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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Getting The Right Nutrition?

    Thank you all, very appreciative which helps me out tremendously
  2. Those worried thoughts come into my head whether I'm getting enough nutrients during the day by starting a gluten free. It's been a week, and I do feel pretty good. The main positive out of this is my eczema has improved and headaches have subsided. Anyway, here's what I have daily. Breakfast: 3 egg omelette w/ spinach and avocado on top. Lunch: 1 cup of brown rice w/ pan fried chicken and yoghurt. If I'm out, I only have sushi. (Any ideas besides sushi?) Dinner: 1 cup of brown rice w/ varied steamed veggies, yoghurt and baked sweet/potato chips. Snacks: Macadamia's, almonds, raw veggies, rice cakes, fruit. The thing is, I think I'm eating too much rice and very high protein diet... I'm not a fan of gluten-free products, so I usually go for fresh foods. Also, I want to pack in a lot of calories as I'm active and have a fast metabolism. Any ideas for a rice substitute? I'm fine with my diet, it's simple but I'll probably get sick of this in another week or so which is the reasoning to look for other options. Cheers!
  3. I did have a celiac test done and results were negative. All nutrients were at range too. Honestly, I can't remember about my thyroid test, but I think it was TSH. Guess I should ask for a full thyroid panel then. ( I just assumed a thyroid test is a thyroid test). Tried a gluten free diet and dairy free too on a few occasions to which my other symptoms did somewhat subside, but eczema was still present. For now I'm back on a gluten/dairy free diet and hoping it'll calm down. Cheers
  4. My eczema has been its worst for the last few days, where it's starting to blister and very aggravating. All tests have been negative, I've also been tested for thyroid as my brother has Hashimoto's disease and experienced the same symptoms as me, but I still have no answers after all these years. This skin condition is extremely frustrating and I've noticed my OCD has been at its highest. What can I do for now? I'm so tired of this crap
  5. With having negative results from taking various tests, I don't see any other option than to just stick with a gluten and dairy free diet. The problem is, I don't know if I'm getting the right nutritional values and generally sticking with the diet as I've failed most times. A little background, I have a lot of symptoms, including depression and eczema, and my brother has experienced the same symptoms,only that he's been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. So I guess the best way is to just stick to a gluten free diet. My average day is 3 egg omelette with spinach and onions. Cup of brown rice with pan fried chicken. Cup of brown rice with veggies and yoghurt. 1 piece of fruit. Snacks I usually eat nuts, rice cakes with avocado/peanut butter and raw veggies. Is that enough? I'm an active person too so I'm trying to find rich dense foods that'll help me put on weight. (fast metabolism) I'm fine for the first week, but as the days goes on, I'm over these foods, I'm craving simply convenient foods such as bread and I just hit back at gluten foods. What's a good way to discipline yourself?
  6. I've made an appointment for a blood panel test for gluten, also for my iron levels which is around 2 weeks as I went a week without gluten. For now I'm back on gluten, and I noticed I got severe pains, bloated, diarrhoea from eating a Guzman and gomez burrito on 2 occasions, and also today I started getting a headache and sharp pains again from eating takeaway food which was satay chicken and rice. This just confuses me to a great deal. I eat wholegrain wheat for breakfast which has wheat, barley... But most of the time I don't get any symptoms, even burgers or pizza. I also drink lactose free milk so I dunno whats going on. I'm guessing it could rice, but I eat sushi a lot and don't get pains so can't be that. You'd think satay chicken sauce would have little gluten, but seems quite sensitive for me :s
  7. For the past 2 weeks I've cut out a lot of gluten and dairy in my diet and have noticed symptoms of headaches, abdominal pains and bloating have decreased quite significantly. I still have an odd gluten or dairy intake but very small such as crumbed foods and sauces. To be honest, I'm not liking the idea of a biopsy, but I'd like to go for a gene test since you don't have to be on gluten for that, but on the other hand to get a blood test, I need to be on gluten so I'm not sure if I should wait another 6 weeks to get a blood test by being on a gluten diet again... Or is my 2 weeks of cut down gluten won't make a difference? Also, I'm having trouble finding a place to get tested for gluten. Can I just go to my local GP or does it have to be a specific specialist?
  8. I've been off gluten for 5 or so days now, which I've noticed I haven't had any bad symptoms during this time, but I decided to buy sea salt chips as I knew they were gluten free. The ingredients where potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt. 5 mins later I had quite painful cramps, abdominal pain. Any ideas why this happened? I just find it odd as the chips had no bad ingredients that would set this discomfort.
  9. That helps out a lot, thank you for that informative reply. I'm still getting used to this diet as I haven't gone strictly off gluten, but I've cut out fast foods, dairy and bread out as my previous diet I consumed a lot of bread mainly. About the tests, I'm not sure if ill go for a biopsy, but is a genetic test quite accurate too? I think that would be a preferred method to go, and perhaps a nutrition deficiency test? Thanks again
  10. I've always had the occasional bloating, abdominal pain, gassy, stomach rumbling for yrs but I never really payed attention to it. I thought it was mostly stress related as I have social anxiety, depression and OCD. I also have chronic headaches, migraines at times, eczema on face, sometimes muscles cramps for no reason, fatigue... Mostly feeling drained daily. I came across about gluten free diets as I was looking for answers about my eczema asI've had it for 8 yrs and it's frustrating. I've done an allergy test (blood test) and was negative for everything so I'm not sure whats going on with me. For 4 days now I've gone mostly gluten free, although I do remember eating rye bread and a burrito last week and I got severe abdominal pains, very gassy and diarrhoea. But I had a pizza last night and had no symptoms at all, so as I said before, it's not constant which makes me think I may not have gluten intolerance? My eczema has got a lot worse too with my lack of gluten intake the last few days... Could that mean anything?
  11. Thank you all for the replies, much appreciated. I've yet to have a nutritional test done, and never have taken any supplements of any sort. Guess that's another thing I could look into. I'll have a good look at those links and go from there. Another thing I wanted to ask is should I also cut out dairy or see if the symptoms stop by only excluding gluten in my diet? I guess it'll make it easier to narrow it down instead of avoiding both allergens.
  12. First off, I'm sure I have a food allergy of some kind, even though I've had an allergy test and nothing came positive. I've had seborrhoeic dermatitis for 10 yrs now, but at times I randomly get bloated, gassy and sharp abdominal pains but I thought those symptoms could be stress as I have an anxiety disorder. Anyway, this week has really hit me, and is the reason why I'm typing this out looking for answers. I do get a lot of headaches, and migraines around a couple a month, a burning sensation around my mouth and the aforementioned symptoms above. The thing is, I've had bread and milk (I believe that's the culprit judging this week and other days), but other times eating these foods I get no reaction? I do find it very challenging to stay gluten free though. Not because of cravings, but I just don't fill up. Wen I'm out, I usually get sushi ( try to get brown), and just eat a lot of fruits, nuts, rice cakes, eggs, gluten-free cereal. I just find it hard to make good full meals. Any advice for someone trying to start a gluten free diet?