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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A Bunch Of Random Questions

    Long before I was ever diagnosed celiac, I had almost daily headaches , which I chocked up to bad sinuses, but read an article about dairy. I decided to stop milk altogether and my headaches decreased by 80-90%. I still eat cheese on occasion, but it made a huge difference when I stopped the milk. And the brain fog only seemed to improve when I went gluten free, which has only been since september, but I definitely feel like I have a clearer head.
  2. I was so relieved that I know now what the problem is and that it is something that can be taken care of with something as simple as diet. Also, I'm very grateful to have found out now, rather than years down the road, as my sister did. The diagnosis was actually a relief to have, and explained many things that I didn't understand.
  3. I ordered and received my celiac bracelet from angelic grooves, and it's really beautiful, and a portion is donated to celiac groups. http://www.angelicgrooves.com/
  4. That is an excellent idea, and probably a much better chance of it actually happening.
  5. I agree it has gotten overkill with the bracelets, I was just very disappointed in the quality of the univ. of maryland ones. Anyway, maybe my angelic grooves one will attract more attention to the cause anyway. A friend of mine has a similar pink beaded one for breast cancer and it definitely got my attention and it had a very touching story behind it. She found it on the ground at the breast cancer walk she participated in and was very upset that someone had lost it, tried to find an owner, but there were thousands of people there and it was the last day, many people had already left, so she decided to wear it in honor of the person who lost it and pray for the person it was worn in support of.
  6. I went ahead and ordered the angelic grooves bracelet, engraved with celiac, you can order based on your wrist size, and a good portion goes to celiac groups.
  7. I know of a group of women with melasma, a very disturbing to the self esteem, and basically nothing that can get rid of it. (Triluma, hydroquinone products really don't work), Anyway they bombarded Oprah with it do bring it to people's attention. It went ignored. Maybe this will be more successful.
  8. I just got my green silicon bracelets from the university of maryland, these honestly look cheaper than ones I've seen at the dollar stoor, and the imprinting is even much more difficult to see. I'm not even sure I want to wear this. I've heard the university of chicago has them based on posts, but I have not been able to locate them. I like the angelic groove bracelets, am I correct that a total of 30% goes to celiac programs??
  9. Come And Rant!

    Well I survived my first pot luck at work. It was not easy with home made choc chip cookies, carrot cake, spinach/bread dip. The only thing I ate was what I brought, my melon salad. I was feeling seriously deprived.
  10. Thanks for posting that. I walked in at the tail end, and wanted to see the full segment but couldn't find it.
  11. Skin Care

    I ended up going with the tropical traditions lotion, they had a buy one get one free sale, so I couldn't resist, and I've been happy with it. I've found a lip gloss site that's inexpensive and this was their response to ingredient question: Hello, Thank you for your interest in My Lip Stuff. Our regular formula lip balms in the tube and pot contain: Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, & Aloe Vera. The mens, lickity lips, and lip tint- also contain either mango butter, hemp butter, or hemp oil. The body butter stick contains shea butter, shea oil, castor oil, & beeswax. Please let me know if you'd like to know about any other products. Thanks! BREA http://www.mylipstuff.com
  12. Celiac Merchandise

    Has anyone that ordered the silicon bracelets ordered less than ten? It says they'd like everyone to order at least ten. I'd love a bracelet, but I don't want ten.
  13. Skin Care

    Thank you both for your replies, and anyone else who choses to chime in. And as for the hug, I'll take it.
  14. Skin Care

    I just had my blood work confirmed with my endo results today, and as much as I was expecting it, I've been very down all day. I know it could be something so much worse. Anyway, my question is do you avoid all wheat in skin care products/ hair products as well? I was looking through my drawers and some of this stuff I just bought, but I have an eye cream, face cream, face wash, and peel, all that have hydrolized wheat protein or something similar, oh, I even have a mask that has barley in it. Does it all go in the trash?? And if so what do you all use for skincare? The only one so far that seems to be gluten free for the most part is neutrogena. I'm 46, breakout prone, with fine lines. Thanks.