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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was supposed to be injected in my neck but cancelled the procedure after the glycine diagnosis.
  2. I was on the steroids in July but didn't get tested for celiac until September. I think I finished 7/23 and was tested for celiac 9/26. Is that enough time? A lot of you have thyroid issues on top of the celiac, did you have difficulty breathing and rapid heart rate when on synthroid? My resting heart rate was 115 today and bp 142/89. I feel like the heart slows down sometimes but the breathing takes concentration. It no longer feels like a subconscious thing. This started about 2 to 3 weeks after I started synthroid and has been going on for a little more than 2 weeks. I just don't want to find out I have heart problems now.
  3. Thank you so much for the encouragement. My TSH was 1.19 in 2009. I developed different neurological symptoms and pain and weakness in neck that radiated down my right arm (brachial neuritits) so I was prescribed corticosteroids and Vicodin several times a year since 2010. I started gaining tons of weight. And now I have all these new problems which could actually be a result of the corticosteroids (glaucoma and thyroid issues could be related to the steroids, but no one is testing to find out why or where the problems come from). Doc tested again in July TSH 9 again in September TSH 11.25. So I'm panicked that the Meds are causing more problems and before just upping the dose i'd like to get the full panel done. I don't understand why I have to fight and beg for this testing. Shouldn't that be best practice? Don't they make money on these tests? I can't figure out where the resistance is coming from. What kind of doctor handles your thyroid and why do they fight about which Meds work best?
  4. I made an appt with an endo for this wednesday. My regular PCP just raised the synthroid from 50 to 88 and wanted to recheck TSH in December. That just doesn't seem curious enough to me. I want to know what my T3 and T4 levels are and what is causing my thyroid to suddenly have these struggles? Hashimoto's? Is there a reason my pcp wouldn't run the test for the antibodies without my specifically asking? I mean I had to ask for the celiac test and the initial thyroid test in July. I feel like I am doing all the diagnosing and differential diagnosing here based on info I get from this site and elsewhere on the internet. Am I making too big a deal out of thyroid issues or is my doc under concerned? Now it's beginning to look like everything that I thought pointed to celiac is now pointing to thyroid??? Uggh My breathing has gotten worse, as in I feel like I can't accept a full breath. I'm scared. 6 diagnosis in 6 weeks. What's next?
  5. Doc wants to up my dose of synthroid from 50 to 88. Should I give up on trying to get a celiac diagnosis? How do I know if my hypothyroid is due to Hashimotos?
  6. Last week I got my blood drawn to test for gluten antibodies. I got the results sent to my account today and I can't believe they are negative! I've been off gluten the past week (starting AFTER my tests) with a huge reduction in symptoms. I'm actually disappointed the tests came back this way. Here are the numbers. Can you help me make sense of this? I had the following symptoms (almost all starting in 2004) and really truly believed they were from celiac, now I don't know what to think: acid reflux anxiety PMDD Brachial Neuritis Reactive ariway disease Migraines/headaches CHRONIC FATIGUE Vitamin D Deficient (level 9 with 31 being the lowest in the range) Hypothyroidism diagnosed 7/20/13 Glaucoma diagnosed 9/19/13 WEIGHT GAIN insomnia alternating constipation/diarrhea Along with the celiac test the blood draw revealed that my thyroid is actually worse since I started synthroid in July!!! How did it get worse?!?!?! Celiac Test Results: Transglutaminase Iga value 3 range <20 Iga Blood value 116 range 78-391 Gliadin Ab IgA value 4 range <20 Gliadin Ab igG 3 range <20 thyroid was TSH value 9.19 range 0.4 - 5.5 on July 18th 2013 thyroid was TSH value 11.25 same range as of Septmeber 26th 2013 My Vitamin D improved from level 9.5 to 30.7 since I started the supplement, which is better but still low. I actually had a sleep study done Saturday and I now have sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome to add to my list of symptoms. If it's not celiac why am I falling apart???? I am 38 years old. Was healthy until 2004 when the anxiety, acid reflux, PMDD, Brachial neuritis, weight gain, and Reactive Airway disease started. I have had migraines and headaches since I was 8 years old. I was thin until 2004 when I started gaining A LOT of weight! I mean A LOT! I have been exhausted since I was a teenager. Squamous cel carcinoma (skin cancer) and sun allergy diagnosed at age 25'ish. I'm so depressed this is not celiac. I was hoping to have something to tie all these symptoms together so I can get better. But IN THE PAST 6 MONTHS ALONE I HAVE DEVELOPED: hypothyroid, Vit D Defeiciency, Glaucoma, Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and fatty liver. At this pace things don't look good for me at all. I am also getting a few skin biopsies this week that are suspected skin cancer.
