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  1. I wouldn't eat bottled carp either - sounds horrible! ;-) Sorry, I know it was a typo, but I just couldn't resist poking a little fun. :-)
  2. In getting back to the original topic of good gluten free salad dressings, I have an option for people (like me) who aren't fans of oil and vinegar based dressings. I looooove bleu cheese dressing, but have avoided since being diagnosed with celiac just in case (I get mixed reports if it has gluten or not). If you like creamy dressings, this one is easy, creamy and super tasty! There aren't any specific amounts, all is to your taste. Plain yogurt (preferably the full-fat kind) Garlic salt Cucumber, peeled and diced very small Throw everything into a container you can shake vigorously and voila! You may have to adjust an ingredient or two to make it to your liking, but it's delicious on salad! :-)
  3. So now that you have had the HIDA scan, what did it tell you? Does it give you specific things that are wrong so you can figure out how to fix/deal with it? Or does it just tell you that stones are not your only problem? I would love to transfer to the MD that shares my Naturopath's practice, but unfortunately they don't accept ANY kind of insurance. It's pay-out-of-pocket and hope your insurance will reimburse some of the cost. To see them both on the same day would cost $300 and I just don't have that kind of money right now. But I will ask my Naturopath to ask the MD about it.
  4. Thank you, Cyclinglady. I have never heard of a HIDA scan but I will ask my naturopath about it. From what you describe, that very well may be the problem. I am back on my supplements, found a good digestive enzyme to take with my meals and will be very careful to watch my fat intake (and what kind) from now on. To be hit with celiac AND gallbladder problems in the span of less than 1 year is a bit overwhelming, and my inner child is having a huge temper tantrum that I can't eat a lot of the things I love. I feel like my appetite has significantly diminished, maybe that will combat the problem of never feeling full. I certainly hope so, I'm tired of feeling like I have a bad case of "the snacks" (a non-drug user's version of "the munchies") all day!
  5. I'm not much for salt, so I've never tried it on fruit. The only thing I've ever added salt to is cottage cheese. I eat (or ate) Lucky Charms the exact same way! In the 80's there was Pac Man cereal, the habit started with that. It made the "fun" last longer to eat it that way. :-) When I was a kid, I refused to eat mixed-up foods like a vegetable medley, peas & carrots, that kind of thing. The picture I had in my head of how your stomach was set up was a vast and complicated set of "compartments" for each food. If I ate two mixed foods, the compartments couldn't separate them, so that's how you got a stomachache. Oddly enough, there were compartments for pizza, soup, waffles with butter and syrup, but not things like salad. Go figure..... :-)
  6. I'm sure everyone's got at least one. The kind of quirk that affects how and what you eat that has nothing to do with health, nutrition or disorder. C'mon, let's have a little fun with food! :-) I'll start. For as long as I can remember, I absolutely can NOT tolerate...banana strings. Every time I peel or eat a banana, I have to search it thoroughly to make sure I won't eat one of the strings by accident. They don't taste any different, they won't hurt me I know. But the thought of eating one grosses me OUT!! I don't even like the feel of them on my fingers if they swing around and stick to them. EEEWWW! Ok, who else out there is willing to admit to having this kind of weirdness?
