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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all your help. So it seems there are some sensory issues with the food, which we suspected based on the types of food he likes, and we already know of an OT as my daughter has one. She has recommended getting an OT feeding specialist involved. And to try some messy play with food not at mealtimes to get him to learn about textures being fun without pressure. I hope maybe with the gluten gone he will become less sensitive to these things. But we have had a flare up, mummy didn't know that playdoh from the store had wheat in it. Big error!!! He ate some, now he has had watery rancid poop all day long for 3 days and back to his tired fatigued self and of course, restricted eating and no tolerance of anything. He refuses food for everyone, he is indeed very passionate about it, this is not a tantrum, this is distress, his daycare lady said in over 20 years of working with kids she has never seen anything like it.
  2. my son is in the very beginning stages of looking to get a diagnosis, we have to put the gluten back into his diet to test and its been a tough decision to make, but when we get the date sorted, we will allow him gluten for a few days before. His symptoms up until now, constipation as a baby, turning to foul smelling putrid diarrhea up to 15 times a day most days. Slow cutting out of food groups, then foods, until we are left with 4 or 5 comfort foods that must be dry and crunchy(cereal, crackers, fries, potato chips, all now are gluten-free). A bad temperament towards food and mealtimes, mainly screaming at the mere sight of food. Irritability and big mood swings. Very pale, tired looking, PICA at around 1 year that improved with vitamins. Doctors have sent me away many many times saying he is a picky 2 year old having terrible 2 tantrums, but you know when there is something more going on. He isn't underweight but for a long time he refused all food and only wanted to milk, which didn't help the iron absorption at all. I think he hasn't lost weight due to the fact I finally give in at the end of the day and let him have milk than go to bed hungry. Finally now I have seen some improvements with taking the gluten out, they are thinking to look into it. Only a year and a half since I first walked in the doctors!!
  3. Thanks so much the cupcake wrapper is a great idea. After a year of going back and forth to the ped with issues of him eating non foods PICA, we did find he has an iron problem and we were told to give multi vits with added iron. But really if he has celiac, which im 99% sure he does then he wouldn't have absorbed them anyway. We only happened to hear at random from another parent when I told them issues I was having with him. She said switch his diet to gluten-free and see, so we did and things have changed a lot, he did his first solid poop in over a year and I almost cried with happiness haha. He doesn't just like things crunchy, he only likes dry, crunchy stuff, so he will eat raisins, but any other dried fruit, and anything that is sticky or wet is a no go. He wont even eat pasta with sauce on anymore. He was never like this, just over the year he started dropping all his foods so that all that was left was crackers, cereal and nuts. Yay for the nuts! So all he was eating day in day out was gluten, no wonder he was in such a state. He just started to scream when I offered food and cried all day long, so we let him graze all day, im happy with that at this age, but his daycare is not at all. Maybe time to find another daycare huh?! He wont even allow a carrot on his plate, and even if he will tolerate it he ignores it, and fruit he squishes in his hands and discards. His speech is very bad, like 20 words bad, but that's ok, I don't expect a conversation, but I understand he is not able to tell me why he doesn't like these foods, and so I feel like that should be respected until we can communicate. But as his mother, I worry terribly about his nutrition. I know toddlers tantrum, I have a 5 year old as well that is autistic and I know the difference between tantrums, meltdowns and distress. His scream is distress and anger, im thinking he just has such a bad feeling towards food from past experience, as before all this he had the mother of all stomach flus that nearly landed him in hospital. The guy has really gone through it and I just want him eating well and being as healthy as can be
  4. we are on the road to a diagnosis for celiac. We cut out gluten in his diet a month ago and the improvement in his bowels and his temperment have been staggering. One thing that has not changed is that he still refuses meats, veggies, fruits and eggs. He will only eat dry foods like cereal and crackers. gluten-free of course. When i place food infront of him he screams until i remove it. In my mind i think that we have only been gluten-free for a short while and so he may still not feel hungry alot of the time. His weight has remained stabled down to the amount of milk he has requested and drank.When i try and remove the milk, he will not eat all day long, no matter what, he will cry all day for food, but refuse to eat. Now his daycare lady is getting concerned and is telling me that this is my fault, and that he has become picky and i have let him dictate to me. Her idea is to put one plate of food infront of him veggies and fruit, and if he refuses let him out the highchair, but if he gets hungry put the same thing in front of him all day long until he eats it. I have a hard time with this idea, mainly as because he seems to only like dry foods and he is speech delayed and cannot communicate likes and disllikes well. She has said unless this improves she will not be able to take him as she wont allow him to eat ceral all day long. I really dont know what to do, he needs to learn to eat new foods but i dont think this approach is appropriate, She pretty much chastised me for not taking his eating seriously enough, If only she relised the hours of sleep lost, the hours spent cooking and researching. But i feel making him scream more about food will only create more of a desire to stay away from it altogether. Please help us!!