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  1. Hi, I had the same reaction as Plumbago when I read the article -Were they talking about diagnosed or undiagnosed celiacs? But I ended up reading the original research paper, which gives a little more clarity on this question. It looks like increased risk is not true for diagnosed celiacs (meaning gluten free pregnant women). Below is copied from the original research paper. And I'll put the link to the paper below it. To me, it's still a little unclear, but do you think that is what's being said here? "Maternal diagnosis of celiac disease was found to be associated with ASDs. Previous studies have found associations between undiagnosed celiac disease in pregnancy and intrauterine growth reduction of the fetus,33,34 low birth weight,33,34 and early gestational age,34 which also are risk factors for ASDs.35 However, celiac disease diagnosed before pregnancy does not seem to constitute a risk of adverse fetal outcome, indicating the importance of treatment of pregnant women with celiac disease.33,34" http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/124/2/687.full.pdf Thanks, Alicia