  7. Dating Thoughts And Profile Help

    I guess I am missing something here. What's wrong with stating you have celiac in a dating profile? It's a BIG deal. It doesn't mean it defines who you are, but it WILL effect the people you may want to date. By not putting it out there up front, it kind of feels like it's trying to be hidden, like it's shameful. If it was my profile I'd probably put something on there like "I was recently diagnosed with celiac, which means I cannot eat even a spec of gluten. So the standard "restaurant date" isn't going to cut it - so show me your creative side!" I don't see that as being negative. Some people just don't want to deal with "limitations" and it's better to weed them out before you even get started. I kind of look at having celiac as missing a limb. People who don't have an arm or a leg aren't defined by that - but it does present challenges and requires a different perspective. If I went on a date and found out my date had a prosthetic and didn't inform me of that in advance, my first thought would be "what ELSE are you hiding?" Just my two cents, but wouldn't it be as important as disclosing a severe peanut allergy or an allergy to bees? The reaction your body will have to gluten can be just as severe. Besides, if they know up front, there's no awkward conversation, no nervousness about when to bring it up. If something with gluten involves happens, you can just say "No, I can't. Gluten, remember?" and it's taken care of. I'm glad for you that you have dates lined up! Show those guys how awesome being gluten-free can be, and how awesome YOU are! How could they resist? :-)
  8. I mean gallstones. I can only imagine how bad passing a kidney stone must be! Having your gallbladder taken out is one of the most common surgeries performed today. But no one in the medical field really knows that much about the gallbladder (ask them, most of the time they'll admit it), so their answer is to take it out. But cyclinglady is correct - you CAN still develop stones without your gallbladder. Removing it is not a cure - nor is it a guarantee that it will solve the problem. Developing stones is more a matter of diet. We actually all have and make stones, it's just that they're small enough to pass and you don't notice. It's when a large stone is made and is trying to pass through your system is when you get symptoms. That can still happen with or without your gallbladder. The 'idea' I tried actually makes a lot of sense. One of the things to take is Malic Acid (you can find in any health food store). It's found in apples and softens the stones. Another is lecithin - it's common in ice cream - that helps prevent things from binding together, making a stone. Nothing I'm taking is harmful, experimental or not readily available. I'm just choosing to try to heal my body naturally rather than being frightened into removing something my body still needs to use. I am under the care of a naturopathic doctor, who shares a practice with a classically trained MD, so I'm in good hands and being monitored. Fat is indeed going to become an issue, since it does trigger your gallbladder into action, but we need it to survive. This is one of the reasons I never feel full - I have to watch my fats and avoid gluten - it seems to eliminate just about everything! Veggies and fruit are delicious, but not satisfying. Fat is satisfying, but until my gut heals, not easy for me to handle. I can eat vegetables all day long, but they're like Chinese food to me - 20 minutes later I'm starving!
  9. I know there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans on this board, I'm hoping you'll have a perspective I'm not familiar with that might help me. Since going gluten free 5 months ago I never feel full. I always feel unsatisfied after a meal and, well, just hungry! I've heard things like "an apple will make you feel full" or "lots of vegetables/roughage will fill up your stomach and make you feel more satisfied" my entire life. I'm sure the people that tell me this really do feel that way...but I don't. Never have. I eat an apple and I'm still hungry. I eat a veggie-heavy meal and 30 minutes later I'm ravenous! I'm also dealing with gallbladder issues at the moment, a severe attack earlier this week left me in horrendous pain, unable to eat or sleep for 2 days. So now on top of eliminating gluten, I'm starting to develop a fear of food in general, in case it triggers another gallstone attack. I feel like I can't eat anything anymore without dire consequences! Does anyone else have this issue? I felt full when I had bread - REAL bread. It was filling and satisfying and that feeling lasted a lot longer than it does now on a gluten free diet. It seems like anything with fat (good or bad) will trigger my gallstone issues. Heck, I just ate a banana and I'm feeling mild pain from my gallbladder already! If I'm not an eating disorder waiting to happen, I don't know who is! Anyone here find a solution to this problem? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Geez, at this point, I feel like food is trying to kill me!
  10. As an update to this thread, I saw my naturopath today. I just happened to be having one of my itching episodes on my left forearm right before the appointment started, so she was able to see that the skin was undamaged or different in anyway. She explained it's because I'm having issues with my liver. She palpated my liver and said it was a bit enlarged, probably irritated from the gallstone problems I've had over the weekend. She mentioned that itchy skin is one of the first signs that something is going on with your liver. She recommended a cod liver oil heat pack where my liver is for 20 minutes, several times a day. I'm going to give it a try tonight. If the answer to my itchy skin is to make my liver happy - I'm all for it! :-)
  11. Gemini, after doing some research, I found an ebook written by a doctor that explained why gallstones are formed and why things like olive oil cleanses don't work. He included a list of vitamins (nothing he sold, just the types of vitamins and/or supplements he recommended) and how much to take of each. I gave it a try (after trying some other things like apple cider vinegar, which I could NOT stand at all) and I haven't felt the pain of oncoming or stuck gallstones since (at least, up until I got lazy about taking the vitamins). If you'd like to read up on it, Dr. Bill Sardi is the author's name, and he has several ebooks on this website: www.nationalhealthlibrarian.com While it may not be for everyone, I found his ebook extremely well researched with clear explanations. If it made sense to me, it should make sense to anyone! :-)
  12. Anyone here ever suffer from gallstones? Holy CATS do they hurt! I had one last year in January that sent me to the hospital - I thought I was dying. I found an ebook with a list of suppliments to naturally disolve the stones, and it worked great. I haven't had an attack since....until yesterday. I've gotten lazy and haven't taken that list of suppliements in awhile. I felt it coming on in the morning and by 5pm I was doubled over, rubbing my sternum and cursing everything in sight. Nothing helps ease the pain - at least nothing I've found. I can't take any narcotic painkillers, they make me puke, and morphine does nothing for me. I still had some Tylenol 3 with Codeine from the last attack, but that didn't help either. It's finally over now. The stone either went back into my gall bladder, or it moved on through. Either way, the pain subsided (finally)! I was hoping that since going gluten-free in October that I wouldn't have to worry about gallstones anymore, as such a huge negative factor in my diet was eliminated. I guess not. Drat, one more thing that hasn't improved since becoming gluten free. :-( Anyone else suffer from this? How do you cope? I'm back on my supplements and I'll be happy to share the list and the ebook I got them from if anyone's interested.
