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  1. Try "Komplete" by Kate Farms. It's a gluten, soy, and dairy free meal replacement shake. I just have one in the mornings instead of a full breakfast and it has enough protein to keep me full until the afternoon. Hope this helped!
  2. I find it interesting that Nadal would mock Novak Djokovic’s gluten-free diet as nothing more than a 3-4 year fad. While it is undeniable that the amount of people following a gluten-free diet has increased drastically during the last couple of years, it does not mean that everyone out there is following this “fad”. Anyone with Celiac disease, or anyone that knows someone with Celiac disease, knows what it truly means to be gluten intolerant. A simple day’s outing can become a stressful situation come lunch-time; always having to worry about whether or not the food you just ordered will make you sick. Good luck to everyone and let’s hope that this nonsense about the gluten-free diet being nothing more than a silly fad decreases as awareness increases.