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  1. I am so glad I came across this thread! My mood is down in the dumps and I didn't care about my celiac or following the diet in the past. I have a motivation now that I want to get pregnant. I worry sometimes about how much damage I did to my body. Part of me not wanting kids earlier was that I didn't want to bring a life to this world because I won't be able to take care of it due to low energy and depressed mood. But this gives me a lot of hope. Hopefully my mood and energy goes up by giving up gluten. I am also planning to stop dairy as per suggestions I received from the forum. Hopefully this helps me heal!
  2. Thank you guys. I don't think I have intolerance to dairy but I did't have severe symptoms from gluten either (just constipation, fatigue & poor sleep at times- but I thought it was due to low iron levels as I wasn't diagnosed at the time). So I can't help but worry about dairy either. I just don't want it to cause swelling in intestine and lead to poor absorption of nutrients causing all my hard work with the gluten free diet to go in vain. I will definitely try your suggestions. I am also looking into getting injections for iron as my body is taking longer to absorb iron in tablet form. Any suggestion if injection is a good way to go? Thanks
  3. This is really helpful information. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. I am 28 and I think I have had celiac pretty much my whole life because the damage to my intestine was extensive. I never took the gluten free diet seriously but I am regretting it now that I want to get pregnant. I want to have my first child before 30. I am giving myself 3-4 months to let my body heal (hopefully it works). I was hoping that some one can tell me if beside gluten should I be cutting out dairy products due to lactose intolerance secondary to celiac? I haven't experienced any lactose intolerance symptoms but can it cause similar damage to intestine as gluten does (if in case I do have it)? I do not want to take any chances at this time but I also am careful about not to cut out good source of some nutrition either. I will really appreciate your help. Thanks