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  1. Feeling Down

    Thank you gluten-free Lover, Adalaide and Gemini. Back when I started the diet, I printed out the newbie thread and posted in on the inside of my pantry. My husband is the only other member in my family and he has gone gluten-free with me. He is actually even more careful of reading ingredients and not bringing in any kind of gluten in the house. We clean out kitchen/Pantry down to scratch every month and I have not eaten outside food since end of October. My skincare products are all gluten free. No spices allowed in the house unless product manufacturer confirms its gluten free. But I definitely had few setbacks in my diet (ate nuts that were processed in equipment that processed wheat). I am waiting to see my surgeon in Feb (I have been waiting since end October). This happened after I made numerous phone calls to my Endocrinologist's office. Hopefully the surgeon doesn't give me a date year down the road. Gemini- Thanks for explaining the whole >200. I guess I was so focused on the negative that I did't look at it in a more positive perspective. I don't know why my GI thought I should go for blood test earlier. The one I did a month after starting my diet was suggested by some internal medicine doctor who wanted to prove his point of " Don't be so paranoid.All you need to do for celiac is not eat bread. Come back in a month and I guarantee you will be fine. And as for your parathyroid - drink lots of water and you will be good to go." I did the blood work but never saw him again. I have put myself on waiting list for seeing the surgeon as well and am planning to do the same for surgery ( Thanks for the suggestion). Thank you again for listening to me . I really appreciate it.Its really helpful.
  2. I just want to rant to feel a bit better. I started my gluten free diet in Oct 2013 after my diagnosis and with a motivation to have a child. I worked super hard on not eating gluten and was asked to do blood test to check antibody level by end of nov. The level came back as > 200 which is what it showed before I started my diet. I am aware that it can take long for the antibody levels to come down. I have been sticking to the diet as much as humanly possible but I still feel down that at least the level should have came down just a little bit. Makes me feel that I really worked very hard but still there were no positive results. Also now I am dealing with hyperparathyroidism (benign tumour on one of my parathyroid glands) and the doctors simply told me not to get pregnant and wait for my appointment with the surgeon. So I have no idea when the surgery will be. From what it seems doctors are not taking me as a high risk patient. For them I am just another case for which they don't care to be proactive and correct the problem before any complications such as arthritis or other severe conditions develop. Also If I was to get pregnant they will have to definitely operate me during my pregnancy as high calcium levels and low vit D can be dangerous for the baby but so will be the general anaesthesia from the surgery. I was originally going to wait until my celiac is under control and my blood antibody level come down to normal range but now I feel that there is another wait for surgery and my plans to start a family will be delayed even more. The symptoms (mainly low energy and mood) are similar for both celiac and HYPERTH which makes it difficult for me to know if I am making any slips with my gluten free diet. I am not very sensitive to gluten which makes it even harder to detect any gluten consumption. After my last blood test, I am scared to even go for another test thinking if 3 months will be too little time for the antibody levels to comedown. I guess I just don't want to get disappointed again with the results and feel like all my hard work was in vain. I am sorry about me making a big deal out of my little things while there are people out there in much worse condition. Its just hard knowing that if the doctors keep ignoring my condition, I will end up getting more complications .
  3. Hi ys255, I went through similar withdrawal. My GI symptoms disappeared in couple days but my energy and mood went really down and my anxiety up. It took about good 2 weeks for them to start stabilizing. I also started noticing my eczema on my hand return (I didn't have it for 3 years). All of that is setteling down now. I am roughly a month into my diet as well. Please hang in there . Starting is always the hardest part. The people here are very suportive and have wealth of knowledge. They can really empathise with you as they have been through similar struggles. Also as everyone said, it will be a good idea to get your thyroid checked. I have hyperparathyroidism and it can cause similar GI symptoms and neurologic symptoms as celiac.
  4. Thanks everyone! You are right I really should be reading all my labels its just I make mistakes thinking some foods are naturally gluten free. Since I have started I am getting very careful after few blunders.But my major concerns was the symptoms to see if or not I am eating gluten. I guess I shouldn't be looking for symptoms similar to another gluten withdrawal . From what it sounds like the symptoms will be more prominent from the glutening as body gets used to gluten free diet. Thanks for your help everyone!
