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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So Discouraged

    Hi Across, I've been doing this Celiac fun thing for 12 yrs now. Seems like a lifetime! Reactions and new intolerances are no fun at all. You will get to know how long until you feel human again. For us it's two weeks of horrible and then we turn human again I've had to adjust my cooking to the kids allergies several times now. It's hard. It averages 3 months before the new diet is what we consider easy. Here's some of the things that help us. Find a couple restaurants to go to where you can order a safe meal. Plain steak and baked potato. Whatever the safe meal is. That way you don't feel so isolated and can still go out with friends. Find recipes to replace what you miss the most. Then stock the freezer. It will help when school starts up and the move is happening. I always worry about food and if I have anything safe to eat. Stocking the freezer helps. Feel better soon!
  2. Klk9100, Your story sounds very similar to my daughter's allergy issues. Have them test you for latex. You listed many of the same foods that she is allergic to. Reactions seemed nearly constant and we could never find a likely suspect food. Once we removed all traces of latex from her environment, she's doing much better. Good luck!
  3. Aldi's

    Does anyone have any good or bad information about the Aldi's Gluten Free product line? Most of the products are also free of nuts and soy. But there's no information about if it's made on shared equipment with other allergens. And it's not easy to track down contact information. I've sent an email to corporate, but I haven't heard anything back yet. So far we love the pizza, granola, chocolate cookies. But the rest of the family can't try them until we find out about other allergens.
  4. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Celiac diagnosis came first for me many years ago. Slowly but surely I'm adding more autoimmune diseases like Hashimotos. Fibro is also a new diagnosis not sure if its an autoimmune or not. So far Hashi's and fibro have been the hardest to manage and get back to feeling good. I've had significant fibro pain relief by avoiding the nightshades foods (tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants, etc). After reading an article about how those foods shouldn't be eaten by people with arthritis I removed the foods to see if it would help. Huge difference for me in reduced joint pain and swelling. I still get the tingling feeling but hoping that will disappear one day soon. For those of you that also have thyroid problems, try asking for T4. I've had my thyroid removed years ago and I still have significant problems, lost my job, etc. My doctor recently added Cytomel (T4) to my regular dose of synthroid and I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall health.
  5. Religion is a very difficult topic to discuss without personal opinions coming into the debate. Truly, I just need advice to see how other Celiacs safely attend mass and take the sacraments. My church isn't clear on how it works. I'm trying to see what works for others so maybe I can ask for those changes too. Thanks for confirming that the Low Gluten Host is not safe. Does anyone take the wine instead of the host? I'm not sure how the wine would be safe. I know the priest breaks a host to put in his wine challace, but I thought some of the other challaces used did not contain any of the host. Assuming I'm considering taking the wine challace that does not have the host in it. Wouldn't the fact that the people ahead of me who take the host and then drink the wine make the wine challace contaminated and unsafe as far as gluten is concerned?
  6. I'm sure other people have already addressed this issue, but I cant find it. I'm trying to see if the low gluten hosts used by the Catholic church are safe.The ingredients are wheat starch and water. They don't meet the 20ppm standard, so I'm concerned. Does anyone take the low gluten host? Any problems from it?
  7. Gastroparesis...so They Say.

    My gastroparesis was diagnosed just before my Celiac diagnosis. My gallbladder was also removed at that time. This all happened many yeArs ago. I was prescribed Reglan which worked like a charm for a long while. My doctor informed me there's a medicine lime Reglan that's sold in Canada, but the Canadian version is much more effective and safer than Reglan. I kept taking the Reglan for probably a year. Now when I here all the reports about Reglan I'm concerned. I found adjusting my diet to easy to digest, low fat, gluten free foods made a huge difference. Digestive supplements also help.
  8. Does anyone know if Scoliosis is related to Celiac disease somehow? I keep finding older posts and articles showing people who have Celiac have had a scoliosis diagnosis when they were young. Malabdsorption seems to be the suggested connection. I'm hoping to find medical articles or genetic tests showing some type of connection that I can bring to the doctor. Any thoughts?
  9. Can anyone recommend a favorite gluten-free cracker? Preferably something non-celiacs will enjoy too.
  10. My child's class is using Plaster of Paris in a science lab to make fossils. The package has no ingredients and the company is hard to find online. Does anyone know if Plaster of Paris contains gluten?
  11. Severe Joint Pain - Need Advice

    Not sure about soy. I know I'm very sensitive to nightshades. Just a little tomato and I'm in pain for days. Has anyone used the hair sample tests to see what you are intolerant to? I've seen one that tests for 600 items including foods, metals, environmental allergens, etc. Id feel more comfortable if one were recommended.
  12. Does anyone have Celiac kids in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? How do you handle camping and big events? What do you bring with you to make food prep easier and safe? Do you try to have the whole troop have safe gluten-free food? How much detail do you give when you explain you child's food issues with the kids and parents? My child is a Celiac and is careful about being gluten-free. However, she doesn't want to explain the details of Celiac disease with everyone especially kids/parents who will just be rude or insensitive. Thanks for your help.
  13. Has the doctor looked at any other food sensitivities? Milk/casein is frequently a problem for kids. My child couldn't eat dairy for years after going gluten-free. Another thought is school environment. Is your child getting contaminated at school? Lunch room is the obvious place. What about food based learning? Art class? Teacher rewards like candy? Does your child bite their nails? Or possibly not wash their hands well enough before eating? Good luck finding the source of the problem.
  14. I'm new to this site and hoping to get some advice on joint pain. I'm a biopsy positive Celiac. Diagnosed about ten years ago. Very strict with foods, dedicated utensils and cookware. I used to eat out more but stopped because restaurants seem to always make me sick. I don't eat any night shards (tomatoes, potatoes, etc). Little alcohol. My problem right now is severe joint pain. It's neck and shoulders this week. It's bad enough I've spent the week not moving and using ice bags and pain Meds. No relief. Another time it will be lower back, maybe feet or knees. My hands hurt and swell which make it very difficult to open drinks or jars let alone grip anything. The joint pain is not consistent in one area. Sometimes the joints are hot. I mainly take muscle relaxers and prescription naproxen for the pain. The only result is I sleep for hours, and the pain is still there when I wake. That makes it nearly impossible to hold a job. The rheumatoid dr has checked me for everything from several tick diseases to ra and other arthritis to lupus. According to his tests I'm perfectly healthy so maybe it's fibromyalgia and I'm dismissed from his care. I'm off to new primary dr this week to look for help and guidance. Any suggestions about what might be causing my joint pain? How do I make it stop? I'm greatful for any ideas or suggestions.
  15. DH is generally a very itchy rash, like wanting to rip the skin off itchy. Many years after my Celiac diagnosis I now get a DH rash on my legs as part of a contamination reaction. Restaurants always seem to make me sick. Next time you get the rash, go see a dermatologist. They can determine if it is DH or something else. You mentioned red whelts. It might be wise to have an allergist verify you have not developed an allergic to something like foods.