... along with the acid reflux medicine. We just eat meat and a couple veggies and we're good to go! Add butter liberally! Spices make everything taste great, but beware there is wheat in many of them as fillers. It's a learning curve. You'll get the hang of it! Debbie
  13. My understanding of honey is the same. It's all insulin provoking. Oddly, even thinking about food starts the flow of insulin, which is a fat storage hormone! That is why the artificial sweeteners don't do diabetics as much good as you would think. The sensation of sweet starts the production of insulin. Insulin grabs sugar from the blood stream and immediately stores it as fat. Sugar/Carb is not easily used as fuel straight from the blood stream. Whole wheat raises blood sugar more than straight, white sugar does! So have the cake, it's not as bad as the whole wheat bread, ounce for ounce!! Oh, such interesting things I have found in my research recently. There are a lot of doctors talking and writing about these things now. You just have to read it to understand. If you don't understand all of the scientific jargon, it's ok. You get the general idea of what happens after you eat something. I AM shouting my husband's good health to everyone that will listen. It is just like I've read about! Immediate improvement just from eliminating the grains/carbs. Good stuff! Debbie
  14. The problem with artificial sweeteners is that they all affect digestion. If you google them, the chemicals they are made from are mostly cancer causing. Many people are sensitive to them as well. With unexplained health problems, they are best avoided! The artificial sweeteners also make you crave sweets. Debbie
  15. WOW... you've been busy! I would think you would benefit from an elimination diet. Google AIP (Auto Inflammatory Protocol). Eat basic food for 30 days, then start adding to see what agrees and what doesn't. Once I quit the carbs, my anxiety & depression lessoned. High cholesterol is caused by carbs, NOT eating fat. You can look that up to see how it's formed. Carbs also cause fatty liver. It's amazing how screwed up our Doctors have gotten about all this! They didn't put it all together and instead just keep pushing pills. You would do well to have Vit D3, Omega 3 Fish Oil and some Magnesium for a mood stabilizer. You can't take EVERYTHING for every disease. Just take the simple things that support cellular needs for now. The good fats will help restore your battered gut! Coconut oil, butter, olive oil and avacado are all good and healing. First you need to stop further damage from those coffee enemas and let your intestinal inflammation settle down. Calm your system with whole, clean foods. There is no need for gluten testing if you know it didn't agree with you. It doesn't agree with anyone... some people just don't notice the damage it does. All grains are inflammatory. We have gone KETO and have had amazing results and improved health. The good fats are soooo healing! No need to worry about gluten when you aren't eating packaged foods either. Debbie