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  1. I am a librarian, and I was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I am doing my best to get as many celiac/gluten intolerance books in the library. If your library doesn't carry them, ask them to buy some. This is an emerging topic and librarians need to be educated on that!
  2. Hello all... I just joined, although I have been lurking around for awhile. I was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I have been on a strict gluten-free diet for two weeks, and I do feel I am making progress. One of my symptoms is fatigue. I was wondering if I should start taking an iron supplement. I don't recall getting any testing done that says I have low iron or ferritin...but I have been unable to give blood due to my low iron levels. I don't know what the levels are, however. I am already taking supplements, and I didn't want to take another unless I have to. What do you all suggest? I see my doctor in about two months, so maybe I will wait until then. Thanks!