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  1. Thanks for all your replies. We were lying down in silence tonight and her stomach was growling even worse than mine, so I brought up the celiac issue. I told her if she doesn't treat it she may die younger than she otherwise should, and also suffer many health issues in the coming years. She just laughed and she's not going to die on me. She hasn't had any real issues from it yet, so I can understand why she's not too fussed. I can't dictate anything to anyone so I guess I'll just need to wait and see how this all pans out.
  2. Yeah I would like to have kids one day. What will happen to her if she continues to eat gluten? Are there different degrees of celiac?
  3. This is my first post so apologies for the length of it. I just started dating this really sweet girl. I have IBD and follow a low carb, gluten free diet. I was dreading telling her I had ulcerative colitis, but today I bit the bullet and told her. It didn't phase her at all, and she blurted back at me, 'I have celiac disease'! I was very surprised as I noticed she'd been eating typical western diet stuff. We spoke briefly about celiac, she said it doesn't cause her any problems so why should she stop eating pizzas etc. I thought no more of it. So tonight I learned as much as I could about Celiac, and it sounds like she's either in denial or doesn't know about the dangers and potential damage she is doing to herself in the long run (she's 30). I got a lump in my throat after I'd read all that stuff as I don't think I could be with some who knowingly chooses to eat what she shouldn't. I'm totally gluten free/low carb and have had great success in controlling my ulcerative colitis through diet. I'd be 100% supportive of the diet she should follow. The problem is I think I could easily fall in love with this girl very soon, but I couldn't live with someone who chooses to eat gluten knowing she shouldn't. She already has some back pain problems, headaches and sleeps and awful lot. She gave up smoking a while ago - for obvious health reasons so I'm hopeful for her that it's an education issue. I know I need to have a conversation with her soon about this but I don't have a clue how to proceed. I'm really hoping she doesn't understand the seriousness of the gluten situation. Am I right in thinking if she keeps eating gluten she will eventually develop a range of health issues? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to sound like I'm lecturing her on her own health. I hope you celiacs are as helpful as the IBD people!