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    Final year university student with a passion for long distance running (preferably somewhere beautiful), aerial acrobatics and food (I'm vegetarian and gluten free).

    Diagnosed by tTG IgA September 2013 - >100u/ml
    Gluten free 11th October 2013.
    January 2014: tTG IgA down to 22u/ml
    May 2014: tTG IgA down to 15u/ml

    Can't wait to heal up and improve my running performance!
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  1. Alesusy it sounds rather like you're describing my glutenings! Just feels like everything is locking up. I also get jaw pain - I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep when I'm stressed and I think this is the same thing. I'm planning to get fitted with a night time gum guard (attractive! Haha) when I can afford it, my mum finds them really useful. I'll consider the drugs too, especially when I'm working full time next year. And I'll tell my boyfriend that massages are a medical necessity! Hehe. Thanks.
  2. Not much to add other than what's already been said other than sympathy - got 'got' two weeks ago today and still feeling the need to massage my cramping shoulder/neck muscles! Horrible, isn't it? Someone in a thread I just posted about muscle pain suggested alternating warmth and coldness on the area and that seems to be working. I did a little bit of yoga too and that helped. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Traveling With Team

    Well done her! I think maybe she/you should treat the family-style meals (do you mean cooked by coaches/host families or something?) as you would do eating out - making sure those preparing it are fully aware of her needs. Maybe there is something from this site you could send in advance to help them prepare as she'll need to be eating properly to play well Is she formally diagnosed with coeliac? Might be worth mentioning if she is, just to add weight to the importance of safe food for her. I travel a fair bit for running events and my go-to is a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jam (jelly!) and rice cakes/gluten-free crackers. I also take rice/quinoa/gluten-free pasta and a sauce with me if I'll be able to cook. If she can have oats, gluten free oats can make decent porridge if you pour boiling water over them, stir and leave for two minutes (put sugar on it or something, or the peanut butter/jam mixed in). Oh and popcorn! I take tubs of that with me (ideas coming straight from my brain to the page here haha). Can she arrange to buy fresh fruit and veg daily there to supplement all these storecupboard things? Eggs? Good luck!
  4. Hey Matt, I had these http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/holland-barrett-mega-potency-acidophilus-capsules-60001540 and liked them - there's a whole variety of them in the shop but I just went with the cheapest. Definitely worth it, going to start using them again I think.
  5. Having been almost asymptomatic before I was diagnosed, after several months gluten-free I've now realised that the main symptom for me when I get hit is horrendous joint pain and stiffness, particularly in my neck (causing headaches) and across my back and shoulders. At it's worst this area is so stiff my arms shudder when I move them. I got glutened ten days ago and while the really bad pain only lasts half a day or so I still have a headache and sore neck/back. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with/reducing this soreness?
  6. Thank you everyone Looking forward to making these! HavaneseMom - yes, here we call french fries chips (and they're big and chunky) and chips are crisps. I love peanut butter and jelly (jam!) but it's not as popular here. Cheese and jam is also popular (it's like a poor man's brie and cranberry haha)
  7. Definitely get your iron levels checked if you are short of breath. I have always exercised a lot and never got any quicker - and could never walk up the hill to lectures without puffing - until I got tested and got onto some supplements. Six months in my absorption is good enough to handle it alone
  8. If your new gluten free diet is a big change to your pre-gluten-free one your system could be adjusting to the new diet? (I say adjusting, hopefully not reacting I mean if you're eating more processed stuff or more pulses or whatever). I think when I went gluten-free someone told me to give it at least six weeks to even start getting better and possible to expect/start noticing other things (temporarily). Cristiana is right about getting iron levels checked for breathlessness, anaemia can cause this. Could breathlessness be contributing to your anxiety at all?
  9. I know how you feel, I have caught myself over the past few months considering avoiding social events around food and I'm trying to pull myself up on it. Laura is right, nobody should ever make you eat food you aren't happy with, but if they are people you might see regularly you might be able to teach them and cook with them - it varies. I have a few people I'm happy to do this with but I've only been doing it since I've become more confident in my own abilities to avoid CC. Otherwise, I pack my own stuff and if I can I try to match it to whatever the host is making. If I take stuff to share then yes I grab my own (large) portions first to make sure I don't feel left out. Also - I once went to a cake sale my god-daughter held for a charity I run, which was lovely of her. I made one gluten-free cake expecting to take most of it home but in the end it made the day of an elderly lady who hadn't been able to eat anything at a church cake sale for years. Powering on through the awkward moments was made worth it for that
  10. So, I got a job And now for the first time in years I'll need to take a packed lunch. I'm vegetarian and will have access to a microwave 2-3 days a week which will help, otherwise it might just be the kettle. Also, I am vegetarian, but I eat eggs, dairy and have no other food issues. All suggestions gratefully received! I haven't had packed lunches for about six years...oh sandwiches!
  11. Awww, Laura! Yes they're back to where they should be (and my boyfriend and family wish I'd slow down a bit now. Hehe).
  12. Work Potluck

    Placed next to your desk - near enough to send crumbs onto your keyboard (and then your hands?). I swear hot desking while I temp has improved my crumb-sight :| People are gross!
  13. Mine was at 3 in September - I took fairly strong supplements for six months and it's now remaining normal by itself which I am very pleased about! It's made such a difference to how I feel.
  14. I have no idea if it's visible to the naked eye but damaged tooth enamel (and therefore very sensitive teeth) was one of my first, subtle symptoms. I think it's improving, slowly, but I find that good quality sensitive toothpaste really does work if you're having any pain from it? My teeth are more solidly white towards the middle and slightly translucent at the edges but I don't look closely enough at other people's gnashers to know if that's normal or not.
  15. Kenya And Swiss Air

    Hehe thank you! I fell in love with the place during my gap year in 2010-11 and now run a small charity building classrooms at rural schools. I haven't been for two years and it feels like going home after a long time away. Luckily my favourite dish - githeri - is basically a bean and potato stew and the 30p mangoes are also gluten free Mmm...mango!