  5. Hi Everyone, First of all I would like to thank you guys for all the help, awesome information and support you provide to people with celiac. It is especially very helpful to newbies like me. I am still trying to get a handle on my own diet. Secondly I am sorry for being a nuisance as I ask lot of questions (and sometimes not the most intelligent ones just like the one I am about to ask) I am a silent type celiac. Major symptom is the big C along with mood swings, irritability etc. When I first started my diet (this October) I went through something similar to gluten withdrawal for about 4-5 days (headaches, up and down energy, severe mood swings that stabilized). I am aware that it takes time for some psychological symptoms to pass and energy to stabilize. To make matters worse I might have hyper-parathyroid issues that can contribute to low energy and mood.So no way of knowing that my gluten free diet is working because my mood and energy might not improve as long as my HPH is not resolved. After my first week of gluten free diet of fruits and veggies (was when I had the gluten withdrawal). Following that for about a week I (unknowingly) had rice, seeds and legumes with the package stating " may contain wheat". My Big C does not return as long as I do not eat foods full of gluten. So during this whole month, even after consuming the forth mentioned foods, I didn't have any symptoms. So I have no way of knowing if I was glutened or not. I don't know how to figure out if I have been glutened. I was wondering if I should be expecting the gluten withdrawal symptoms again because I did consume those products that "may contain gluten." Are there other symptoms I should be looking for? Are there other celiacs here with silent symptoms and what works for you guys.Am I just being paranoid? I sometimes feel minor stomach cramps but I feel they are more somatic than physiological as I always worry that I might be ingesting gluten and not knowing it as I don't have severe symptoms to it but I am well aware that symptoms or not the gluten does equal amounts of damage to the body. Thanks for you advice!
  6. Thanks Gemini! This is helpful information. I will read up on the link as well.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a newly diagnosed celiac. My lab work showed slightly high calcium levels, Hight Parathyroid hormone and low Vitamin D levels. My doctor sent me for bone density test. During the review he just said not to worry that it might just be an adenoma. I now have urgent referral to endocrinology (maybe he didn't want me to wait long or something is serious). Now that I am waiting to see the internist , I have all these question popping up in my head and I was hoping if you guys can share your insight or experience with me so that I am better prepared for this appointment . I have also stopped taking my vit D and Calcium (well I just stopped my prenatal vitamin that had calcium in it). My questions to you guys are: - was anyone else here diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism? - what it a tumor or enlarged gland? - did you choose to have surgery or opted for alternative methods or chose to wait longer on gluten free diet to deal with this - were these treatments effective? because I have heard that after removing one glad, the chances of recurrence are high and that people usually end up feeling sick in few years? what was your experience with the surgery. The reasons that I am asking this is because if in fact I have an abnormal gland or adenoma, with no bone and joint pains yet, should I opt for surgery or wait? I apologize for this long message but I will really appreciate if you can share your insight/sugesstions/similar experiences!
  8. Thanks IrishHeart . You are right I probably shouldn't worry about it now. My GP just said " oh don't worry. All it might me is an adenoma. Its not dangerous." and sent me home with urgent referral to endocrinology . I hope he made it URGENT just to get me in sooner and nothing actually is too serious with me. I actually feet fine. Just psychologically knowing what might be coming makes me feel crappy at time. Oh well I will find out this weekend and definitely will let you know what the verdict is. I tried to google some posts but didn't find the specific information I was looking for. I am going to make a new post about other peoples' experience with this and whether or not they chose surgery. If they did what effects did it have on them? Thanks!
  9. I was kind of hoping that it would just be low because of celiac but I guess that's not the case. My calcium levels were too high and my vitamiD is too low. My GP referred me to an endocrinologist. He is suspecting hyperparathyroidism due to adenoma (small tumor )on my parathyroid. A part of me is happy that this is getting somewhere but other part of me is very scared. I also just noticed that the lentils and rice that I have been having are processed in the facility that also process wheat product So all this time while I was thinking I was gluten free I have been ingesting foods that might have contained gluten I feel that I am making so many mistakes. I can't even keep my food straight. I am trying to keep my mind off of the adenoma and think positive but still it bothers me. Sorry for babbling. I just needed to get it off my chest and maybe get some insight from someone who has had similar diagnosis. I feel like I am maybe catastrophysing everything. Thanks in advance for your insight into this.
  10. I actually had not heard of it. I just read up on in. Sounds like a good treat. I will definitely try it. I do want to start the yogurt but I wanted to give it a good month on fruits and veggies before introducing them. Thanks a bunch IrishHeart!
  11. Thanks everyone! Buying in bulk is a good idea. I will try the eggs. I just can't have yogurt because I am dairy free. I have just recently started my diet so I am trying to stick to the while foods and avoiding corn, soy, dairy, sugar and any processed foods for first couple month. I live my rice mix hat has sprouted rice, wild rice and quinoa that I have with lentil soups for protein. Cant give up by green chillies for some reason. I find it hard to quit eating the chillies even harder than gluten . Hopefully my workouts can help wiyh the healing and the energy. Thanks
  12. Thanks irishHeart...I guess I kinda was feeling the same but wanted to hear it before I let mu hubby devouver them You are right I shouldn't risk it after I had to start all over once already. Is there a good protien shake that I can use after my workouts? Or other protein replacements after stregth training? Thanks