  13. I LOVE this dream! That's so awesome! That's what I'd ask for too - give me a bunch of gluten and let me enjoy it, then put me out of my misery before my misery REALLY kicks in! This is priceless :-)
  14. Since I was diagnosed 4 months ago (and more since I accidentally glutened myself bad enough to vomit 2 months ago), I'm noticing a recurring theme in my dreams: realizing I'm eating gluten after it's too late. The dream setting, events and gluten containing food always change with each dream, but one thing remains constant. I'm eating something delicious, like a pastry or something you can pull apart with your fingers, and really enjoying it. I'm about halfway through whatever it is (never just a bite), when I REALLY look at it and realize...it's got bread in it/on it/ surrounding it. Bread with a LOT of gluten! I've eaten enough that there's no way I'm not going to get glutened. After a few moments of panicked realization, I wake up. I still have a vivid image of the last dream: A pastry with a red, gooey filling (raspberry I think) with a cinnamon like, crumb topping sitting on a piece of wax paper. The paper is next to me on a black leather backseat of a taxi cab. The crumb topping is especially clear. As is the memory that it was absolutely delicious enough to break of lots of small bites and savor each one. I also have dreams (though not as often) of being with people and we all go out to eat, but somewhere that I can't eat anything - even though everyone with me knows I have celiac and can't eat there, but it doesn't seem to matter. Everyone with me is eating and enjoying themselves, while I just sit there and watch. Does anyone else have dreams like this? Enjoying something (I've never eaten a pastry like that one) in a dream only to realize how much gluten you've just ingested? Or is it my overactive imagination?
  15. Thanks all, for the suggestions and the feedback. I had a full allergy panel done last summer, the only things that came up are gluten and almonds. I've since cut out both, (I also have the double gene for celiac). I will ask my doctor about liver function when I see her at the end of the month, but my gut feeling is that it's not liver-related. Just to clarify, the itchiness does not occur in the same place twice in a row, or all the time. Last week is was on one of my shins. There was nothing wrong with the skin when it started to itch, but there was by the time I got done with it! I had scratched so much the skin was bright red and I broke a lot of capillaries under the skin. Two nights ago it was my left thigh, front and back. Actually, three areas there: right above my left knee, on the inside of my left thigh about 3/4 up, and right under where my butt ends and the back of my left thigh begins. The best way I can describe the feeling is like being poked by a needle...from the inside. Just those three spots. The itch didn't spread, but they did take turns hurting. I spent about an hour alternating putting on Gold Bond Rapid Relief Itch Cream, itching, slapping the itch and finally took a Benedryl. While I was waiting for that to start working, I tried freezing the area with an ice pack. Picture me standing in my kitchen at 2:30 in the morning, holding a big ice pack on the front of my thigh, but it wasn't big enough for all 3 areas, so I had to hold a bag of frozen corn to the back of my thigh! After about 20 minutes, my skin was numb enough that the itching wasn't hurting and causing my muscles to involuntarily jerk. I was finally able to sleep. That area hasn't itched since. It's getting to the point I'm afraid to scratch anything below my neck! Sometimes I can scratch something that's tickling and it goes away. Most of the time, I've set off a chain reaction. It's not just a winter thing - it's year round. After 4 months of being gluten/almond free, if it was either of those causing the itch, don't you think it would have stopped by now? As for the person who asked if it might be yeast related and if I was craving sweets - I'm not sure if it's yeast or not, good question. As for sugar, I'm ALWAYS craving that! ;-)