  7. Hey, I just had my test done yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic and can't wait to hear back! Did you have any trouble getting a diagnosis? I like my doctor and she was fine about doing the test but I think she only did the IGG and IGA. Is that common to start? Did you have to do the endoscopy?
  8. Yes after the third yellow d it burns because it is basically just bile and un or semi digested food. I just had a CT scan and blood work 2 weeks ago and gall bladder looks good. So I don't think it's that. What does stretching your esophagus do? I really feel that once I'm allowed to go gluten free the acid reflux and D will go away. My yellow D will happen like 3 days and nights in a row about 6 times each 24 hours and then go away for a couple days. Acid reflux doesn't happen as frequently. 4 or 5 times a month. My celiac test is tomorrow so I had toast for breakfast this morning and got reflux and gas 10 minutes after I was done eating. I have such a wide array of symptoms that my doc has been treating individually and I'm just hoping the celiac brings it all together. Because it seems the way things have been going: treating everything as separate, as soon as the doc treats one thing another crops up. Synopsis of symptoms: Weight gain Diarrhea alternating with constipation Muscle twitching Nerve problems (tingling and numbness in right arm and left leg) nerve conduction and emg and MRI found herniated disc in neck Headaches (everyday) migraines a few times a year Hypothyroid High blood pressure ( last few months) Burp all the time Major insomnia Wake up during night with either acid reflux or diarrhea several times a week Major anxiety particularly the last few weeks, with rapid heart and trouble breathing Found out last week I have glaucoma (could be steroid induced) Dry skin Squamous cell carcinoma (age 22, getting another biopsy next week) Cataract (since age 22) Chronic fatigue Severe vitamin D deficiency Sun allergy I'm also getting a sleep study Saturday because ophthalmologist suspects apnea due to the damage done to my optic nerves ( not enough oxygen)
  9. Oh yea, I forgot to mention I sometimes get reflux. It will wake me up in the middle of the night and I can't breathe because my throat is closed up. I gasp for air and it takes a while to calm it all back down. I don't sleep we'll at all. No more than 45 minutes at a time so I am always tired. I'm getting tested tomorrow for celiac. The thyroid problem was just discovered 6 weeks ago. Is it mandatory to get the endoscopy? I'm scared of that.
  10. Oh, I also have asthma that comes and goes. If that makes sense. I have an inhaler which I rarely have to use but then I'll get pneumonia or bronchitis and I was in the ER last year with pneumonia.
  11. I have lots of problems. I have alternated between constipation and painful diarreah for a year now. Constant chronic headaches, occasional migraines. Tingling and numbness with muscle weakness in right arm, left eye twitches, I burp a lot. Wake up in the middle of the night due to diarreah. INSOMNIA. Anxiety, weight gain, recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and glaucoma. Chronic fatigue. The GI issues will come on super quick and I HAVE to stop what I'm doing to RUN to the bathroom. I take high quality probiotics everyday. I was perfectly healthy until about 3 years ago when all this started. Recently I have had difficulty breathing, like I can't get enough air, or I almost forget to breathe, then my heart races and I take a big breath. I have started having trouble swallowing like I mildly choke on my own saliva even. I am clumsy and drop things ALL THE TIME. I was attributing it to weight gain and laziness but something is wrong. I just know. I eat pretty healthy (unless of course I'm gluten sensitive in which case I'm poisoning myself). Otherwise lots of veggies, etc. the weight gain is frustrating as I've gained a lot and with no good reason!
  12. Doc wanted to go with IBS which I think of as more of a symptom than a diagnosis. Anyone know anything about this symptom?
  13. This lab work was scheduled 6 weeks ago when she first discovered severe vitamin d deficiency and hypothyroidism. So it was just supposed to be a follow up to that but I asked for the celiac as well since they would already be drawing blood.
  14. Hi. I'm new here. I have a huge host of symptoms that doctors kept treating individually until I asked for a celiac test, which I'm getting in one week. However, I want to go gluten free NOW! I started yesterday and believe it or not already feel slightly better (no headache for first time I weeks). Will the test still be able to pick up antibodies after a week of being gluten free? I imagine antibodies stick around longer that a week, but don't want to get a false negative and then the docs try to put me back on steroids and anti depressants and anticonvulsants. If you know anything please help. Also, if it is positive will I absolutely have to get an endoscopy????