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  1. I was never diagnosed with celiac, rather I was having severe allergic reactions to anything with gluten. It wasn't fun being that I am German and Italian. All we know is good bread and pasta! Unfortunately, my stint in the hospital was it for me. When I first stopped eating gluten I was taking celexa and lost nothing. I was also doing Taekwondo 3 times a week and working out daily. About 4 months ago I stopped taking celexa and since I have lost 50 pounds and it is still melting. It is a bit concerning since I was never able to lose weight before. Now my concern is like yours, will it stop? I haven't really replaced with gluten free, except rice flour and Udi's white bread. I am not fond of gluten free foods So now my diet is lots of smoothies, no processed foods and mainly organic. I feel great, but I don't want to be a toothpick.