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  1. I forgot to mention that the labeling on the apricots said the fruit was from Turkey and distributed by an American company.
  2. Two days ago I ate dried apricots that I purchased from a chain grocery store. While labeled without a brand name, its packaging was that of 'bulk' dried fruits and nuts. I had a terrible response to it that lasted two days. The fruit was the only untried food that I had introduced, so I turned to this site to see if others had encountered problems with dried apricots. Today is January 3, 2014. Noting the dates of the previous posts about the subject, I am writing just to state that the issue continues despite the growing awareness of gluten and wheat intolerances in the food industry.
  3. Last night I cooked Bobsredmill teff using the stew recipe on the package. Delicious, but the big D and more this morning. So, I am wondering if it is this brand or teff itself? Please let me know if you have experience with either.